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Truitt Cemetery

Bertrand, Niles Twp., Berrien County, Michigan


Berrien Cousins, Thank you to Bertrand Bible Church, it's Pastor and staff, for allowing me entrance into their records. Also, a great big THANKS to Kevin Tonkin for his encouragement and assistance in establishing this list of burials. Information has been gleaned and cross referrenced from Cemetery, Obituary, County, Funeral Home, Census, Military, Family Bibles, Grave Markers and the Internet. I have tried to be complete and accurate. As usual, I welcome any corrections or additions. Sincerely, Daundra

The cemetery is located in Sec. #13, at intersection of Bertrand Rd. and 17th Street. Listed as #1 in the Michigan Cemetery Atlas of 1991. It is owned by Bertrand Bible Church, 1008 Ontario Rd, Niles, MI 49120. First recorded in 1966 by Daundra Baker, updated in 2003 by Daundra Baker.

Truitt's Chapel was named for the Truitt family who came to the south Niles Twp., Berrien Co. & Milton Township, Cass County areas about 1831 from Delaware. Early worship services were held in the home of Peter Truitt. Land for the church and cemetery was donated by William Truitt (½ acre on the north-east corner of his farm) in September 1859. It appears the first burial is that of Gannon Smith in 1844 (according to DAR list of deceased born before 1867), age 61yrs. $400.00 was raised, by subscription, for a "Meeting House." Those listed as Trustees on the building committee were: William Truitt, Thomas Rockwell, Benjamin Woodford, David Harrison and Joseph Binns.

Lengthy discussions for the lay out of the building were held. Some wanted the "newer" center isle design with seating on either side, with one entrance door in the middle of the building, the older generation, holding to traditional separation of men and women, held fast for the two doors design, so men & women would enter the church on separate sides. After about two years of debate, the church was built, with two doors and a partition down the center. Gentleman seated on the east side, Ladies, Girls and Boys under 12 years of age (accepted age of accountability) seated on the west side. It would be many years before the sexes would be seated together. It seems that a young couple led the way, as "Thomas Binns brought his "girlfriend" to meeting and had the courage to sit with her."

The church was served many years by "Circuit Riders," who were ministers that rode from meeting to meeting, on horseback. When the minister was not available, services were held by the "Class Leader." Truitt's Chapel is now a memory, but the cemetery bears quiet witness to its founding. You wont find the Truitts resting in this cemetery, they are buried in Cass County, MI. Peter, buried in a small private cemetery, long abandoned, on Edwardsburg Road.

Bertrand Bible Church, formally Truitts Chapel, sits a little south of the old site on Ontario Road, and embraces and cherishes its history.

I have first listed an index to the lot owners in the "Old Ground," as I call it. This cemetery has burial lots with no markers, but have indentations that lead me to the believe these are locations of interments. The records for this area in the cemetery is sketchy. These lots are located on the east side of the driveway and begin in the north-east corner of 17th street (lots 1- 54). I will not list, lot owners for the rest of the cemetery for privacy reasons.

01. Fedric Hauger
02. John H. Zimmerman
03. Caleb S. Baker
04. Gooley or Cooley
05. Carter & Garwood
06. George Matthews
07. John Ewing
08. Willima C. Muntz
09. Joseph Hibiski
10. John Clouse
11. M. M. Smith & C. Schaffer
12. Benjamin Batchelor
13. Daniel Webber
14. Nicholas Weber
15. Alvey Post & John Baer
16. H. Bernhardt & C. Bernhardt
17. Anson Zimmerman
18. Peter Jones
19. Wyman W. Weber Jr.
20. Henry Rahleder & Roscoe Sheppherd
21. _______DeWaters
22. William Edgin
23. Frederick Ream & Samuel Case
24. Drake & Blanchard
25. Thomas D. Batchelor & John H. Davis
26. Hattie (Batchelor) Williams-Havener (she is buried in Silverbrook Cemetery with 3rd husband, John Bender)


27. John S. Clouse
28. None listed
29. None listed
30. David Harrison
31. Thomas R. Binns
32. Joseph Binns
33. William F. Martin
34. Benjamin Adams
35. Abraham Kulp
36. Edward W. Webber (there is a large marker inscribed "Webber" top is missing)
37. Wilbur E. Otstot
38. Richard Zimmerman
39. John P. Pope
40. Arthur J. Parmenter
41. Jacob Webber
42. William W. Weber
43. Nancy Shockley
44. Mann & Halloway
45. None listed
46. None listed
47. Al Woolridge
48. George Webber
49. Ransaler Woodford
50. E. Reinhardt
51. Bernadette Steinback
52. George Zimmerman
53. August Rohleder
54. David Ostrander


(M) = Marker (NM) = No Marker
(MW) = Marker Warn (MB) = Marker Broken
(MW & B) = Marker Warn & Broken (?) = Unknown location of marker
* = Birth was calculated with the Birth Date Calculator web site, using age at death. Conside this a close estimate.


Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions & Comments
Adams, Adrian Albert 8-27-1938 9-24-1997 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Adams, Margaret 1820 01-21-1901 (M)
Babcock, Glen Andrew  08-26-1926 12-16-1928 2yrs, 3mos, 21dys, Son of James R. & Marguerite (Brockman) Babcock (M)
Babcock, James R. 03-25-1890 07-07-1974 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Baer, Daisy F.    12-25-1879 d/o Frank & Martha Baer, "Child died of Scarlet Fever" (NM)
Baker, Caleb S. *01-09-1827 02-26-1878 d. Berrien Co., "Niles School Inspector" (NM)
Barkman, Leonard Carl 08-21-1932 01-27-1993 d. Berrien Co., 60yrs (M)
Barlow, Opal M.  03-28-1905 04-01-1985 d. Berrien Co., w/o Wayne W. Barlow (M)
Barlow, Wayne W. 04-12-1903 08-23-1985 d. Indiana (M)
Barnhart, (Bernhardt) Casper 04-04-1842 03-10-1906 b. Germany, d. Berrien Co., s/o Meldion & Eva (Keil) Barnhart (NM)
Barnhart (Bernhardt), Herman 1839 05-12-1912 b. Germany, d. Indiana (NM)
Barnhart, (Bernhardt), Linna (Guiesler)    02-09-1896 w/o Casper Barnhart, married in Mishawaka 1867, d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Barrier, Betty McCormick  07-21-1920 07-11-1988 (M)
Barrier, William D. 04-18-1922 01-30-1989 Veteran, WW II, Pvt., U.S. Army (M)
Bartholomew, Earl 1869 1931 (M)
Bartholomew, Mark  1837 04-09-1927 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Bartholomew, Vine 1840 1905 (M)
Batchelor, Benjamin 1840 1905 (M)
Batchelor, Benjamin  11-23-1816 12-26-1870 b. Canada-NY, d. Cass Co., 54yrs, 1mo, 3dys, s/o Zephinah & Ruth (Kellogg) Batchelor (M)
Batchelor, Caroline (Wheeler) 10-08-1830 07-14-1899 d. Berrien Co., w/o David C. Batchelor (M)
Batchelor, David C.  05-02-1830 10-29-1873 d. Berrien Co., 42yrs, 5mos, 8dys, s/o Zephiniah & Ruth (Kellogg) Batchelor, Veteran, Civil War, Co. F, 25th, Michigan Infantry, 158th Co., 2nd Battalion, Veterans Reserve. (M)
Batchelor, Lovina  1869 1932 d. Cass Co., MI, (M)
Batchelor, Asa Wyman 08-17-1813 03-20-1873 b. VT, s/o Zephiniah & Ruth (Kellogg) Batchelor, d. Berrien Co. (M)
Batchelor, Jay J. 1854 1928 d. Cass Co., MI (M)
Batchelor, Hester (Johnson)  03-26-1830 07-06-1889 d. Cass Co., MI, 69yrs, 5mos, 11dys, m. Benjamin Batchelor in Huron Co., OH on 07-01-1843 (M)
Beaver, George E.    09-03-1974 Infant (NM)
Bennett, Mary Alma   03-31-1953 (may be date of burial) (NM)
Berkey, Bruce Edward 06-02-1929 08-08-1974 d. Berrien Co., MI, h/o Ellen (Pennycuff) (M)
Berkey, Ellen      Wife of Bruce Berkey (NM)
Bernhardt, C.      
Bernhardt, H.      
Binns, Elizabeth   10-20-1866 w/o Joseph Binns (M)
Binns, Hazel L. 1892 1920 d. in childbirth with daughter Reva who is buried with her. w/o Vernon Binns (M)
Binns, Mary Catherine (Lister) 01-25-1825/28 02-26-1904 b. Delaware, married Thomas Binns in Berrien Co., 12-16-1849 (M)
Binns, Joseph *02-04-1863 08-27-1863 6mos, 23dys, s/o Thomas D. & Mary C. (Lister) Binns (M) 
Binns, Joseph *03-08-1770 05-05-1877 b. England, d. Berrien Co., 82yrs, 6mos, 2dys (M)
Binns, Reva      Infant, d/o Vernon Binns, buried with mother Hazel (NM)
Binns, Rodda S. (White) *01-26-1863 11-12-1882 d. Berrien Co., 19yrs, 9mos, 17dys, died in childbirth with son Cliffton W. Binns, b. 11-03-1882 in Niles, w/o Thomas R. Binns m. 12-28-1881 in Berrien Co., d/o Stephen W. & Amanda White (M)
Binns, Thomas D. *04-28-1823 03-12-1897 b. Yorkshire, England, 74yrs, 10mos, 14dys (M)
Binns, Thomas R. 1859 1939 s/o Thomas D. & Mary C. (Lister) Binns (M)
Blanchard, Edward       (NM)
Blocker, C.     Infant
Bogart, Edward   07-11-1969 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Brazo, Frank  1900 03-23-1967 (M)
Brock, Frank Matthew Sr. 05-22-1902 08-18-1989 87yrs, d. Berrien Co. (M)
Brock, Ida Mae 12-04-1905 06-16-1991 85yrs, d. Oakland Co., MI (M)
Brock, Infant   1938 (no name or sex inscribed, buried with above Brocks) (M)
Brooks, Blanche L. 1879 1965 (M)
Brooks, Lawrence Orville 1903 05-25-1918 (M)
Brooks, Oliver C. 1872 1963 (M)
Brown, James D.  04-08-1929 09-16-1996 d. Berrien Co., 67yrs (NM)
Brown, Samuel     03-08-1959  
Buck, Jean Ann   12-13-1948 d. Berrien Co., d/o Mr & Mrs Edward Buck (NM)
Campbell, Gladys L. 03-31-1925 05-30-1993 d. Berrien Co., 68yrs (NM)
Carter, Ila Mae   11-30-1930 d/o Archie & Mary Carter (M)
Carter, Archie F.  1905 07-21-1953 (M)
Carter, Mary E. 08-30-1895 01-30-1971 d. Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, w/o Archie Carter (M)
Case, Charles W.  03-12-1870 03-02-1871 d. Berrien Co., 11mos, 21dys, s/o Samuel S. & Nancy Case (M)
Case, Kitty *08-30-1866 03-30-1873 d. Berrien Co., 6yrs, 7mos, d/o Samuel S. & Nancy Case (M)
Case, Rachel E.  *08-07-1865 08-23-1865 16dys, d/o Samuel S. & Nancy Case (M)
Coons, Margaret 1891 1961 w/o Ralph P. Coons (M)
Coons, Ralph P. 1884 03-03-1956 Veteran, WW I, Kentucky, Sgt. 322 Repair Unit, MTC (M)
Colvin, George Elmer 05-17-1908 08-19-1992 84yrs (M)
Clouse, Jennie    09-09-1948 (NM)
Clouse, John S. 1853 03-11-1940 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Clymer, Mary (Climer poss. Glimer)  1763 10-06-1866 103yrs, (on Edgin -Schockley lot, marker very worn)
Colcord, Terry Lee 01-30-1948 04-21-1994 45yrs, d. Berrien Co., "Cremains" (M)
Correll, Mary Anna  10-21-1890 01-23-1982 d. Berrien Co., w/o Ralph Correll (M)
Correll, Ralph E. Sr. 07-07-1890 03-08-1973 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Davis, Edward I.  04-17-1889 02-22-1991 d. Berrien Co., 101yrs, "Cremains" (NM)
Davis, "Granddaughter"      Information of burial from family, dates, etc. unknown (NM)
Davis, Frances Fern 06-06-1920 03-09-1986 d. Berrien Co., 65yrs, w/o Rev. John H. Davis (M)
Davis, John H.   7-17-1880 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Davis, Rev. John Henry Jr. 1898 12-03-1976 (M)
Davis, Mary (Batchelor) abt 1830 10-05-1905 w/o John H. Davis, d/o Zephinah & Ruth (Kellogg) Batchelor (M)
Deitz, Burton  12-13-1966 09-07-1971 s/o Elwin J. & Harriet (Ibbotson) Deitz, d. Cass Co., MI, Drown in Juno Lake with mother Harriet Deitz-Mangus, buried with mother. See Mangus
Deitz, Elwin J.  11-11-1933 02-17-1971 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Deitz, Harriet   10-01-1966  "...and Baby died together" w/o Elwin Dietz (See Mangus, NM)
Deitz, James L. 11-23-1900 02-06-1979 d. Berrien Co., 78yrs (M)
Deitz, Kenneth James  07-26-1965 10-01-1966 d. Berrien Co., 1yr, 2mos, s/o Elwin & Harriet (Ibbotson) Dietz (M)
Dietz, Anna E. 08-21-1905 07-15-1995 d. Berrien Co., "Cremains" (M) (Name Dietz and Deitz is interchangeable)
Dewey, Thelma Louise Pennycuff  06-11-1912 10-30-1980 Backside of marker reads: "Children: Margie, Ellouise, Mickey, Jim, Bert and Joe" Pennycuff
Dick, Earl S.  1909 09-05-1987 d. Indiana, 78yrs (M)
Dick, Mary E. 1919 09-05-1987 d. Indiana, 68yrs (M)
Diehl, Margaret       
Diehl, Merlin 1914 06-10-2001 d. Berrien Co., 87yrs (NM)
DeWaters, __?__      
Dietrich, Henrietta  07-18-1913 01-07-1993 d. Berrien Co., 79yrs (?M)
Dorn, Mary Alice 06-11-1941 10-14-1993 d. Berrien Co., "Cremains" (M)
Drake, Lorenzo 02-07-1864 05-19-1865 15mos, 12dys (M) FIRST KNOWN BURIAL
Drake, George H. or W.  04-03-1876 04-07-1876 d. Berrien Co., 4dys (M)
Drake, Carolina Hulda "Carrie"  07-20-1874 03-25-1877 d. Berrien Co., 3yrs, __mos, 18dys (M)
Drake, Children of Lorenzo....     ...and Olive (Richardson) Drake. (Family moved to Lincoln, NE. s/o Almon Drake in NE was contact person for cemetery board when twp. was building a fence around cemetery area.)
Edgin, Almira   11-03-1904 d. Berrien Co., w/o William Edgin (M)
Edgin, Benjamin 1775 04-09-1871 96yrs (M0
Edgin, Charles A. 02-17-1870 06-22-1870 d. Cass Co., MI, 4mos, 5dys, s/o William & Almira Edgin (M)
Edgin, Frank "Frankie"     s/o William & Almira Edgin (M)
Edgin, William  04-23-1824 08-15-1890 d. Berrien Co. at "Berrien County Farm" (NM)
Edgin, William H. 02-27-1873 08-31-1873 d. Cass Co., of "Bloody Flux", 6mos, 4dys, s/o William & Almira Edgin (NM)
Edwards, Harvey   11-20-1959 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Egmer, Milton James  03-30-1937 08-04-1980 b. Berrien Co., 43yrs, Veteran, WW II, Pvt. U.S. Army (M)
Elkins, John   05-08-1956 (may be date of burial) d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Ewing, John  1809 1884 (M)
Ewing, Bathsheba 1802 1890 w/o John Ewing (M)
Fisher, Nora Ellen  01-01-1984 01-15-1984 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Fortune, Clyde 02-13-1918 10-26-1993 d. Berrien Co., 75yrs (M)
Fortune, Martha A. 08-18-1923 04-14-1969 w/o Clyde (M)
Freese, Chester W. 2-2-1910 11-13-1981 (M) (Married Diana Horvath Feb 23, 1929)
Freese, Dianna 3-24-1911 1971 (M) (nee Horvath, first name is Diana, b. Budapest, Hungary. Contributor of additional data: g-daughter Diana Baer [email protected].)
Freese, Burton C.W.     (per sexton records)
Fulmer, Grover I.  1885 1959 (M)
Garwood, Stacey Z.   06-27-1929 (M)
Gentry, Henry P. 03-07-1917 09-12-1979 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Glaze, Mable  1870 1936 (M)
Glaze, Simon 1840 1934 (M)
Grabarz, Frank Vincent 01-08-1905 04-24-1988 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Grabarz, Pearl M.  02-22-1901  02-19-1983 d. Berrien Co., Wife of Frank Vincent Garbarz (M)
Halloway, Harry N.  06-12-1892 04-10-1979 Veteran, WW II, Capt. U.S. Navy (M)
Halloway, Lulu B. Dec. 15, 1891 07-17-1966 (M)
Hanleah, Ruth    03-__-1872 Widow of L.E.P. Hanleah (M)
Hare, James Arthur 05-28-1900 03-19-1953 d. Cass Co., MI, 52yrs, s/o Thomas & Georgiana (Glaspell) Hare (M)
Hare, Lillian Amanda  03-06-1909 12-27-1986 d. Indiana, 78yrs, w/o James A. Hare, married 1926 (M)
Harms, Vigna/Virginia   06-25-1965 (NM)
Harris, Frank    08-19-1950 (NM)
Harris, Word 05-21-1908 08-31-1946 Veteran, WW II, Pvt. 868, Eng. AVN. BN (M)
Harrison, David 12-05-1799 08-14-1868 b. Sedgeford, Norfolk Co., England, d. Cass Co., MI, 68yrs, 8mos, 9dys (M)
Harrison, Jay G.  12-05-1846 02-11-1885 38yrs, 2mos, 6dys, s/o David & Rose (Olley) Harrison (M)
Harrison, Rose (Olley) "Rosa" 01-31-1803 12-03-1887 b. England, d. Cass Co., MI, 84yrs, 10mos, 3dys, w/o David Harrison (M)
Harrison, William H.  *05-30-1842 05-30-1872 d. Cass Co., MI, 30yrs, s/o David & Rose (Olley) Harrison (M)
Harshman, Levi   07-22-1952 (NM, may be date of burial)
Harter, William    01-23-1959 (?)
Havener, Arthur E. 10-30-1869 01-19-1953 Second h/o Hattie (Batchelor) Williams (NM)
Havener, Dessa   1941 d. Berrien Co., w/o Arthur E. Havener (NM)
Heady, Betty Jean 1923 02-18-1997 d. Berrien Co. (M) (Sister to Helen Heady Womble)
Heath, James M.  09-13-1969 09-13-1972 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Heath, John   09-14-1972 (NM)
Hernandez, Manuela Toress 07-14-1926 Nov. 20, 1997 d. Berrien Co., "Cremains" (M)
Hernandez, Oscar 08-19-1959 02-15-1989 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Hevling, John    07-08-1956 (?)
Hibiske, Joseph Jr. 1911 07-20-1932 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Hibiske, Mabel 1921 05-17-1928 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Hibiske, Joseph Sr.  1880 07-13-1964 (M)
Hibiske, Edward 08-19-1915 03-29-1994 Veteran, WW II, Seaman First Class, U.S. Navy (M)
Hibiske, Pauline 1897 1938 d. Berrien Co. (M) (I found several spellings: Hibiski/Hibiske/Hibiska)
Hoover, William Charles 09-24-1920 06-06-1959 d. Berrien Co., Veteran, WW II, PFC Marine Corp. (M)
Horn, Allen Erva    06-16-1933 d. Berrien Co., d/o Erva Horn & Bessie Bary "Stillborn", temporary marker
Horn, V. B. "Infant"      
Hudgens, Amy Jewell 1967 1972 (M)
Hunter, Betty 04-10-1910 10-25-1975 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Iliff, Thomas   11-06-1951 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Jerdon, George Leon Sr.  03-04-1904 09-05-1976 d. Cass Co. (M)
Jerdon, Mildred  1914 01-05-1991 d. Indiana, 77yrs (M)
Jerdon, Virginia       
Jones, Nette May 1878 03-25-1943 (M)
Jones, Peter       
Jones, Walter 1887 04-18-1950 (M)
Kane, Wayne F.  01-04-1944 07-05-1968 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Keck, Lewis H. 02-27-1921 01-07-1998 d. Berrien Co., Veteran, WW II, EM 2 U.S. Navy (M)
Keezel, Mary E. 03-31-1896 08-22-1897 d/o Albert & Ida Keezel (M)
King, Bruce Daniel  06-03-1954 12-16-1974 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Kretch, Alvin Fredrick 05-15-1914 01-19-1983 d. Berrien Co., 68yrs (M)
Lary, Diana L.  08-09-1957 02-09-1974 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Lee, Virginia Johnson  abt 1947 07-01-2000 53yrs (NM)
Leeper, Cecil 02-11-1909 06-02-1989 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Leeper, Maxine May  abt 1928 12-27-1997 d. Kalamazoo Co., MI, 69yrs (NM)
Leeper, Robert Lee "Child"   10-09-1950 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Lewis, Alice F.  03-24-1903 11-17-1980 d. Berrien Co., 56yrs (M)
 Lockhart, Mattie L.   01-31-1955 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Logue, Abby Gayle Rosetta   12-27-1997 (NM)
Lomoro, Star Dawn Elizabeth 03-21-1963 09-21-1996 d. Berrien Co., 33yrs (M)
Louchowski, Maurina Lynn    01-11-1969 d/o A. I. & Ellen Louchowski (M)
Louchowski, Ellen E. 06-11-1929 07-25-1992 (M)
Mack, Louise "Baby"    03-05-1956 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Mahan, Clarence 1912 1972 (M)
Mahan, Elisha S.   07-10-1947 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Mangus, Harriet (Ibbotson) Deitz 10-17-1933 09-07-1971 d. Cass Co., MI, 38yrs, 2nd w/o Frank Mangus; drown at Juno Lake along with son Burton Deitz; First w/o Elwin J. Deitz, d/o James & Iva (McCleary) Ibbotson (NM)
Martin, Ada K. 1875 03-26-1927 w/o John S. Martin (M)
Martin, Anna Lora 1887 04-19-1894 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Martin, Bernice       
Martin, Eunice Jane (Adams) 1842 1919 w/o William Frank Martin, married Berrien Co. 5-2-1869 (M)
Martin, Francis H. "Frankie" *03-8-1870 07-18-1870 4mos, 10dys, s/o William & Eunice Martin (M)
Martin, John S. 1871 1952 (M)
Martin, Mabel 1879 1954 (M)
Martin, William F. *07-20-1832 01-04-1897 64yrs, 5mos, 14dys, s/o Anthony & Eva Martin of PA (M)
Masterman, Effie M. (Grix) 09-09-1891 02-07-1980 w/o Geo. W. married in Berrien Co. 03-26-1921 (M)
Masterman, Jean L.  01-17-1940 12-28-1965 w/o John Masterman (M)
Masterman, Margaret M. 08-27-1921 01-25-1938 d/o J. & M. (M)
Masterman, George W. Sr. 06-17-1895 08-14-1982 (M)
Matato, Adam   04-07-1952 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Matthews, Alfred R.  08-29-1872 09-25-1893 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Matthews, Emeline B. 1832 10-07-1896 d. Berrien Co., w/o George B. Matthews (M)
Matthews, George B.  1834 02-13-1903 d. Berrien Co., s/o Geo. & Rebecca (Boyer) Matthews (M)
Matthews, George B.  1808 05-05-1891 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Matthews, Margaret "Rebecca" (Boyer)  08-30-1805 12-30-1892 87yrs, 4mos, w/o George B. Matthews (M)
Mayzik, Peter P. 06-27-1884 12-04-1977 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
McAlester, Edgar    09-03-1959 (?)
McCormick, Robert R.  09-03-1924 01-28-1982 d. Washtenaw Co., MI, resident of Niles (M)
McDonald, Kenneth  09-16-1913 08-16/18-1965 b. Seymore, IN, d. Berrien Co., 51yrs (NM) State Police Case #53-1143-65 (6.4) 08-28-1965, Drowning in Dowagiac Creek, Plym Park, Niles
McGruder, Lewis A. 10-08-1894 08-29-1958 d. Berrien Co., Veteran, WW I, Bugler, Michigan 809th Pioneer Infantry (M) 
McGruder, Lillian M. 1896 1949 w/o Lewis McGruder (M)
McNeil, Elizabeth D. "Libbie" 1855 1936 (M)
Meador, Thomas Howard Sr.  10-17-1909 07-07-1991 d. Cass Co., MI, 81yrs (M)
Miller, Alice 12-25-1952 04-22or 24-1972  
Miller, Josephine   10-11-1868 w/o J. S. Miller (MB, betw. Webber & Parmenter)
Minix, Michael A.   11-11-1966 06-24-2002 (M)
Monroe, Charles Alden 1918 04-08-1929 (M)
Monroe, Charles E. 1875 09-01-1937 d. Cass Co., MI, 62yrs, 6mos, 5dys (M)
Muntz, Josephine 1919 04-26-2001  d. Berrien Co., 80yrs, w/o Cleland Muntz (M)
Muntz, William Walter Jr. 02-12-1924 04-20-1982 d. Berrien Co., Veteran, WW II, Corporal U.S. Army (M)
Muntz, William C. 1889 09-15-1949 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Muntz, Cleland Edward 03-19-1915 03-29-1995 d. Berrien Co., 80yrs (M)
Newton, Bernice (Taylor)  09-12-1897 03-23-1940 "Mother Newton" b. LaGrange, IN, w/o Terrance Newton married South Bend, IN, 09-14-1915, d. Berrien Co. (M)
Newton, Terrance 1893 1978 "Father Newton" (M)
Norbits, Joseph D.  07-19-1927 12-17-1985 d. Berrien Co., 58yrs (NM)
Ostrander, Chester abt. 1838 07-09-1862 h/o Sarah Rose Ostrander, married Berrien Co., 02-15-1862; d. Berrien Co., 23yrs, 10mos, Veteran, CIVIL WAR, 12th Michigan Infantry, Enlisted as Pvt., 10-28-1861, 23yrs. On 12-19-1861 Enlisted in Co. E, 12th Michigan Infantry. Died of disease in Niles
Otstot, Iona (Bemendofer) 05-13-1880 04-08-1915 d. Berrien Co., 34yrs, 10mos, 26dys, w/o Wilbur E. Otstot, d/o Isaac & Malissa (Ensler) Bemendofer (M)
Otstot, Maude (Price)  1884 05-22-1932 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Otstot, Melvin   02-14-1915 Stillborn, s/o Wilbur & Iona (Bemendofer) Otstot (NM)
Otstot, Wilbur E. 1870 08-14-1948 (M)
Ottinger, David    09-26-1992 Stillborn, d. Cass Co., s/o Kenneth Les Ottinger & Gail Maggert (M)
Ottinger, Lesley E. 01-12-1943 07-28-1988 d. Berrien Co., 45yrs (M)
Parmenter, Charles D.  *12-24-1866 06-27-1867 3dys, s/o A.J. & M.D. (M)
Parmenter, Esther 03-23-1858 *09-23-1865 7yrs, 6mos, d/o A.J. & M.D. (MW&B)
Parmenter, Rosetta J. *08-02-1856 01-15-1857 5mo, 13dys, d/o A.J. & M.D. (M)
Payne, Pearl V.  09-06-1905 12-19-1986 d. Indiana, 81yrs (M)
Pennycuff, Mildred  1934 06-26-1948 15yrs, d/o Walter Pennycuff & Thelma Pennycuff-Dewey (M)
Pennycuff, James W. 02-02-1936 03-08-1960 s/o Walter Pennycuff & Thelma Pennycuff-Dewey (M)
Pennycuff, Joseph       
Perry, James   10-21-1949 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Phelps, Robert  11-__-1909 02-15-1946 (M is handmade, W)
Phillips, Charles   12-24-1969 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Pope, John P.  abt. 1812 06-02-1886 b. Lyons, N.Y., 74yrs, (MW&B)
Pope, Phebe *03-03-1813 04-03-1871 58yrs, 1mo, w/o John P. Pope (MW&B)
Quick, Alfred S. Sr. 07-29-1917 11-19-1992 d. Berrien Co., 75yrs (M)
Quick, Elsie Mae 10-01-1923 10-02-1997 d. Berrien Co., 47yrs, w/o Alfred S. Pope Jr. (M)
Quick, Norman Lee "Hink"  02-26-1952 04-21-1991 d. Berrien Co., 39yrs (M)
Rahleder, Henry       
Rainey, Algie 1897 01-29-1952 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Reum, Minnie  11-06-1871 11-22-1901 d. Berrien Co., 30yrs, 4mos, 16dys, d/o Frederick & Mary A. (Ritcher) Reum (M)
Reum, Frederick A.  01-08-1856 10-05-1903 b. Germany, d. Berrien Co., s/o ____Ream & Anna (C____) Reum (NM)
Reum, Maria (Mary) Ann (Richer) 08-19-1840 07-19-1891 b. Switzerland, d. Berrien Co., w/o Frederick A. Reum (Reum & Ream seem to be used interchangeably) (M)
Richmond, Baby   03-27-1949 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Ringle, Cora   05-21-1958 (?)
Roberts, E. Mae  02-21-1916 04-20-1997 w/o Bernard A. Roberts (M)
Roberts, Bernard A. 04-24-1915 05-10-1988 Veteran, WW II, Pvt. U.S. Army (M) Lieutenant for Indiana Highway Patrol, killed in the line of duty, results of auto accident, St. Joseph Co., IN.
Roberts, Kenneth L. 12-28-1939 08-31-2001 "Cremains" (NM)
Roberts, Marjorie J. 03-06-1915 03-11-1915 d. Berrien Co., 5dys, d/o Clifford & Violet (Brooks) Roberts (M)
Robinson, George    03-21-1947 (NM)
Rohleder, Amelia 05-01-1852 04-03-1929 b. Germany, d. Berrien Co., 76yrs, 11mos, 2dys, w/o August Rohleder (M)
Rohleder, August  1852 07-06-1916 b. Germany, d. Cass Co., s/o Gottlieb & Christina (Keil) Rohleder (M)
Rohleder, Infant Son "Stillborn"    08-24-1878 Stillborn, b. Milton Twp., Cass Co., MI s/o August & Amelia Rohleder (NM)
Rohleder, J. Henry 1883 1909 (M)
Rosenberger, Lt. Vernon  11-18-1896 05-22-1927 b. Berrien Co., d. IN, Veteran, WW I, Lieut. for Indiana Highway Patrol, killed in the line of duty, results of auto accident, St. Joseph Co., Indiana (M)
Rosenberger, Alva Mae  06-12-1891 03-14-1975 b. Berrien Co. (NM)
Roush, Harley LeRoy Sr. 03-19-1935 12-11-1968 d. Berrien Co., 33yrs (NM)
Rutayshire, Tharcisse "TR" 05-29-1955 08-30-1992 d. Indiana (M)
Ryor, Armen I. "Pete" 05-28-1926 11-18-1980 d. Indiana, 54yrs, "Father and Friend" (M)
Ryor, Charles 1879 09-29-1939 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Ryor, Edith Mae 1885 05-10-1965 (M)
Sallee, Sally L.  10-11-1947 01-10-1933 (M)
Salee, Taylor  8-06-1938   (M)
Scherer, Almarie      
Schneider, Baby   12-20-1951 (NM)
Seals, Baby   12-02-1952 (NM)
Shaffer, Claude  1895 1937 (M)
Shaffer, Effie M. 1899 1969 (M)
Shepherd, Bertha   03-07-1944  
Shepherd, "Mrs. Roscoe"    07-09-1885  
Sheppherd, Roscoe       
Shipman, Edith V.  12-12-1918 05-03-1975 d. Berrien Co., Resident of AR (NM)
Shockley, John H. *05-02-1827 06-10-1862 35yrs, 1mo, 8dys, Veteran, Civil War. Enlisted as Pvt. 02-19-1862, 32yrs. Enlisted same date in Co. F, 12th Michigan Infantry. Wounded at Battle of Shiloh, TN, 04--06-1862. According to veterans records, Mr. Shockley died of wounds in Niles, May 28, 1862.
Shockley, Louella  *12-19-1859 01-10-1876 16yrs, 9mos, 13dys, d/o John & Nancy Shockley (M)
Shockley, Nancy 03-31-1833 11-29-1904 w/o John H. Shockley (M)
Shook, A. Earl 1905 04-10-1924 s/o John & Eva Shook (M)
Shook, Eva Mae (Parsons) 1865 07-20-1907 d. Cass Co., MI, 42yrs, 7mos, 5dys, d/o Frank & Lorena (Hartsell) Parsons (M)
Shook, John E.  1862 1949 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Smith, Michigan Merritt 03-27-1914 05-26-1987 d. Cass Co., MI, 73yrs, Veteran, WW II, Tech 5, U.S. Army, s/o Utah B. & Anna (Sharpenberg) Smith (M)
Smith, Mildred  07-23-1928 03-12-1976 w/o Michigan Merritt Smith (M)
Soper, Katherine 1911 1984 w/o John R. Soper (M)
Soper, John R.  1910 12-16-1991 d. Indiana, 81yrs (M)
Stephens, Donald Joseph Jr. 10-03-1933 11-08-1977 (M)
Stephens, Donald Joseph Sr. 06-07-1905 11-25-1989 in DesMoins, Polk Co., Iowa (M)
Stephens, Unknown      (Home made marker)
Stephens, Unknown     (Home made marker)
Tice, Hannah R. 1861 1930 w/o Rev. Lorenzo C. Tice (M)
Tice, Rev. Lorenzo C. 1853 02-04-1941 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Turner, Inez V.  02-25-1911 07-08-2001 d. Berrien Co., 89yrs, Marker inscribed "Cole-Stephens-Staples"
Walker, John   12-20-1948 (?)
Walter, Anna 1917 03-11-1960 (M)
Warner, William  1840 1903 (M)
Warner, Hester A. (Davis) *08-07-1849 10-14-1925 (marker inscribed 1848 for b.) d. Berrien Co., 76yrs, 2mos, 7dys (M)
Weber, Joseph E.  *11-12-1845 08-26-1865 19yrs, 9mos, 4dys, s/o William & Sarah (Smith) Weber (M)
Weber, Margaret abt. 1830 11-02-1897 (M)
Weber, Melissa C.  *02-10-1847 09-10-1865 18yrs, 7mos, d/o William & Sarah (Smith) Weber (M)
Weber, Nicholas *07-24-1793 05-16-1870 b. NY, d. Berrien Co., 76yrs, 9mos, 23dys (M)
Weber, Polly 1865  09-1865 w/o Nicholas Weber (M)
Weber, Sarah A. *10-31-1817 12-26-1882 d. Berrien Co., 61yrs, 1mo, 26dys, w/o William W. Weber, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Smith (M)
Weber, William W.  abt. 1817 05-17-1885 b. N.Y., d. Berrien Co., 67yrs, 4mos, 20dys, (43 yrs old in 1860 census of Berrien Co.), s/o Nicholas & Polly Weber
Weber, Wyman W. Jr.    05-25-1921 (NM)
Webber, Carrie E. 1873 1957 w/o Edward W. Webber (M)
Webber, Daniel B. ant. 1834 aft. 1870  
Webber, Daniel H. abt. 1816 02-05-1878 (NM)
Webber, Edward W. 1867 1929 (M)
Webber, John   12-21-1948 (NM) (I find spellings of Weber & Webber to be interchanged in this family)
Wilkinson, Beulah 05-02-1907 11-22-1992 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Williams, Carl    01-21-1929 d. Cass Co., (NM)
Williams, George  1895 08-30-1941 d. Cass Co., First husband of Hattie Batchelor (M)
Williams, George E.  11-30-1923 11-30-1988 65yrs, s/o George & Hattie (Batchelor) Williams (NM)
Williams, Samuel Howard Sr. 12-05-1929 10-07-1981 s/o George & Hattie (Batchelor) Williams (M)
Wintland, John    01-28-1946 (NM)
Womble, Helen A. (Heady) 2-19-1929 03-16-1993 d. Indiana, 64yrs (NM) (Div. from Clint Womble, sister to Betty Heady)
Woodford, Phebe A. *04-06-1826 05-11-1874 b. England, d. Berrien Co., 48yrs, 1mo, 5dys, w/o B.H. Woodford, married Berrien Co. 05-10-1847, d/o David & Rose A. Harrison (at time of Phebe's death Rose lived in CA (M)
Woodford, Ransler  04-24-1830 01-21-1911 d. Berrien Co., 80yrs, 8mos, 27dys (NM)
Woodruff, Della Mae "Baby"   1951 (M)
Woolridge, Lula P. 1879 1934 (M)
Young, Cora I. (Butts)  *10-23-1868 02-13-1944 d. Cass Co., MI, 75yrs, 3mos, 21dys, w/o John Young, d/o Jacob & Mary Jane (Truitt) Butts (M)
Young, Minnie   11-12-1963 (M)
Zehrung, Glen E.  05-22-1894 10-22-1983 d. Berrien Co. (NM)
Zehrung, Mary Odel 03-16-1910 01-07-1991 d. Cass Co., 80yrs (M)
Zehrung, Ora Dell  10-06-1900 11-15-1984 d. Berrien Co. (M)
Zimmerman, Anson C.  *12-09-1854 07-16-1914 b. Germany, d. Berrien Co., 59yrs, 7mos, 7dys, s/o George C. & Fredericka W. Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, Caroline *09-08-1861 10-19-1865 4yrs, 1mo, 11dys, d/o George C. & Frederika Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, Christine  *12-21-1842 08-08-1912 b. Germany, d. Berrien Co., 69yrs, 7mos, 8dys, w/o Anson Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, Friederika Wilmine "Regar" *06-04-1811  01-06-1886 b. Germany, 64yrs, 1mo, 5dys, w/o George Christian Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, George Christian  *01-10-1811 03-08-1886 b. Germany, 75yrs, 1mo, 29dys, (M)
Zimmerman, Infant Son     s/o George C. & Frederika Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, John Henry  1840 10-03-1896 b. Germany, d. Cass Co., s/o George & Minnie Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, Lorena  1838 1911 w/o John Henry Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, Louisa *10-01-1861 12-12-1863 2yrs, 2mos, 11dys (M)
Zimmerman, Phebe    06-05-1861 d/o George C. & Frederika Zimmerman (M)
Zimmerman, William *10-14-1861 10-17-1865 4yrs, 3dys, d/o George C. & Frederika Zimmerman (M)
 In 1930, the Algonquin Chapter of the DAR transcribed headstones of persons born before 1867. The following names were transcribed headstones in Truitt Cemetery, but the names are not found on any other list of burials. I find the DAR list to be incomplete but it does give added information. There must have been markers in 1930. Today, I find no markers or sexton record for these persons.
Beauchamp, Issac    1864 83yrs
Harrison, David 1796 1863 Unknown if this is same as David on lot #30, dates are different.
Pillron, Mary   1877 77yrs (Unable to confirm spelling of surname)
Powell, Thomas   1864 73yrs
Smith, Eunice   1854 89yrs, w/o Watson Smith
Smith, Gannon   1844 61yrs This probably was first or at least one of the earliest burials.
Smith, George   1880 69yrs I found a George Smith who d. 01-25-1880 Milton Twp., Cass Co., MI, age 69yrs, 4mos, 3dys, uncertain if this is same man.
Webber, Josephine   10-14-1868 19yrs, w/o J. S. Webber (Josephine Mangus married Jacob S. Webber in Berrien Co., 07-04-1866)
Zimmerman, Ernst  1835 1894 1860 Census of Berrien Co. lists a Arnst Zimmerman b. Prussia, Germany, 24yrs old.

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