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Oak Ridge Cemetery, Sexton Records

Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan

2008, Copyright Anita Frucci Rodgers, Elkhart, IN, All rights reserved (Photo)

2008, Copyright Brenda Sears, Baroda, MI 49101, All rights reserved

NOTICE: According to genealogists who have visited this site, the Sexton's Book is incomplete. This list is of all burials recorded in the Sexton Book. Use it as a tool, search further for info not listed here. For a transcription of 1-3 of the records listed here CONTACT

Aalfs, Etta L.

Aalfs, Ida,

Aalfs, Mazie M.

Aalfs, Riner H.

Aalfs, Jake R.

Abel, Robert E.

Abel, Clyde

Abele, John G.

Abele Cora Belle

Abele, Chas. D.

Abele, Chas. F.

Abele, William

Abele, Frederick

Abele, Martha E.

Abele, Kenneth L.

Abele, Katherine

Abele, Flora Belle

Abele, Chas. J.

Abell, Mary E.

Abell, Edward

Abell, Edward Sr.

Abell, Jean Fair

Abell, Lilly M.

Abell, Viola

Ackerson, Leland Kenneth

Ackerson, James H.

Adams, Raymond C.

Adams, Janice T.

Adams, Lillian G.

Adams, Glenn E. Sr.

Adaner, Wanda J.

Addis, Sarah Coats

Adkins, Ray

Adkins, Marguerite

Adolph, Eugene B.

Adolph, Carrie

Ahlgrim, Mary Jane

Ahnert, Opal F.

Ailsworth, Charles E.

Ailsworth, Kathryn

Aitutia, Peter

Albrecht, Katherine Elizabeth

Albrecht, Marie P.

Albrecht, Alexander

Albright, Terry L.

Albright, Oscar L.

Alexander, John B.

Alexander, Jessie James

Alexander, Elmore

Alexander, Coareine

Alexander, Louisa

Allee, Bryan

Alleger, Edwin Elmer

Allen, Rex Kilmar I.

Allen, Wallace F.

Allen, Clarence Ralph

Allen, Frank Aclus

Allen, Pearl J.

Allen, Thelma M.

Allen, Bernice

Allen, Levi S.

Allen, Byron J.

Allen, Mamie

Allen, Arthur

Allen, Joanna

Allen, Irene

Allis, Lee V.

Allis, Norma Pearl

Allsopp, Myryle R.

Allsopp, Lloyd

Alred, Renee

Altergott, Martin M.

Altergott, Katherine

Ames, Fannie White

Ames, Albert F.

Amon, Nancy

Anderson, Hettie E.

Anderson, John F.

Anderson, Mildred E.

Anderson, Loren Jr.

Anderson, Harry M.

Anderson, Andrew W.

Anderson, Hugh N.

Anderson, Grace Irene

Anderson, Arthur L.

Anderson, Lillian

Anderson, Nels

Anderson, Eugene J.

Anderson, Hildur M.

Anderson, Fiducia

Anderson, Bertha C.

Anderson, Patrick J.

Anderson, Carl H.

Anderson, Cora M.

Anderson, P. Loren

Anderson, Wm.

Anderson, Johanna

Anderson, Dolly C.

Anderson, Sue J.

Anderson, Harold A.

Anderson, James J.

Anderson, Gerald D.

Anderson, Gordon E.

Anderson, Geo.

Andlauer, Mary

Andlauer, Charles A.

Andlauer, Myra B.

Andrew, Infant Girl

Andrews, Frank

Andrews, John C.

Andrews, Mable Belva

Andrews, Mrs. Fred Jr.

Andrews, Fred

Andrews, Wilda J.

Andrews, Myrtle A.

Andrews, Fred

Andrews, Winifred A.

Aneal, Sunny

Anglemeyer, Melvin Leroy

Anglemeyer, Lillian

Anglin, Franklin

Annabell, Mary Ellen

Annable, John Quincy

Annis, Henry J.

Annis, Dexanaly

Anstiss, Louisa

Antisdel, Beneata Luella

Antisdel, Floyd

Antisdel, Mary G.

Antisdel, LaGee

Antisdel, Fred L.

Antisdel, Sarah

Antisdel, Roy

Antonides, Lucille H.

Antonides, Robert C.

Arbuckle, Baby

Arend, Duane

Arend, Martha Ella

Arend, Harry

Arend, Harvey

Armbruster, Ada L.

Armstrong, Beulah

Armstrong, Roy M.

Arney, Jacob E.

Arney, Bertha L.

Arney, Allene

Arnold, Lowell Nathan

Arnold, Dennis D.

Aronson, Joseph A.

Arrich, Harvey P.

Arrick, Brenda Rita

Arrick, Harmon Dean

Arrick, Iris Marie

Arthur, Infant

Arthurhultz, Pearl M.

Arthurhultz, Edwin R.

Arthurhultz, Franklin R.

Arthurhultz, Mattie V.

Artutis, Marie

Ash, Ella M.

Ash, Charles B.

Ashbrook, Flora

Ashbrook, Netta

Ashbrook, Edwin W.

Ashbury, Rose

Ashby, Frederick

Atherton, Frank Russell

Atherton, Clyde

Atherton, Thomas E.

Atherton, Martha Jane

Ayers, David

Ayrest, Jennie Gano

Babcock, Nellie

Babcock, Mary Anna

Babcock, Laura L.

Babcock, James R.

Babcock, Minnie L.

Babcock, Orlando J.

Babcock, Mary E.

Babcock, Charles John

Babcock, Chas. E.

Babcock, Garth thomas

Babcock, Frances T.

Babcock, John

Babcock, Walter J.

Bach, Elmer J.

Bach, Cora M.

Bachman, Robert Milton

Bachman, Irene V.

Bachman, Norris I.

Bachman, Mary A.

Bachman, Baby

Bachman, Meryl L.

Bachman, Richard C.

Bachman, Rose Alene

Bachman, Lyle A.

Bachman, Lawrence E.

Bachman, Amanda R.

Bachman, Calvin E.

Bachman, Mary A.

Bachman, Mildred Marie

Bachman, Chas. F.

Bachman, Thomas F.

Bachman, Georgia E.

Bachman, Frances L.

Bachman, Norman P.

Bachman, Edwin E.

Bachman, Milton B.

Bachman, Dorothy M.

Backus, Carl A.

Backus, Henry

Backus, Mattie H.

Backus, Dreyda H.

Backus, Edward H.

Baer, Margaret

Bagwell, Virginia S.

Bagwell, Leonard

Baich, Eric S.

Baich, Steve

Baich, Agnes Wee

Baich, Edith L.

Bailey, Robert C.

Bailey, Florence Wise

Bailey, Robert

Bailey, Betty Gold

Bailey, Bertram F.

Bailey, Edna J.

Bailey, Pierre T.

Bailey, Deborah K.

Bainton, Amanda M.

Bainton, W. Kelsey

Bainton, Amy Laura

Bainton, Wm. F.

Bainton, Charles L.

Bainton, Mary T.

Baird, Edward A.

Baker, Lydia

Baker, Earl W.

Baker, George P.

Baker, Hazel V.

Baker, Ruth H.

Baker, Theodore

Baker, Eva

Baker, Felix F.

Baker, William Edward

Baker, william Jr.

Baker, Madge S.

Baker, Wm. G.

Baker, Dale O.

Baker, Jennie

Baker, Francis T.

Baker, Chas. A.

Baker, Walter

Baker, Flora Catherine

Baker, Charles

Baker, Faith Marie

Baker, Dennis Eugene

Baker, Joseph Albert

Baker, Lewis O.

Baker, Arylon

Baker, Becky Ann

Baker, Wm. J.

Baker, Marie Neal

Baker, Arthur David

Baldwin, Benjamin F.

Baldwin, Susie MAe

Baldwin, Edward M.

Baldwin, Winfield

Baldwin, Melissa

Baldwin, Edgar William

Baldwin, Edgar, Duane

Baldwin, Elizabeth

Baldwin, William

Baldwin, Arthur Albert

Baldwin, Bessie A.

Baldwin, Gertrude E.

Bales, Albert R.

Bales, Anna

Ball, Matthew

Balster, Kathryn C.

Balten, Lester J.

Bammann, Wm.

Bammann, Marie

Banke, Lillian M.

Banke, Ida

Banke, Frederick J.

Banke, Mary F.

Banke, Harry H.

Banks, Rosemary

Banks, Mary Lavina

Banks, Alice R.

Banks, Charles H.

Banta Wm. L.

Barker, Robert Paul

Barker, Howard L.

Barlow, Ida May

Barlow, wm. F.

Barmore, Thursa

Barmore, Salina

Barnes, Greur

Barnes, Winifred

Barnes, Frances c.

Barnes, Franklin P. Jr.

Barnes, Robert O.

Barnes, Russell

Barnes, Nillie M.

Barnes, Howard F.

Barnes, Howard F. Jr.

Barnes, Loren

Barnhart, Isaac Newton

Barnhart, Georgia

Barnhart, Elizabeth

Barnhart, Oliver

Barrett, John Chester

Barrett, Harold R.

Barrett, Gertrude G.

Barrett, Charles C.

Barrett, James Lee

Barrett, John David

Barrett, Chester, Wayne

Barrett, Ruth L.

Barry, Delia

Bartholomew, Baby

Bartmess, Edward A.

Bartmess, emma

Barton, John M.

Barz, George Fred

Barz, Kenneth Dean

Barz, Roy

Barz, Baby Girl

Barz, Douglas E.

Batchelor, George H.

Batchelor, Frances Marjorie

Batchelor, Frances F. Batchelor, Wyman N.

Batchelor, Lucy E.

Batchelor, Herbert

Batchelor, Marjorie

Batchelor, Isaac N.

Bateman, Willie

Bates, Marie

Bates, Homer R.

Bates, Baby

Bates, Sidney

Bates, Harold E.

Bates, Infant

Bates, Hazel

Batko, Andrew

Batson, Dorlea

Batten, Delora Jane

Batten, Emma

Batten, Clarence

Batten, Evelyn

Batten, John

Batten, Levi

Batten, Grace

Batten, John Hillis

Batten, James C.

Batten, Ray A.

Batterson, Mary Louise

Batterson, Stuart Wayne

Batterson, Stuart

Bauch, Raymond E.

Baughman, Linda M.

Baughman, Raymond

Baughman, Everett A.

Baughman, Harold Danell

Bauks, John Emerson

Bauman, Lena

Bauman, Catherine E.

Bauman, Charles

Bauman, Philip C.

Beach, George Edgar

Beach, Bernice

Beadle, Estella Katheryn

Beadle, Wilber

Beaer, Tresse E.

Beal, Emma

Beaman, Harriet A.

Beams, emma

Beams, John

Bean, Lula

Bean, James W.

Beardsley, Rocky F.

Beardsley, Ruth E.

Beardsley, Wm. T.

Beardsley, Louise A.

Beardsley, Richard S.

Beardsley, Maude C.

Beardsly, Baby

Beatty, Earnest H.

Beatty, Perry Lee

Beatty, Ruth A.

Beatty, Paul

Beatty, Martha Lou

Beaudoin, Bernice F.

Beaver, Bessie

Beaver, Carl M.

Beaver, Robert

Bechdol, Joshua M.

Bechdol, Edna B.

Beck, Rickey Wm.

Beck, Vonda Mae

Beck, Hubert Clayton

Beck, Earl F.

Beck, Cheryl A

Beck, Gertrude S.

Beck, Helen G.

Beck, Harry H.

Beck, Vera

Becker, Walton E.

Beckman, Louise

Beckman, Frederick W.

Beckwith, Louisa

Beeder, George B.

Beeder, Eliza A.

Begin, Brian Jay

Begin, Bruce

Beimel, Anna

Beistle, Ethel

Beistle, Harry M.

Beistle, Marie A.

Bekelwhymer, Pamela L.

Belaska, Frank

Bell, baby

Bell, John E.

Benack, Marie Anna

Benak, Antonia

Benak, Mary S.

Benak, Joseph

Benak, Joseph Sr.

Benak, John C.

Benedict, Bertine C.

Benedict, Edwin P.

Benedict, Lucy A.

Benedict, George R.

Beneke, Richard Jack

Bennett, Alice R.

Bennett, Rockford

Bennett, Kenneth Wayne

Bennett, Infant

Bennett, Winford M.

Bennett, Sarah

Bennett, Almira H.

Bennett, Dorothy A.

Bennett, Alvin D.

Bennett, Bessie

Bennett, Paul K.

Bennie, Robert

Bennie, Elizabeth C.

Bennitt, Francis

Benok, Frank Jr.

Benok, Frank

Benson, Shirley Mae

Benson, Burton S.

Benson, Rebecca Lynn

Benson, Ola Florence

Bentley, Ethel Myrtle

Bentley, Frank

Berghult, Bonnie Inda

Berghult, Carl Lewis

Berry, Carrie M.

Berry, Blanche M.

Berry, George Lowery

Berry, Harry S.

Best, Patricia Ann

Best, John Edward

Best, Donald

Best, Elvin F.

Best, Dennie

Best, Barbara Eleanor

Best, Carson

Best, John H.

Best, Ida Mae

Best, Robert L.

Best, Thomas E.

Best, Fred I.

Best, Bernice Edna

Best, Perna K.

Best, Henry L.

Best, Cora Sophia

Best, Joseph L.

Best, Phoebe E. Paxton

Bever, Truman O. Sr.

Bey, Arthur

Bey, Maggie

Bey, Clarissa

Bicard, James E.

Bicard, Dorothy

Bicard, Elsie Marie

Bicard, Leonard L.

Biggs, Thelma E.

Biggs, James T. Sr.

Billingsley, Heather L.

Bilotte, Benedict E.

Bilotte, Lucille V.

Bilotti, Frances R.

Bilotti, Alma

Bilotti, Filbert

Binns, Mildred

Binns, Tamerson C.

Binns, Harry P.

Binns, Pauline V.

Bird, Mary C.

Birdyshaw, Jason Lee

Birong, Isabelle Jean

Birong, Phillip

Birong, Phillip H.

Birong, Phillip Jr.

Birong, Christine

Birong, Debra Kay

Biscayno, Max

Bischoff, Edward

Bischoff, Fred Major

Bishop, John R.

Bishop, Chas. H.

Bishop, Emma P.

Bishop, Jodie E.

Bishop, Roberta

Bishop, Ida B.

Black, Gary Luther

Black, Howard

Black, Sharon Sue

Black, Ruby M.

Black, Geo. Henry

Black, Floyd Sheldon

Blackmun, Adelbert D.

Blackmun, Sarah Ellen

Blackwell, Alice Irene

Blackwell, James L.

Blake, Rosa Mae

Blake, Andrew H.

Blake, Elbert M.

Blake, Adam Clay

Blake, Wm.

Blake, Annette Sue

Blake, Hattie Belle

Blake, James Hal

Blake, Mary L.

Blake, Lydia W.

Blake, Kenneth A.

Blake, Clyde

Blake, Catherine

Blake, Florence A.

Blake, Alma R.

Blake, margaret

Blake, Arthur L.

Blaney, Doris

Blaney, Irene A.

Blanney, William

Blazek, Daniel F.

Blesser, Morris (Max)

Blesser, Jessie E.

Bliss, Cecile Gay

Bliss, Mitton J.

Bliss, Mary Louise

Bliss, Lloyd F.

Bliss, Julia M.

Bliss, Gordon

Blodgett, Henry

Blodgett, Charles F.

Blodgett, Barbara A.

Blodgett, Minnie D.

Blomberg, Baby

Blood, Robert E.

Blowers, George I.

Blumka, Paul

Bobbitt, LeRoy

Bobich, Daniel

Bodine, June M.

Bohl, Etta

Bohl, William Jr.

Bohl, Wm. Sr.

Bohlken, C. John

Boll, Albert

Boll, Dorthy P.

Bolster, Adelbert Joseph

Bolster, Ronald H.

Bolton, Robert L.

Bolton, Marion

Bondream, George Lawrence

Bonham, Betty Lou

Bonham, John

Bonner, Albert Sidney

Bonner, Evelyn C.

Boone, Daniel W.

Boone, Catherine

Boone, Martha Ann

Boone, Robert

Boone, Nellie E.

Boone, Franklin M.

Boone, Gladys Vernette

Boone, James A.

Boone, Cora H.

Boone, Jack G.

Boone, Phil B.

Boorman, Dianna Lee

Boose, Emma L.

Borst, Hannah

Borst, Chester

Borst, Warren A.

Borst, Dora

Borst, Minnie M.

Borst, William

Borst, Wm. Albert

Boundy, George

Bouwkamp, Brock

Bovcek, Rachel & Moriah

Bovee, Esther V.

Bower, Betty A.

Bowers, Robert S.

Bowers, May C.

Bowers, Abner Gert

Bowers, Baby Girl

Bowers, Brad C.

Bowker, Beryl B.

Bowker, Minna A.

Bowman, John E.

Bowyer, Richard Leif

Bowyer, Richard A.

Boyd, Nell O.

Boyd, Donna M.

Boyer, baby

Boyer, Amos

Boyer, Arlington S.

Boyer, Gregory James

Boyer, Alice MAry

Boyer, Blanche Ann

Boyer, Herman Franklin

Boyer, Joseph D.

Boyer, Doris H.

Boyer, Joseph

Boyer, elva

Boyer, Joyce Marie

Boyer, John A.

Boyle, Laura

Boyle, Mona Leis

Boyle, Sarah Jane

Boyle, Annie B.

Boyle, Grace May

Boyle, Charles A.

Boyle, Ira

Boyle, Jesse George Jr.

Boyle, Mary Ellen

Boyle, Carrie M.

Boyle, Jesse G.

Boyle, Edgar H.

Boyle, Mary E.

Boyle, Melvin

Boyle, Chas. F.

Boyle, Clarence

Boyrington, Florence Anna

Bradish, Frank E.

Bradley, Myrtle L.

Bradley, Theodore

Bradley, Catherine A.

Bradley, Orin Louis

Bradley, James A.

Bradley, Mary V.

Bradley, Charles J.

Bradley, Henry

Bradley, George

Bradley, Mabel

Bradley, Lorenzo

Bradley, Donald C.

Bradshaw, Johnetta

Bradshaw, Terry Lee

Bradshaw, Shanette Marie

Brady, Donald J.

Brady, Jimmie Dear

Brake, Pauline C.

Branch, Charles

Branch, Celilia Mary

Brand, Lily May

Brannel, Luanna

Brant, Julia Ann

Brant, Oliver A.

Brant, Byron

Brant, Clarence

Brant, Glen H.

Brant, Dorothy J.

Brant, Ella

Brant, Pearl

Brant, Helen C.

Brant, Ada

Bratton, James Lawrie

Bratton, Duane Allen

Breland, Mary Z.

Breland, Sherry E.

Bremer, Bertha

Bremer, William D.

Bressler, Emma Jean

Brewer, Joseph Dale

Brewer, Richard D.

Brewer, lucille

Brewer, John Curvin

Brewer, Jesse M. Sr.

Brewer, Ellen A.

Brewer, David Paul

Brewster, Frederick A.

Brewster, Evelyn

Brin, Baby

Briney, Dottie

Briney, Charles E.

Briney, Doris E.

Briney, Marshal

Briney, Herbert H.

Briney, Ora L.

Briney, Neva Ellan

Brinkley, Barbara Ann

Bristol, Ulysses

Bristol Earl

Bristol, Eva

Bristol, Harvey S.

Bristol, Clyde

Bristol, Ulysis

Bristol, Ellsworth

Bristol, Charlotte Blanche

Bristol, Ella Clara

Bristol, Frances E.

Bristol, Donna M.

Broceus, Lucy Ann

Broceus, Burton

Broceus, Catherine M.

Broceus, Raymond

Broceus, Ida Estelle

Broceus, Hazel E.

Broceus, Mary J.

Broceus, John Wesley

Broceus, Edward L.

Broderick, Anna

Brodrick, Richard

Brodrick, Wm. N.

Brodrick, Anna Belle

Bromely, Edna T.

Bromley, Daniel N.

Bromley, Merle W. J.

Bromley, Mabelle C.

Bromley, Wm. E.

Bromley, Ralph M.

Bromley, Genevieve

Bromley, Mary Ellen

Bromley, Donald

Bromley, Frederich M.

Bromley, Josephine

Bronley, Elwynn Holler

Brown, Arden

Brown, Brian

Brown, Albert G.

Brown, Caroline

Brown, Mabel E.

Brown, Glenn R.

Brown, Elizabeth C.

Brown, Franlene Dione

Brown, Delaner A.

Brown, Birdie J.

Brown, Nora Ethel

Brown, Scott A.

Brown, Mary L.

Brown, Robert Dean

Brown, Oscar

Brown, Rebecca

Brown, Robert S.

Brown, Ruben

Brown, Nancy J.

Browning, Sylvester P.

Bruce, Horace

Bruen, John Joseph

Brundige, Elsie A.

Brunner, Vivian

Brunner, Joseph M.

Bruno, Louie W. Sr.

Bruno, Lucille

Buck, Wilson W.

Buckley, Arthur E.

Buish, Gina Luree

BuLand, Cyrus

Bulland, Leroy

Bulland, Lizzie A.

Bunkeer, Samuel

Bunker, Ernest Victor

Bunker, Cecelia Jane

Bunker, Geo. A.

Bunker, Emma C.

Bunker, Chas. Eugene

Bunker, Alfred Tennyson

Bunker, Alta M.

Bunker, Elizabeth C.

Bunker, Duane Elwood

Bunker, Clinton H.

Bunker, Hiram

Bunnell, Guy

Burch, Agnes

Burdett, Ona Mae

Burdett, Melvin O.

Burdett, Byron

Burgess, Thomas A.

Burgess, Florence

Burgess, Miles

Burgoyne, Clyde Ezra

Burgoyne, George

Burgoyne, Julia

Burgoyne, William I.

Burgoyne, Maxine M.

Burgoyne, John Lee

Burick, Evelyn C.

Burkett, Bessie

Burks, William

Burks, Arvada

Burks, Lenna

Burks, Jack

Burks, Tom

Burks, William J.

Burks, Hattie Belle

Burks, Kathleen

Burks, Bessie J.

Burks, Fern Blanche

Burks, Myrtie

Burks, Lois

Burks, Melvin S.

Burks, Guy

Burks, Mary Lou

Burno, Helen L.

Burno, Silas L.

Burns, Annie May

Burns, Benjamin Eli

Burrows, Marie E.

Burrows, Grace

Burrows, Willis Jay

Burrows, Hettie

Burrows, Mary J.

Burrows, Robert J.

Burrus, Robert E.

Burrus, Margaaret

Burrus, Florence E.

Burrus, John

Burrus, Mildred I.

Burrus, Olive A.

Burrus, John Ross

Burrus, Lincoln

Burrus, Paul Philip

Bursley, Clara

Burton, Thomas lee

Burton, John

Bush, Max N.

Bush, Martha C.

Bushman, Helen I.

Busick, Joyce V.

Busick, George J.

Bustle, Lucy Ann

Bustle, Joseph B.

Butler, Anna J.

Butler, Alice L.

Butler, Rosa roe

Butler, George

Butler, Wm. E.

Butler, Fred

Butler, Baby

Butler, George Robert

Butler,Nora Smith

Butzbach, martha J.

Butzbach, Jacob P.

Bybee, Jesse

Bybee, Larry W. Sr.

Cadieux, Margaret A.

Cadieux, Baby

Cadieux, Paul

Cain, Zacharia

Calbetzon, Harold L.

Calbetzor, Leora D.

Callahan, Benjamin

Calvin, Rance

Camp, John

Camp, Alice

Camp, Robert A.

Camp, Minnie A.

Camp, Safronia

Camp, Willie B.

Camp, Alta B.

Camp, Calvin

Camp, Gladys G.

Campbell, Elsie M.

Campbell, Melvin H.

Campell, Betty

Canfield, Frances A.

Canfield, Dee Forest

Canfield, Joseph

Canfield, Alva A.

Canfield, Jan Marie

Canfield, Robert N.

Canfield, Noah

Canfield, Esther E.

Canfield, Neall

Canfield, Lester S.

Canfield, Flossie

Canfield, Florence

Canfield, Clinton E.

Canfield, Clarence E. Sr. Canfield, Nettie J.

Canfield, Dorothy M.

Canfield, Margaret Demonis

Canfield, Sylvia F.

Canp, Harry E.

Capps, Patricia

Carbon, Fred Scott

Carlin, theodroe

Carlisle, daniel M.

Carlisle, Isaac Ashley

Carlisle, Pearl V.

Carlisle, Sarah Ann

Carlisle, Frank

Carlon, Elizabeth ODell

Carlson, Roger A.

Carlson, Iver

Carlson, Ruth Alma

Carlson, Mildred K.

Carpenter, Pansie J.

Carpenter, Sanford E.

Carpenter, Robert Roy Jr.

Carpenter, Devon Lionel

Carpenter, Charlotte

Carpenter, Anthony E.

Carpenter, Marvin

Carrigan, James

Carrol, Charles

Carter, Leonard D.

Carter, Edith S.

Carter, Walter Ray

Carter, Thomas M.

Carter, Grant

Carter, Lois H.

Carter, Emma Virginia

Carter, Dale Lee

Carter, Baby

Cary, Harvey B.

Case, Emma A.

Case, Henry J.

Casey, Michael J.

Casey, Thomas M.

Casey, Florence L.

Cassler, Alma R.

Cassler, George L.

Casto, Charles A.

Casto, Ronald E.

Casto, Robert M.

Casto, Eugene F.

Cathcart, Nellie Moore

Catlow, Helen H.

Catterlin, Clyde Jr.

Catterlin, Clyde M.

Cauffman, Richard L.

Cauffman, Darlene

Cauffman, Francis

Cauffman, Henry

Cauffman, Rev. Ronald E.

Cauffman, Mary Eva

Cauffman, Pvt. Frank O.

Cauffman, Cora Belle

Cauffman, Benjamin

Cauffman, Clara L.

Cayo, Edward

Cayo, Mildred

Ceck, Twin Baby

Ceck, Twin Babby

Ceretto, Battista

Chadderdon, Francis E.

Chadderdon, James Frank

Chadderdon, Verna M.

Chain, James R.

Chain, Lenny

Chain, Eleanor D.

Chain, Frank L.

Chain, Arline

Chamberlain, Luella M.

Chamberlain, Pearl M.

Chamberlain, Evalinda

Chamberlain, Stella Marie

Chamberlain, H.

Chamberlain, Helen Orma

Chamberlaise, john H.

Chaney, Lon

Chaney, Opal R.

Chapman, Ruth Alene

Chappell, Gary Dean

Charles, Daniel N. S.

Charles, Ethel MAe

Charles, Alfred W.

Charles, Mary E. M.

Charles, Herman

Charlwood, Alice A.

Charlwood, Clara

Charlwood, Charles E.

Charlwood, John H.

Chartoir, Katherina

Chartoir, Albert


Chavous, Andrew

Cheek, Ronald L.


Chinn, R. C.

Chiodo, Kevin Christopher

Choila, John

Christian, jewell

Chubb, Baby Girl

Chubb, Frank J.

Chubb, Kelly

Chubb, Chas. C.

Chubb, Dale hubert

Chubb, Elizabeth Bachman

Chubb, Henry

Chubb, James Marrow

Chubb, Florence S.

Chubb, Lyle Robert

Chubb, George H.

Chubb, Timothy

Chubb, Mamie

Chubb, Richard M.

Chubb, Rose Anna

Chubb, Lois

Churchill, Baby

Churchill, Ida May

Clark, Evadine (Billie)

Clark, Ada Christina

Clark, Baby

Clark, Leon R.

Clark, R. V.

Clark, Arlene A.

Clark, Arlin B.

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Mason Dow

Clark, Fred Charles

Clark, Emma Maud

Clark, Lillie Elsie

Clark, Aaron

Clark, Elwood James

Clark, Herbert A.

Clark, Edith Mae

Clark, Harold E.

Clark, Baby

Clark, Baby Girl

Clark, Willard

Clark, Ellis H.

Clark, Sallie Ann

Clark, Albert E.

Clark, Elmer E.

Clark, Joannah Myrtle

Clauson, Baby

Clayton, MAry

Clayton, Harmon

Clemans, Daisy D.

Clemans, Wm. F.

Clemens, Anne

Clemens, Donald

Clemens, Robert

Clemens, Gertrude

Clements, Robert V.

Clements, Garry H.

Clements, Mary Ruth

Clements, Bessie

Clements, DeLores Elaine

Clements, Russell D.

Clements, Ozza

Clements, Jean

Cleveland, Martha J.

Cleveland, Marshall J.

Cleveland, Ella Mae

Cleveland, Union S.

Clevenger, Charity Anna

Clevenger, Isaac

Climans, Luetta Mary

Cline, John

Cline, John Robert

Cline, Emma Jane

Clinton, George

Clotere, Frances J.

Cloud, Joseph

Clouse, Elda Mendina

Clouse, John

Cloutier, Marie Kathleen

Cloutier, Homer Joseh

Clupp, Joseph

Cochran, otto

Coda, Salvatore Sam

Coda, Gregory

Coda, Edith

Coffinger, Patricia K.

Coffinger, Henry

Coffman, Sarah J.

Coffman, Sylvan G.

Coger, Alvin Kenneth II

Coger, Eunice L.

Colbert, Wm. C.

Colbert, Mary Hattie

Colburn, Clovis U.

Cole, James

Cole, Katie A.

Cole, George L.

Cole, Baby Boy

Cole, Susie Mae

Coleman, John C.

Coleman, Bessie S.

Colleer, William R.

Collings, Ruth Elaine

Collings, Elmer

Collings, Edith M.

Collingsworth, John W.

Collins, Raymond L.

Collins, Emma May

Collins, Lillie Mae

Collins, Cary

Collins, Gertrude

Collins, Curtis Earl

Collins, Robert Lee

Collins, Edward

Colpetzer, Joseph

Colvin, Willard

Colvin, Clara

Colvin, Anna

Colvin, Nancy M.

Colvin, Edwin M.

Colvin, Ellis F.

Colvin, Dr. O. E.

Conant, Hubert L.

Conant, Hubert

Conant, Bert N.

Conant, Janet Susan

Conant, Mae Elizabeth

Conant, Harold E.

Conant, Donald frank

Conard, John C.

Conard,Luleo M.

Cone, Grace M.

Conley, Martha L.

Conrad, Minnie Belle

Conrad, Alfred E.

Conrad, Andrew G.

Conrad, Leland L.

Conrad, Matilda

Conrad, Abbie Jane

Conrad, Jennie

Conrad, Anna May

Conrad, Ira Frank

Conrad, James C.

Conrad, Jacob Wm.

Conrad, Eli P.

Conrad, Frank

Conrad, Emanuel

Contri, Sandra D.

Converse, Adelaid

Converse, Eleanor M.

Converse, Milton J.

Converse, Lucius Milton

Cook, William

Cook, John Edward

Cook, Gertrude

Cook, Vine William

Cook, Dora B.

Coon, James edward

Coon, Amos

Coon, Wm. F.

Coon, Arthur G.

Coon, Joseph Eugene

Coon, Amos

Coonfare, Virgil L.

Coonfare, Clara E.

Cooper, Olive

Cooper, Homer H.

Cooper, Mabel C.

Cooper, Zelda I.

Cooper, Ruth

Cooper, Max E.

Cooper, Harry E.

Cooper, Robert K.

Coplin, Marsha Ann

Copper, Leonard R.

Copper, Baby

Cooper, James N. (1847 - 1866) This name is not on the Sexton Record today, although there is a marker in this cemetery. Section 2, Lot 103

Copper, Melva Jean

Copper, Mary Ann

Copper, Mable B.

Copper, George

Copper, Martha A.

Cooper, Samuel (1830 - 1898) This names are not on the Sexton Record today, although there is a marker in the cemetery. Sect 2, Lot 103

Corohhers, Jennie

Cortez, Mable

Corwin, Claudia A.

Cottrll, Elsie Kingery

Couchman, Randall

Coultas, Mary B.

Coultas, Hilmour

Councilman, John E.

Coup, Francis

Coup, Ella E.

Covell, Sylvia A.

Covell, Rosathe

Covell, Almeron

Coveney, John C.

Coverdale, Wm. A.

Covert, Gordon, R.

Cowles, Charles

Cox, Violet

Cox, Eddie Lee

Cox, Thomas F.

Cox, Harry

Cox, Ruthe L.

Cox, Ervin Jr.

Cox, Fred S.

Craamer, Arnold

Craig, John B.

Craig, Charles B.

Craig, Charles W.

Craig, Josephine

Cramer, Shedrick F.

Cramer, John J.

Cramer, Theodore W.

Cramer, Thomas

Cramer, Marjorie J.

Cramer, Leonard (Earl)

Crandall, Anna

Crandall, A. G.

Craw, Dorothy J.

Craw, Patricia D.

Craw, Harlan

Crawford, Robert

Crawford, Baby

Cress, Catherine S.

Cress, Helen E.

Crews, Loula May

Crews, James H.

Cripe, Cyrus C.

Cripe, Florence

Cripe, Infant

Cripe, Charles

Crittenden, John H.

Crittle, Ruthie

Critzer, Amy

Critzer, Raymond L.

Cronin, Wm. Harrison

Crosby, Rita L.

Crosby, Leslie

Crosser, Cora

Crothers, Lester

Crothers, Pearl H.

Crull, Lillian

Crull, Walter

Crumley, Deaetta Mae

Crumley, Dwight D.

Crump, Baby Boy

Crusen, Harriett H.

Crusew, James T.

Cuddihy, Winifred

Currier, Ida May

Currier, Genevieve E.

Currier, John B.

Currier, John George

Currser, Florence

Curtis, John

Daggett, Leonard H.

Dahlin, Orville R.

Dale, John

Dale, Walter B.

Dale, Ethel F.

Dalenberg, Edna M.

Dalenberg, Leonard

Dalman, Amelia

Dalrymple, Geo. W.

Dalrymple, Leo

Dalrymple, Ivan Henry

Dalrymple, LaVern E.

Dalrymple, Maurice A.

Dalrymple, Lynea L.

Dalrymple, Ivan Keith

Dalrymple, Lillian

Dalrymple, Phyllis M.

Dalsymple, George

Dalzell, Vernice

Dalzell, Harry G.

Dame, Ernest L.

Dame, Ruth

Damoth, William J.

Damoth, Alie bell

Dance, Emzie E.

Daniel, Mary

Daniel, Martha

Daniel, Joseph R.

Daniele, Clarence A.

Daniels, Dora Jean

Daniels, Ollie Lee

Darling, Diana

Darnbush, Sue Hunter

Darr, John H.

Darryko, Wm.

Davidson, Lindsey W.

Davidson, Lindsey

Davidson, Georgia

Davidson, Lacey Leo

Davidson, Jack Lee

Davidson, Craig Dale

Davidson, Norman L.

Davidson, James D.

Davis, Ory Edgar

Davis, Margie

Davis, Lawrence Donley

Davis, Gladys I.

Davis, R. J.

Davis, Dean Birdell

Davis, Norma Jean

Davis, John

Davis, Dorothy M.

Davis, N. Doris

Davis, LeRoy

Davis, Eddie

Davis, Rosemary L.

Davis, Clare L.

Davis, Georgia Lorrine

Davis, Charles H.

Davis, Treal Lester

Davis, Jessie

Davis, J. C.

Davis, June

Davis, Selenda

Davis, Sherman

Davis, Jason

Davis, Azel E.

Davis, Benjamin D.

Davis, Harold Lester

Davison, Geneva B.

Daw, Harry H.

Daw, Belle G.

Dawes, Mina A.

Dawes, Earl E.

Day, Charles O.

Day, Dorothy Lee

Deals, Robert

Dean, Louis

DeArmond, Ide

Debus, Otto Wm.

Decker, Wm. D.

Decker, Mary E.

Decker, David A.

DeDontney, Lucas

Deeds, Bonnie S.

Deeds, Alfred D. Sr.

Deeds, Gladys Marie

Deeds, Simon

Deeds, Baby

Deeds, Donald E.

Deering, Kate

DeFreeg, Sandra

Dehart, Leonard G.

Dehart, Thelma R.

DeLand, Ryan C.

Delcamp, Stella I.

Delibac, Daisy

Delibac, Venus

Delibac, Willis

Dellinger, Richard A.

Dellinger, Mona

Delrymple, Roscoe J.

Dement, John R.

DeMerse, Fred

Deming, Louise E.

Deming, George T.

Deming, Lucretia C.

Deming, Eliza Jane

Deming, Baby

Deming, George Sr.

Dempsey, Clarence

Dempsey, Robert O.

Dempsey, Florence

Dempsey, Edith

Dempsey, Lydia Alice

Dempsey, Helen

Dempsey, John Wm.

Denardo, Katherine M.

Denne, George R.

Dennis, Willer B.

Dennis, Martha W.

Denno, Sanborn W.

Denno, S. William

Denno, Emma D.

Denno, Irene R.

Denno, Elta M.

Denno, Virginia Hope

Denno, Helen

Denno, Sanborn

Denno, Rose E.

Denno, Mary J.

Denno, Edward F.

DeNordo, Ralph

DePoy, Foster

DePoy, Sandra Kay

DePoy, Dorothy A.

DePue, Guy

DePyl, Lucian Arthur

DePyl, Denise

Derflinger, Edna

Derflinger, Earl

Dering, John

DeRossi, Eugene E. Jr.

Desenberg, May

Desenberg, Louie M.

Desmond, James

DeSonia, Vera

Devin, Hattie Sanders

Devin, Esther L.

Devin, Fannie L.

Devine, Alfred E.

Deweese, Edith Belle

Deweese, Edward N.

Deweese, Hubert A.

Dewith, Jon lynn

Dewitt, Hortense L.

Dewitt, Paul Frances

Dewitt, Duane L.

Dewitt, Genevieve A.

Dewitt, Peggy Ann

DeWitt, Claude William

DeWitt, Darrick M.

DeWitt, Quinn Lewellen

DeWitt, Harold M.

DeWitte, Rexford Orrin

DeWitte, Irene E.

Dick, John C.

Dick, Mildred H.

Dickenson, Norma M.

Dickinson, Susanne

Dickinson, James J.

Dickinson, William Henry

Dies, Alma

Dies, Dennis Lynn

Diethrich, Georgia M.

Diggins, Charles

DiGiaconio, Mary Lucy

Dill, Walter R.

Dill, Robert russell

Dillavaer, Russell W.

Dillavou, Cloca L.

Dillavou, Donald L.

Dillavou, Cliffard M.

Dillavou, Dennis Clifford

Dilley, Oliver Byron

Dilley, Stella E.

Dillinger, Henry

Dillinger, Elizabeth Leona

Dillman, James T.

Dillman, Rosetta A.

Dimenl, John

Diment, Alicia P.

Diment, Wm. Geo.

Dinger, Emmanuel

Dinneen, Joshua Brian

Dionne, Phyllis Viola

Dionne, Edward

Dipert, Hilda F.

Dipert, Forest

Dipest, Dorothy

Dittman, Frank Walter

Dittmar, Nona W.

Ditto, Clarence E.

Ditto, George A.

Ditto, George B.

Ditto, Rosa

Ditto, Irene E.

Ditto, Virgil

Dittto, George W.

Ditz, Debra Ann

Dixon, Carl D.

Dixon, Sylvester Sr.

Dixon, Lettie

Dixon, Willard F.

Dixon, Evesleaner

Dixon, Sylvester Jr.

Dixon, Robert

Dixoro, Manny F. Jr.

Doak, Ellen M.

Doak, Robert Edward

Dobbin, Naomi

Dockery, Luther V.

Dockery, Julia

Dodd, Margaret G.

Dodge, Sarah A.

Dodge, Clayton Leroy

Dodge, Dwight, A.

Dodge, Frank

Dodge, Ella C.

Dodge, Charles S.

Dodge, Wathena L.

Dodge, Ellen A.

Dodge, Ruby F.

Doeppers, Charles E.

Doeppers, Nadine E.

Dokey, John

Dokey, Kathryn

Dokey, Rose May

Dokey, Earl

Dokey, Lowell C.

Dokey, Lowell

Dokey, Paul R.

Dokey, Myrtle

Dokey, Lloyd A.

Dokey, Norma Louise

Dolan, thomas

Dolan, Anna Marie

Dollar, Jerald

Dome, Flora


Donaghe, James Clyde

Donley, Ollis L.

Donley, Howard

Donley, William O.

Donley, Pauline G.

Donley, Clarice Naomi

Donley, Richard Dean

Doss, Woodrow Wilson

Doss, Latha

Doty, Judy

Dougherty, Richard F.

Dougherty, Joyce A.

Dougherty, Michael F.

Downs, Eva Richards

Downs, William

Doze, Tanner

Dragoo, Liberty

Draper, Ashley Otto

Dreitzler, Elneer, David

Dreitzler, Rosa O.

Dreitzler, Marshall L.

Dressler, Lydia

Dressler, Geo. F.

Dubois, Arthur

Dubois, Anna

Dudman, Ida

Dudman, Frank H.

Duis, Grace

Duis, George

Duis, Richard

Duis, Verdun R.

Duis, Lydia Ann

Duis, Carl E.

Duis, Lousie C.

Dumbolton, Mary E.

Dumbolton, Charles H.

Dument, Mary A.

Duncan, Amilda F.

Duncan, William E.

Dunek, Verna

Dunn, Lois A.

Dunn, Mary E.

Dunsbolton, Rebecca

Duracovich, Steve

Dykstra, Robert L.

Eagley, Ervin

Ealey, Nina P.

East, Mary Amelia

East, Minnie

East, Chas. N.

East,James Frank

Echlebarger, George E.

Eckelbarger, Hugh T.

Eckler, Clarence A.

Eddy, George

Edgar, Belle

Edgcomb, Margueirita T.

Edgcomb, Tipton B.

Edgcome, Wm. Henry

Ednie, Jack R.

Ednie, Wm. B.

Ednie, Elva Carrie

Edwards, Ora C.

Edwards, Della M.

Eicher, Hilma

Eichorn, Clyde R.

Eichorn, Katherine E.

Eieher, Robert G.

Eis, Walter E.

Eis, Walter E. Jr.

Eisele, Charlotte E.

Eisele, Ruth A.

Eisele, John

Eisele, Henry Charles

Eisele, Dorethea

Eisele, Matilda M.

Eisele, Kathryn

Eisele, Marvin Jr.

Eisenhart, John Guy

Eisenhart, John

Eisenhart, Mae

Ekins, William J. S.

Ekins, Edna

Eldredge, Fred

Eldridge, Mabel L.

Eldridge, Fred Major

Eldridge, Louise R.

Ellerbrook, Duane G.

Elliot, Clara

Elliott, Harvey

Ellis, Beverly Jean

Ellis, PFC James W.

Ellis, Diane

Ellis, Chas. W.

Ellis, Susan Marie

Ellis, Sylvia M.

Ellis, Robert B.

Ellis, L. Brenda

Ellis, Sharon Kay

Ellsworth, David E.

Els, Maria G.

Elsbury, Ronald W.

Emerson, Allen R.

Emerson, ida

Ender, John

Enk, Grace Edna

Ernsperger, Walter

Ernsperger, Emilie

Ernsperger, Clara

Ernsperger, Anthony

Ervin, Margaret Ellen

Erwin, Laura A.

Erwin, Louis W.

Estes, Michael P.

Estes, Emma Nash

Esworthy, Ora

Etta, Lea Templeton

Evans, Thomas C.

Evans, George

Evans, Mary Jane

Evans, Wm. G.

Evans, Nora

Evans, Charles G.

Evans, Nancy A.

Evans, Mary I.

Everingham, Mary B.

Everingham, Ruth L.

Everingham, James H.

Exner, Iva

Exner, George W.

Fabiana, Mary Jane

Fabiano, Mary

Fabiano, Peter

Fabiano, Margaret

Fagras, Silvia Jane

Fagras, Geo. James

Fagras, Myrtle G.

Fairman, Glenn H.

Fancher, Jonathan w.

Farling, Isreal

Farling, Frank R.

Fashbaugh, Thomas J.

Faughn, Teddy Lee

Faulhaber, Evelyn

Faulhaber, Edward J.

Faulkenstein, Charles W.

Faulkner, Fay

Faulkner, Charles

Fay, William

Fedore, Mable Marie

Fedore, Etta R.

Fedore, Fred

Fedore, Floyd

Fedore Lester E.

Fedose, Louis

Fee, Ronald L.

Fee, Josephine H.

Fee, Leroy Hugh

Feefar, Joseph

Feenor, David M.

Fehsenfeld, Delberth

Feifar, Anna

Feifar, William A.

Feifar, Frank P.

Feifar, Gizella

FeiFar, Margaret

Feight, Mary A.

Fellows, Alvin C.

Fellows, V. Alva Bell

Fenn, Phillip

Fenske, John

Ferguson, Ivan Redden

Ferguson, Elsie E.

Ferguson, Elmira

Ferguson, Donald

Fern, Florence

Ferrel, George F.

Ferris, Anna

Ferris, Charles E.

Ferris, Anna F.

Ferris, Carl A.

Ferris, Richard Dean

Ferris, Charles J.

Ferris, howard J.

Ferris, Elva

Ferris, Infant

Ferris, Nelson E.

Ferris, Infant

Ferris, Hazel E.

Ferris, Mary

Ferris, Harold A.

Ferry, Emery F.

Fessenden, Carrie J.

Fessler, Ruth E.

Fette, Wm. F.

Fetto, Maud M.

Fichenar, Maude L.

Fick, Virginia Snowden

Ficks, William H.

Fierbringer, Harold E.

Fierbunger, Edna

File, Lester

File, Gordon

File, Lillian

File, Wm. Henry

Finch, Elwood

Finch, Margaret Ann

Finney, Leo E.

Fisher, Lonny R.

Fisher, Charles Edward

Fisher, Vivian C.

Fisher, Robert Theodore

Fisher, Wm. L.

Fisher, Margo Elaine

Fisher, Roy Jr.

Fisher, Robert Roy

Fisher, Rolland A.

Fisher, Boyd Eugene

Fisher, Norman Gene

Fisher, Roy

Fisher, Aaron W.

Fisk, Richard L.

Fisk, Banjamin F.

Fisk, Nettie C.

Fisk, Amanda

Fitch, Adeline

Fitch, Liland G.

Fitch, Marion E.

Fitch, Thomas

Fitzgerald, Patrick

Fitzpatrick, Thomas J.

Flanagan, Hazel F.

Flanagan, Clayton

Flanagan, F. Alice

Flanagan, Marvin O.

Fleenor, Raymond

Fleenor, Paul B.

Fleenor, Lillian E.

Fleenor, Viola H.

Flenar, Minnie H.

Flenar, Alfred Allen

Flenar, Marguerite B.

Flenar, Otis, Milton

Flenar, Ellen Beatrice

Fletcher, Marguerite

Flifar, Marie Gozella

Flores, Marie

Florey, Bonnie L.

Florey, Tillie Louise

Florey, Belle Edith

Florey, Eura C.

Florey, Alice

Florey, Ted W.

Floyd, Jimmie Lee

Flynn, James H.

Foater, Charles

Fogus, Mary Myrtle

Fogus, Henry W.

Forburger, Francis Harold

Ford, Dorothy F.

Ford, Wesley D.

Forgue, Georgia B.

Forgue, Joseph A.

Foster, Neal G.

Foster, Henry

Foster, Beulah

Foster, Cora Ann

Foster, George

Foster, Lester C.

Fouse, Odis E.

Fowler, Arthur Jay

Fowler, Earl A.

Fowler, John I.

Fowler, Thelma

Fowler, Maurice

Fowler, Martha e.

Fowler, Emma

Fowler, Helen F.

Fox, William Fay

Fox, Floyd Wm.

Fox, Wm. A.

Fox, William H.

Fox, Megan Renae

Fox, Ada Trevor

Fox, Frank

Fox, Ruby Ellis

Fox, John Perry

Fragur, Baby Girl

Frame, Chas. Henry

Frame, Chole V.

Frame, Roxy

Frame, Ray Alvin

Frame, Caroline J.

Frame, Norma

Frame, Mary Carlon

Frame, A. William

Frame, Dorothy E.

Frame, Katherine

Frampton, Thomas A.

Frank, R. Fabiano

Franklin, Patrick Duane

Franklin, Benjamin G.

Franklin, Josephine H.

Franklin, Frederick M.

Franklin, Freeman

Franklin, George E.

Franklin, Edith M.

Franklin, William B.

Franklin, Robert B.

Franklin, Richard L.

Fredrickson, vera

Freeburn, Nellie May

Freeburn, Thomas E.

Freelanch, John W.

Freeland, Ida E.

Freeland, Dorothy M.

Freeland, Perry F.

Freeling, Laura

Freeman, Ella

Freeman, Mary C.

Freeze, Everett Lee

French, Pauline L.

French, Charles F.

French, Charles H.

French, Dorothy

French, Myrle l.

French, George W.

French, George W.

French, Lura

French, Lucy Anna

Frew, Harry L.

Fritz, George

Fritz, Mrs. Willey

Frklich, Martha M.

Frklich, Joseph

Froman, Nora Viola

Froman, Hiram R.

Frucci, Lila

Fry, Anna

Fulbright, James E.

Fulbright, Jetta G.

Fulbright, Nicholas A.

Fulks, Teresa J.

Fulks, Jasper, Clarence

Fuller, Wm. W.

Fuller, Vickie J.

Fuller, Trueman

Fuller, Plice Mary

Fuller, Richard

Fuller, Nettie Blanche

Fuller, Victor, Herbert

Fuller, Joseph

Fuller, Lester

Fuller, Emma F.

Fuller, Nellie Virginia

Fuller, Milton

Fuller, Merl V.

Fuller, Emma

Fuller, Ellen Louise

Fuller, Joseph Edward

Fuller, Allen LeRoy

Fuller, Howard Elmer

Fuller, Alma E.

Fuller, Joseph

Fuller, Anna M.

Fuller, Ivy

Fuller, Baby

Fuller, Howard Warren

Fuller, Harold D.

Fuller, Geo. C.

Fuller, Charles H.

Fuller, Howard

Fuller, Chas. E.

Fuller, Daisy I.

Fuller, Ellen Barrett

Fuller, Clyde H.

Fuller, Hamlin

Fulton, Edna W.

Funk, Arthur L.

Furner, Thomas A.

Furner, Elizabeth J.

Furner, Richard James

Fydell, Monna

Fydell, Lulu

Fydell, John L.

Fydell, Charles

Gabbeart, Ora A.

Gabheart, Allen

Gabier, Georgine Elma

Galleger, Katherine Agnes

Galliger, Thomas

Gangloff, Charles

Garcia, Dennis C.

Gardner, Brian Scott

Gardner, LeRoy E.

Gardner, Willard

Gardner, Thelma E.

Garling, Ella S.

Garling, Leslie K.

Garmire, Helen L.

Garrison, Wanda June

Garrod, Jeannie

Gaul, Michael Arthur

Gaul, Leonard A.

Gaul, Ella Bertha

Gaul, Daniel L.

Gaul, Alfred R.

Gaul, Arthur L.

Gawarski, Iva

Gawthrop, Fredrich E.

Gawthrop, Eunice May

Gearhart, Kenneth A.

Geary, Mable M.

Geary, Lucy G.

Geary, Everett D.

Geiger, Walter L.

Geiger, Genevieve

Geller, Anna

Geminder, Emma M.

Genda, Zachery E.

Genda, Edward L.

Genda, Alex A.

Geohring, Beatrice A.

George, Ocie

George, Raymond Edward

George, Helen Marie

George, Donald E.

George Mabel Helen

Germinder, Otte P.

Geyer, Mary e.

Geyer, Lillian May

Geyer, Benjamin C.

Giacomo, Dr. Fred

Gibbons, Durward

Gibson, Catherine

Gibson, Annel

Gibson, Roger

Gilbert, Barbara

Gilbert, Zelphia A.

Gilbert, Baby

Gilbert, Nellie

Gilbert, Alice C.

Gilbert, Henry

Gilbert, Martin

Gilbertsen, Anna A.

Gilbertson, John M.

Gillispie, William Lee

Gilmore, Chester C.

Gilmore, Willie C.

Giver, John P. Jr.

Giver, Elsie N.

Giver, John P.

Giver,Rufus H.

Gladwish, Stephen

Gladwish, Caroline

Gladwish, Robert L.

Glen, Agnes B.

Glossenger, Bernice F.

Glossenger, Earl

Glossinger, Baby

Glosson, Jack A.

Glover, James A.

Glover, Jay O.

Glover, Minnie Belle

Glover, Lutie Roe

Glover, Jay M.

Glover, Claud V.

Glover, Ida Jane

Glover, Cephas M.

Glover, Jemima Myrtle

Glynn, Dorthy

Goach, Zellia A.

Godfrey, John Sellers

Godfrey, Effie Gregrey

Godfrey, Dr. Joseph L.

Godsey, Willard O.

Gombooi, Steve

Gombosi, Ernistine

Gombosi, Leo Joseph

Gonder, Donald

Gonder, John

Gonder, Clara

Gonder, Caroline R.

Gondor, Fred

Gooch, Clayburn E.

Good, Verna

Good, Iden E.

Good, Baby

Good, Harold I.

Good, Howard Roy

Good, Wm. Lloyd

Good, Beatrice

Good, Larry & Jerry

Gorbity, Joseph M. Sr.

Gosline, Raqlph C.

Gosline, Maude A.

Gould, Allene R.

Gowen, Dora Beth

Gowen, Emery

Gowen, James Andrew

Gowen, Elsie Mae

Gowland, Henry J.

Gowland, Elma Maud

Gowland, Jessie P.

Gowland, John Henry

Gowland, Alma Viola

Grace, Irvina L.

Grace, Bernard B.

Grady, Loyd B.

Grady, Hamlin

Grady, Mary R.

Grady, Wm. Rex

Graffort, Don D.

Graffort, Martha E.

Graffort, Edith Georgia

Graffort, Phay A.

Graffort, Don D.

Graffort, Ray R.

Graham, Maryett

Graham, Robert

Graham, Elizabeth

Graham, Frances H.

Graham, John B.

Graham, Mary

Graham, Eunice Pauline

Graham, Joseph W.

Gramse, Emil Max

Grant, Robert L.

Grant, I. Delcena

Grant, Wm. Odas

Graves, James R.

Graw, Timothy P.

Gray, Bertha

Gray, Gail E.

Gray, Peter

Gray, Louis Maxine

Gray, Jeffery A.

Gray, Marguerite I.

Gray, Benton

Gray, Laura A.

Gray, Jeremy

Gray, W. William

Gray, James L.

Greco, Pamela

Green, Jack O'Neil

Green, Lawrence

Green, Cleatus G.

Green, Albert D.

Green, Nelle

Green, Dolly Fay

Green, Green Boy

Green, Cleatus E.

Green, Lawrence Jr.

Green, Opal

Gregory, Raymond Jr.

Gregory, Jesse A.

Gregory, Raymond D. Sr.

Gregory, Wm. H.

Gregson, Wm. Lyle

Gretchen, Kay W.

Greulich, Margarite Roina

Greulick, Patricia

Grey, Jarius

Grice, Betty Jane

Grice, Doris Marie

Grice, John Edward

Grice, James Henry

Grice, Clarence W.

Grice, Caroline

Grice, Bertha

Gridley, Leo

Griffin, Daniel Charles

Griffith, Minnie

Grimes, Pete

Grimes, Margie

Grimes, Mary Louise

Grimmett, Carl R.

Grimmett, David P.

Groffort, Olive

Grooms, Joseph G.

Grooms, Jeffery Dean

Grose, Dontae

Groves, John

Groves, Genva Della

Grundhofer, Elma J.

Guettler, Bernice

Guettler, Carl

Gulley, Emeline

Gulley, Willie

Gunn, Robert Verne

Guthrie, marion

Guyberson, Geo. E.

Guyberson, Allie L.

Guyberson, Wm. John

Guyberson, Mrs.

Haag, George

Haas, Pearl L.

Haas, Herbert Anton

Haas, Joseph A.

Haas, Olga

Haase, Geo. S.

Habeling, Marie

Haberling, Otto Wm.

Habicht, Winifred

Hackeman, Violet E.

Hackemen, Janet Kay

Hacking, Ida

Haedtler, Robert Wesley

Haffner, Donald

Haffner, Harold Jean

Hagaw, Arthur

Haggerty, Laura L.

Hagley, Caroline

Hagley, Frederick Jr.

Hagley, Fred

Hague, Emily Jane

Hahn, Esther A.

Hale, James Richard

Haley, Anna louisa

Haley, N. Phoebe Jane

Hall, Fred A.

Hall, Sylvester R.

Hall, Eva

Hall, Minnie E.

Hall, Andrew Jackson

Hall, Florence Geva

Hall, Fred G.

Hall, Jerry Steven

Hall, Alfred Roe

Hall, Fredrick

Hall, William

Hall, Robert Leland

Hall, Eva

Hall, Clara

Hall, Edna Miles

Hall, Ida May

Hall, Orin F.

Hall, James Frank

Hall, Ethel M.

Hall, Minnie L.

Hallock, Ellen G.

Halston, John W.

Ham, Mary

Ham, Edgar A.

Ham, Mary Elizabeth

Ham, Wm. E.

Ham, Florence L.

Haman, Erna Maud

Haman, Geo. W.

Hamilton, Mary

Hamilton, Wilson H.

Hamilton, Wm.

Hamilton, Curtis

Hamilton, Esther Irene

Hamilton, Ida

Hamilton, Luther

Hamilton, Alanson

Hamilton, Thomas G.

Hamilton, John Lee

Hamlin, Baby Boy

Hammonds, John

Hand, James

Hane, Fred J.

Hankerson, James

Hankerson, Lue Anna

Hankila, Mike

Hanley, Mrs. C. M.

Hanley, Iola R.

Hanley, Geo.

Hanley, Fred B.

Hanley, Mary

Hanley, Mrs. Matilda

Hanlin, Helen Lousie

Hanlin, Florence C.

Hanlin, Donald S.

Hanlin, Merton Lee

Hanlin, Patrick P.

Hanlin, Kim

Hanlin, Patricia Joan

Hanlin, Merton L.

Hanlin, Leonore

Hanner, E. Richard

Hanover, Mildred

Hanover, Herbert R.

Hanover, Roscoe

Hanover, Olive M.

Hanover, Stanley A.

Hanover, Mary E.

Hanover, Dorothy F.

Hanover, Florence L.

Hanover, Bertha M.

Hanover, Jackson J.

Hansen, Arnold

Hansen, Hans H.

Hansen, Esther E.

Hansen, Emma Lillian

Hansen, Maude

Hansen, Elizabeth

Hansen, Harold Adolph

Harasewicz, Joseph Cashmier

Harbaugh, Ralph D.

Harding, Ann

Harding, Edith

Harding, Otis G.

Harding, Martha W.

Harger, Melville S.

Harkrider, Dot

Harkrider, Fred

Harkrider, Earl

Harlbutt, Kate E.

Harlo, Donald H.

Harmon, Jason M.

Harner, ANthony

Harner, Fannie

Harner, Orville

Harner, Suzann R.

Harner, Bertha M.

Haroff, Donald Edward

Harr, Orphy Meril

Harrington, Orville

Harrington, David R.

Harris, Della M.

Harris, Letha

Harris, Heywood R. Sr.

Harris, Minnie L.

Harris, Henry Jr.

Harrison, Dr. James

Harrison, Magnes A.

Harrison, William Alfred

Harrof, Cora

Harroff, Amos Clyde

Harroff, John Wm.

Harroff, Minnie H.

Harroff, Herbert W.

Harroff, Jack

Harroff, Louiza A.

Harroff, Lucy

Harroff, Theresa L.

Harroff, Henry Sherman

Hart, Frank

Hartjell, Bert L.

Hartline, Lena

Hartline, Barbara Jean

Hartline, Lella May

Hartline, Ada May

Hartline, Cecil

Hartline, George

Hartline, Victor L.

Hartline, Thelma L.

Hartline, Harry J.

Hartline, Ethel May

Hartline, Harry H.

Hartline, David E.

Hartwig, Arthur

Hartwig, Alford

Hartzell, Minnie

Harvel, Maggie Belle

Harvel, Pleas Lacey

Harvel, Ruth B.

Harvel, Hubert E.

Harvel, James M.

Haskell, Mary Corda

Haslett, A. Glenn

Haslett, Robert N.

Haslett, Pearl Smith

Haslett, Mary E.

Haslett, Nancy A.

Hathaway, Cleon J.

Hathaway, Effie M.

Hathaway, Homer George

Hathaway, Elda A.

Hathaway, Alice Idell

Hathaway, Walter E.

Hathaway, Virginia May

Hathaway, Catherine

Hattenbach, Ida Lorrine

Hattenbach, George Herman

Hattenbach, Henrietta L.

Hattenbach, Ethel

Hattenbach, Herman A.

Haugh, Warner

Haun, Henry

Haun, Hazel

Hause, Arel Alvin

Hauser, Maude

Hausman, Ernest F.

Hausman, Ruth Jone

Hausner, Robert O.

Hawkins, Mary E.

Hawkins, Jesse W.

Hawkins, Lewis B.

Hawkins, Phyllis

Hawkins, Arthur Lee

Hawkins, Charles

Hawkins, Warren Clyde

Hawks, Robert

Hawks, Orpha L.

Hawks, Horace H.

Hawks, Orville A.

Hawks, Phillip E.

Hawks, Beverly Ann

Hawks, Lois Eliza

Hayden, Harry L.

Hayden, Josephine

Hayes, Robert P.

Hayes, Harry

Hayes, Isaac W.

Hayes, George D.

Hayes, Emma

Hayes, Eva May

Hayes, Catherine

Hayes, Cole L.

Hays, Thomas B.

Hayward, George W.

Headley, Jessie L.

Headley, Ray

Heager, Phil

Hearington, Julie Lynn

Hearington, Julius William

Heath, Harold Clifford

Heath, Virginia

Heberling, Martha C.

Hebing, Fannie M.

Hebraw, Garold

Heckathorn, Marvin

Heckathorne, Irene Marie

Heezen, Annette L.

Heezen, Franklin B.

Heierman, Marian A.

Heierman, James E.

Heierman, K. John

Heierman, Harold D. Pete

Heiermann, Robert Lee

Heiermann, Ada Mae

Heim, Judith Elaine

Heiney, Dorothy Mae

Heiney, Donald M.

Heiney, Emment C.

Heiney, Lola O.

Helmick, Sarah Jane

Helms, Edgbert S.

Helms, Cleo

Hemminger, Amos

Hemminger, John M.

Hemminger, Jared

Hemminger, Ann S.

Hempel, Gertrude I.

Hempel, Simon

Henderson, Minnie Jane

Henderson, Eddie Lee

Henderson, Robert M.D.

Henderson, Baby Boy

Hendrickson, Eric Jo

Hensen, Fairy Katheryn

Henson, James L.

Herman, Lottie

Herman, Fred L.

Herman, Lorna E.

Herman, Harry A.

Herman, Lee Starr

Herman, L. Alice

Herman, Oral R.

Herman, Ona Mae

Herman, John M.

Herman, Fred W.

Herman, Kenneth C.

Herman, Arthur

Herman, Ernest S.

Herman, Floyd

Herman, Arnold L.

Herman, Baby

Herman, Baby

Herman, Frances

Herman, Belva May

Hermann, James A.

Herring, Alice

Herrman, Ervin Frederick

Herrmann, Edward

Herrmann, Arthur

Hess, Herman

Hess, Irene

Hess, George

Hess, Ruth M.

Hess, Etta E.

Hess, Rosanand

Hess, Matilda

Hess, Zella C.


Hess, Eliza Annie

Hess, William F.

Hess, Edward E.

Hess, Wm.

Hess, Cora Behl

Hess, Claude

Hess, DeForest

Hess, Joseph

Hess, Cora E.

Hess, Jack

Hess, Charles H.

Hess, Viola G.

Hess, Ralph Enos

Hetman, Bernice

Hetman, Jon P.

Hettle, Doney A.

Hettle, John H.

Hewitt, Elva A.

Hewitt, Alvin

Heyn, Raymond H.

Heyn, Vera

Heyn, Martin Marvin

Heyn, Paulette Edith

Heyn, Lee Eugene

Hibnar, Wm. Henry

Hibnar, Hazel

Hibraw, Harold Wm.

Hibschman, Diane

Hibschman, R. Devon

Hickey, Lily S.

Hickey, William Loyd

Hickey, Joseph John

Hickok, Frank R.

Hickok, F. R.

Hickok, Helen M.

Hickok, louise A.

High, Georgia E. B.

Hildebrand, Matilda

Hilderbrand, Charles A.

Hill, Elizabeth

Hill, Thomas Albert

Hill, Ana

Hill, Catherine

Hill, Kimberly Melinda

Hill, James

Hill, Seymour H.

Hiller, A. H.

Hiller, Harold

Hiller, Laura

Hinds, Addie Faye

Hinds, Tonia

Hinds, Theresa

Hinds, Matthew B.

Hines, Clayton Ralph

Hines, Tharman

Hines, Jennie S.

Hinkle, Gladys Irene

Hinman, Roy C.

Hinman, Edith S.

Hinman, Edna A.

Hinman, Herbert Earl

Hinman, David E.

Hinsperger, Clayton S.

Hinsperger, Martha

Hirst, Anna Cook

Hissen, Leon D.

Hitchcock, Raul M.

Hittle, Joseph L.

Hittle, Lavina

Hittle, Amos L.

Hittle, David S.

Hittle, John H.

Hittle, Ethel

Hoag, Mildred Rebecca

Hocker, Lila Jane

Hodges, Levi Wesley

Hodges, Baby

Hoffan, Audrey Pauline

Hoffman, Wendy Lee

Hoffman, Mae Virginia

Hoffman, Chas. W.

Hoffman, Edith edna

Hojara, Baby Boy

Holcomb, Vivian

Holcomb, Mary Susan

Holcum, Clarence W.

Holliday, Hiram G.

Hollingsworth, Robert A.

Hollingsworth, Bessie

Hollis, Leo Robert

Holloway, Eliza Jane

Holloway, John Thomas

Holloway, Francis E.

Holmes, Jennie Imogene

Holmes, Donald

Holmes, Harry Stuart

Holmes, Harold S.

Holmes, Wm. Esta

Holmes, Myrtle L.

Holston, Harriett Ann

Holston, LeRoy Marvin

Holston, Frances

Hombaker, Lester Jacob

Hombaker, Lester William

Hombaker, Wimefred Marie

Homer, Joseph

Homewood, Hazel V.

Hoopingarner, Bessie

Hoover, Brooks B.

Hoover, Charles Roy

Hoover, Ethel Gertrude

Hoover, Herbert W.

Hoover, Bertha May

Hoover, Lee

Horn, Curtes Gerald

Horner, Anna M.

Horner, Thomas J.

Horner, Asher Elwood

Horton, Tonya M.

Horvath, Helen M.

Horvath, Julius

Hotchkiss, Ellen M.

Hough, Bertha E.

Hough, Infant

Hough, Enda B.

Houghtaling, Theodore L.

House, Annie

House, William R. Sr.

House, Gerald D.

House, Clifford S.

Howard, Lewis C.

Howard, Rose E.

Howard, Mirian May

Howard, Geo. A.

Howard, Mary C.

Howard, Wm. C.

Howard, Carrie

Howard, Dolli E.

Howe, Mayme R.

Howe, Charles F.

Howe, Mary L.

Howe, Cora E.

Howe, Mary E.

Howe, Alonzo F.

Hubbard, Jerry Lee Bell

Hubbard, Claude

Hubbard, Cordell Sr.

Huckins, Eleanor

Hudson, Amy

Huebner, Linda Sue

Huebner, Clara Kathryn

Huebner, Hazel C.

Huebner, Leo Amon

Huebner, Marjorie

Huebner, Herbert b.

Huebner, Infant

Huebner, Augusta F.

Huebner, Leo A.

Huebner, Madeline

Huebner, infant

Huff, Francis M.

Huff, Charles

Huff, George G.

Huff, Libbie

Huff, Lillie M.

Huff, Leslie Miller

Huff, John Leslie

Huff, Karen Jane

Huff, Mable

Huff, Myrtle I.

Huff, Perry Silas

Huff, Louisa A.

Hughes, George

Hughes, John David

Hughes, Margaret

Hughes, Mary Clareca

Hughes, John Patrick

Hulburt, Wm. F.

Hulbutt, Nellie E.

Huling, Clyde Elery

Huling, Lilli I.

Hulscher, Sarah B.

Hunt, Carl

Hunt, Shirley L.

Hunter, Lillian M.

Hunter, Ralph George

Hunter, Baby

Hunter, Albert D.

Hunter, Fred

Hunter, Marie Louise

Hunter, Josephine R.

Hunter, Clementine

Hurlbutt, Albert

Hurlbutt, Albert A.

Hurley, Albert Manley

Hurley, Iva M.

Hurley, Florence I.

Hurley, Paul L.

Hurley, Dean D.

Hurley, Gladys M.

Hurley, Ralph Veron Sr.

Hurley, Leo Paul

Huron, Marita C.

Huron, Glen L.

Huron, Donald L.

Hurst, Frank

Huse, Ethel A.

Hushawer, Gertrude E.

Hushower, Earl Raymond

Hushower, L. Myrtle

Hushower, Mary E.

Hushower, Glenn

Hushower, Paul E.

Huss, Andrew

Huss, Roy W.

Huss, Christoper

Huss, Emsla

Huss, Andrew M.

Huss, Frances B.

Huss, John

Huss, Michael

Huss, Eva B.

Huss, Floyd

Huss, Clara B.

Huss, Clarence A.

Huston, Oscar

Huston, Ida

Huston, William K.

Huston, Mary Ardelle

Huston, E. Ralph

Hutchinson, Paul H.

Hutchinson, Larry

Hutchison, Alice Katherine

Hutton, Agnes

Hutton, William D.

Hyatt, Elizabeth M.

Hyatt, William LeRoy

Hydorn, Richard

Hyepoch, Frank Joe

Hyepock, Helen T.

Hyepock, Forrest

Hyepock, Elizabeth Lula

Hyepock, Hazel

Imhoff, William

Imhoff, Frances F.

Imhoff, Frank H.

Imhoff, Claude R.

Imhoff, Elizabeth

Ingalls, Hugh G.

Ingalls, Charles P.

Ingleright, Bessie F.

Ingleright, Seth W.

Ingleright, Frank A.

Ironnonger, Angelia

Irvin, Edward A.

Irwin, Charles V.

Irwin, William D.

Irwin, Dorothy

Jablonsky, Doris M.

Jablonsky, Charles

Jackson, Mattie E.

Jackson, Claunce Oliver

Jackson, Wm. H.

Jackson, Gary James

Jackson, Louise E.

Jackson, Myrtle

Jackson, Lettie C.

Jackson, Brian K.

Jacobs, Malyssa C.

Jagla, S. Joseph

James, Ruby S.

James, Carrie

James, Wm. Ely

Jane, William Thomas

Jane, Helen D.

Janka, Baby Girl

Janka, Einard

Janke, Monroe

Jankoweski, Peter

Jankowski, Stella

Jankowski, Joseph

Jankowski, Sylvester

Jansen, Peter H.

Jasper, Janet L.

Jasper, Susan

Jasper, Steven

Jenks, Milo L.

Jenks, Marybelle

Jenks, Minnie

Jennings, Edna F.

Jennings, Claude F.

Jennings, Esther Rachael

Jennings, Helbert I.

Jennings, John J.

Jennings, Flora N.

Jennings, Jonnie J.

Jenson, Joanne Marie

Jerue, Martha A.

Jesse, Sallie Marie

Jesse, Karl

Jesse, James Glen

Jesse, Pauline G.

Jesse, Roscoe

Jesse, LaVern E. Burgoyne

Jesse, Natalie

Jesse, Sigmund

Jesswein, Helen

Jesswein, Herbert Allen

Jesswein, Herbert T.

Jewell, Audrey D.

Jewell, Lorren W.

Johnson, Nathan C.

Johnson, William

Johnson, Solomon

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Jamie L.

Johnson, Ralph A.

Johnson, Willie

Johnson, Pearl May

Johnson, Harry T.

Johnson, Emmer Jean

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Jean A.

Johnson, Kenneth

Johnson, Elvera Dagmar

Johnson, Sarah Jane

Johnson, William

Johnson, Samuel T.

Johnson, Ruth McKittuck

Johnson, Nickerson

Johnson, Mary Jane

Johnson, L. W.

Johnson, Mable

Johnson, Viola

Johnson, Donna J.

Johnson, Marie S.

Johnson, Samantha

Johnson, Ora

Johnston, Arthur

Johnston, Mable M.

Johnston, Myrtle M.

Johnston, Samuel J.

Jones, John

Jones, Robert Elton

Jones, Donna R.

Jones, Howard

Jones, Audrey O.

Jones, Sam

Jones Laryy L.

Jones, Linda

Jones, Twin Boys A & B

Jones, Earnest E.

Jones, rebecca Jane

Jones, Otis Lee

Jones, Lether

Jones, Lawrence

Jones, Murlee

Jones, Ernest L.

Jones, L. Herbert

Jones, Perre T.

Jones, Thelma J.

Jones, Clarence J.

Jones, Samuel

Jones, Baby Boy

Jones, Baby Boy

Jones, Bessie V.

Jordan, Edith

Jordan, Calvin

Jordan, Ernestine L.

Jordan, Delbert

Jorgensen, Carl

Jorgensen, Philip

Juday, Albert Jerome

Judy, Arly C.

Judy, Irene M.

Jurasz, Rudolph

Jurasz, Stanislawa

Kaai, Lelah Eva

Kaepinski, William

Kaiser, Benjamin M.

Kaiser, Shawn M. Jr.

Kaiser, Earnest

Kane, Charlie A.

Kane, Paul Martin

Kane, Ina M.

Kangas, Edward Andrew

Kann, Anthony Frank

Kann, Clara A.

Kanous, Mabel J.

Kara, Margaret

Karker, Lillian

Karker, Charles daniel

Karker, Mary

Karker, Chas.

Karker, Wm.

Karnes, Stella Mae

Karnes, Arthur J.

Karnes, Gregory Roy

Kaufman, Lawrence

Kay, John R.

Kay, Grace

Kaye, Chris Edwin

Kean, Ralph

Kean, Frank P.

Kean, Richard

Kean, Lily Myrtle

Kean, Eliza A.

Keeler, Sarah

Keith, Mable

Keith, George Burton

Kell, Loretta

Kell, Robert

Kellar, Alta mae

Kelleng, Beryle

Keller, Harriet L.

Keller, Franklin J.

Keller, Donald Leroy

Keller, Walter F.

Keller, Mabel E.

Keller, Albert Robert

Keller, Ada Vennetta

Keller, Henry R.

Keller, Julia Emma

Keller, Robert Douglas

Keller, Wm. W.

Keller, Rose

Keller, Noah Z.

Keller, Florence May

Keller, Lawrence R.

Keller, Ivan L.

Keller, Joachim Fred

Kelley, Floyd Scott

Kelley, Josephine M.

Kelley, John W.

Kelley, Hugh

Kelley, Mabel

Kelley, George

Kelley, Emily

Kelley, Troy Lynn

Kelley, Willa Mae

Kelley, Ellouise N.

Kelley, Bruce Alan

Kelley, Con W.

Kelley, Buelah H.

Kelley, Charles A.

Kelley, Charles J.

Kelling, Mathias J.

Kelly, Nana Jane

Kelly, Erma M.

Kelly, Ruth M.

Kelsey, Marjorie Ann

Kelsey, Della V.

Kelsey, Albert A.

Kelsey, Iva E.

Kelsey, Almina J.

Kelsey, Abner C.

Kemenski, Ardelia

Kemp, Charles W.

Kenndy, Charles E.

Kenndy, Jeanette May

Kennedy, John F.

Kennedy, John F.

Kenney, William P.

Kent, Letta M.

Kent, Daniel W.

Kent, Clarence Delwin

Kent, Nan Graham

Kent, Chrystel

Kent, Clarence D.

Kent, Baby

Kenton, Baby

Kenton, Effie

Kenton, Lorraine Kay

Kenton, Omer J.

Kenton, Jack

Kenton, Thomas

Kepler, Nina

Kepler, James R.

Kern, Caroline

Kerniski, Elma H.

Ketchum, Howard Wm.

Ketchum, Elizabeth M.

Ketchum, Stephanie Jean

Ketchum, Fred

Keyes, Elmer H. H.

Kidder, Mildred S.

Kidder, Everett

Kiefer, John Wm.

Kiger, Geoffery George

Kilgore, Marie G.

Killingsworth, Hayes T.

Kim, Eugene

Kimbrell, Wesley

King, Edward

King, Thomas Charles

King, Frank R.

King, Charles H.

King, Bertha M.

King, Patricia Jean

King, Robert C.

King, Grandis, Lee

King, Charity

Kingery, Infant

Kingery, Harriet

Kingery, Gertrude

Kingery, James W.

Kingery, Ona Pearl

Kingery, Henry Fremont

Kingery, Eldon F.

Kingery, Katherine

Kingsbury, Patricia Sue

Kinney, Esther M.

Kinney, Lydia A.

Kinney, Glenn N.

Kittlewell, Norman L III

Kiyawa, Herman

Kleinert, Rudolf R.

Kley, Milton B.

Kline, Edward L.

Kline, Lois

Kline, Nella Muriel

Kline, Clara

Kline, Jeromiah H.

Kline, Ashley Nicole

Klingerman, George B.

Klute, Bernard J.

Knapp, Roy Eastman Sr.

Knapp, John M.

Knapp, Elva

Knapp, Mabel R.

Knapp, Elizabeth E.

Knapp, John

Knapp, Marie A.

Kneeling, Preston J.

Kneller, John D.

Knight, Mabel

Knight, Emma

Knight, Emma C.

Knight, Etta May

Knight, Nathan J.

Knight, Kenneth W.

Knight, Elsie M.

Knight, Joseph Ladd

Knight, Dr. Mell M.

Knight, Kenneth

Knight, Seth Frederick

Knox, Rufust

Knox, Josephine

Knox, Baby Boy

Kobe, Marion L.

Kobe, John F.

Kobe, Kathryn L.

Koch, Claranda

Koch, Edward J.

Koch, Tina Susi

Koch, Harold

Koch, john D.

Koch, Wm. F.

Koen, Bernice Alene

Koenig, Betty

Koenigshof, Chris

Koenigshof, Sylvia M.

Koenigshof, George Edward

Koerner, Edward A.

Koerner, Milcheel

Kohler, L. Alma

Kohlman, william

Kohlmann, Bessie M.

Kolanowski, Irene H.

Kolberg, Wayne

Kolhoff, Herman J.

Kolhoff, Catherine

Kolhoff, John D.

Kolhoff, Kathryn

Kolhoff, Leo J.

Kool, Louis E.

Kool, Lloyd F.

Kool, Virna A.

Koons, Gertrude

Koons, Alice

Koons, Charles Eligah

Koons, Benjamin

Koons, George

Koons, John Thomas Sr.

Koons, Carl E.

Koons, June J.

Koons, Wm. C.

Korn, Maude

Korn, Lyle Almon

Korn, Perry A.

Korp, Melvin Leroy

Kovich, Dan

Kovich, MAry

Kramer, Harold L.

Kramer, Helen A.

Krasa, Jenna Mae

Krasenski, Lottie

Krasenski, Chester

Krasinski, Barbara J.

Kraus, Rosylin Katherine

Kregzdis, George

Kreiger, Charles C.

Kreiger, Charles D.

Kreiger, Arnold F.

Kreiger, Maxine H.

Kreiger, Bertrand F.

Krieger, Gertrude W.

Krieger, Henry F.

Kring, Joseph W.

Krist, Joyce R.

Krouse, Dorothy

Krueger, Herman J.

Kuball, Arthur Leo

Kubis, Edmond F.

Kudlacek, Rudolph

Kuhl, Lena E.

Kujawa, Verta Mary

Kuntz, Adam D.

Kuntz, Baby Boy

Kuntz, Earl

Kuntz, Stella

Kuntz, lottie R.

Kwast, Pauline Grace

Kyles, Baby

Kyles, Mary

Lacey, Homera I.

Lafler, baby

Lahring, Howard

Lake, John H.

Lake, Helen Anna

Lake, Emma Bell

Lake, Lawrence Jean

Lake, Jerry Wayne

Lake, Henry H.

Lakin, Annie E.

Lakin, Daniel E.

Lakin, Isa Allen

Lakin, Daniel

Lalmaugh, Lewis

Lamb, Frank S.

Lamb, Guy

Lamb, Susie May

Lamb, Edith R.

Lamb, Walter E.

Lamb, Delbert

Lamb, Emery

Lambert, Baby Boy

Landauer, Joseph

Landauer, Johanna

Landis, Charles W.

Landis, Sadie A.

Landis, Mary Belle

Landis, Wm. H.

Landsman, Phillip C.

Langer, Clarence A.

Langston, Wm. Gordon Jr.

Lanner, Richard L.

Lano, MAry

Lano, George

Larson, allen H.

Laskoske, Aloysisus

Last, Frances C.

Lathrop, Mary Ellen

Laudenslager, Minnie

Lauer, Edna M.

Lauver, Jerry

Lauver, John A.

Lauver, Maxine C.

Laver, Roland

Lawa, Gayla Angelia

Lawrance, Rossie Lee

Lawrence, Jerry Ray

Lawrence, Bernard H.

Lawrence, Melvin H.

Lawson, Elizabeth

Lawton, Jennie

Leajenby, James T.

Lear, Richard Allen

Lear, Ray Kenneth

Lear, Robert Lee

Lear, Glen H.

Leazenby, Barbary Jean

Leazenby, Baby Boy

Leazenby, Walter

Lee, Mary J.

Lee, Charles Edward

Lee, George William

Lee, Baby

Lee, E. Lawrence

Lee, Beatrice

Lee, Robert E.

Lees, Herbert

Leggett, Jesse

Leggett, Jesse H.

Leggett, Daisey Myrtle

Leidy, Hilda A.

Leidy, Amy M.

Leigh, Stephen

Leiter, Elmer E.

Leiter, William Albert

Leiter, Lloyd L.

Leiter, Clayton Edward

Leiter, Roy W.

Leiter, Wilson

Leiter, Cecilia Natalie

Leiter, Virginia F.

Leiter, Emma G.

Leiter, Lester

Leiter, Nora

Leiter, Lewis E.

Leiter, Edward Franklin

Leiter, Ona

Leiter, Mrs. Cora

Leiter, Ella A.

Leiter, Florence R.

Leiter, John Henry

Leiter, Lena

Leiter, Floyd E.

Lemke, Mary

Lemke, Dorothy

Lemke, Arnold W.

Lemons, John

Lengo, Clara Anna

Lentz, Dorothy W.

Lentz, Martin C.

Lentz, Howard Nelson

Lentz, minnie E.

Leonard, Baby

Lester, Baby

Lester, Dean Albert

Letcher, Gladys M.

Letcher, Ida May

Letcher, Russell Leo

Letcher, Paul A.

Letcher, Kathleen

Letcher, Joseph G. Sr.

Letcher, Alice

Letcher, Harvey J.

Letcher, Grace M.

Letcher, David Lee

Letcher, Alois


Letz, John G.

Letz, Rose E.

Lewis, MAtthew H.

Lewis, Eva Mae

Lewis, Baby

Lewis, Wallace E.

Lewis, Opah Marie

Lewis, Dora E.

Lewis, Addie

Lewis, Ulyless

Lewis, Clarence

Lewis, Charles Warren

Likes, Phyllis, Jean

Likes, Hester E.

Likes, Richard Dean

Lind, Robert L.

Lind, Donna L.

Lind, Ruth

Lindsey, Mable M.

Lindsey, Terry P.

Lingle, Lydia

Lingle, William

Lingo, Floyd H.

Linsenmier, Sophia

Linsenmier, Raymond O.

Linsenmuer, Fred

Lintner, Rexford C.

Liska, Grace Anne

Liska, Peter Charles

Liska, Peter

Lister, . . .

Little, Emma C.

Littrell, Mary C.

Littrell, Baby

Littrell, Harriet J.

Littrell, Charles Nelson

Littrell, Rieta M.

Littrell, Jesse P.

Littrell, Alfred

Littrell, Beulah Faye

Littrell, Infant (Twins)

Littrell, Robert

Littrell, Albert

Lloyd, David L.

Lock, Richard L.

Loebach, Michael Henry

Logan, Artemicia

Lohry, Robert LeRoy

Lollar, Clarence E.

Lolmaugh, Albert F.

Lolmaugh, Robert A.

Lolmaugh, Edna V.

Lolmaugh, Clyde

Lolmaugh, Morgan Wm.

Lolmaugh, Jane M.

Lolmaugh, Richard

Lolmaugh, Lawrence

Lolmaugh, Ralph M.

Lolmaugh, Baby Lomonaco

Lolmaugh, Joseph

Long, Jacob

Long, Edwin J.

Long, Augusta Huebner

Long, Henry

Long, Samuel

Long, Emma C.

Long, Amy

Long, E. Jay

Long, Mary

Longfellow, Albert

Longfellow, Ester Viola

Longfellow, Theresa

Longfellow, Effie J.

Longfellow, Elizabeth

Longfellow, Emerson A.

Longfellow, Beryl

Longworth, Earl Forest

Longworth, Virginia

Longworth, Vivian R.

Longworth, Baby

Longworth, Eugene

Longworth, Grace L.

Loos, Jerry Robert

Loos, Geo.

Loos, Louise

Loose, Herman

Loose, Marie H.

Lott, Pearl B.

Louclady, Joe Estes

Lovelady, Bessie M.

Lovelady, J. E.

Lower, Claude E.

Lowery, Bobbie

Lowery, Baby

Lowery, Arniett P.

Lowery, Robert Jack Schlutt

Lowrance, Betty Jo

Lowrance, Rossie A.

Lozicki, William W.

Lucas, William Charles

Lucker, Dee

Ludington, Alzada

Lufkin, Laura Ann

Lufkin, Ida M.

Lugardo, Carman Marie

Luhrsen, James A.

Luke, John Max

Luke, John Wm.

Luke, Harry Blaine

Luke, Charles R.

Luke, James

Luke, David Lee

Luke, Clara F.

Luke, Richard C.

Luke, Annabell

Luke, Belle

Luke, Robert L.

Luke, Chalmers

Luker, Gregory S.

Lumley, Mardella

Lundgren, Magnus

Lundgren, Leanna

Lundgren, Daubert C.

Lundgren, Julia

Lundquist, Ora Adeline

Lunog, Arthur E.

Lunog, Dorothy I.

Luster, Anna Jane

Luster, Cora Belle

Luster, Frances Ray

Luster, Robert L.

Luter, Nancy B.

Luther, Nettie

Lyddick, Elizabeth

Lyddick, Fred B.

Lyddick, Mary C.

Lyddick, Charles E.

Lyddick, Minnie E.

Lyddick, Andrew J.

Lynch, Edward T.

Lyon, Lester L.

Lyon, Donna N.

Lyon, Edna Mae

Lyon, Dale

Lyons, Mrs. Morris

Lyons, Jirvis H.

Lyons, John Wesley

Mackinson, Guy E.

Mackway, Louise Hope

Mackway, Louise

Mackway, Agnes E.

Mackway, Florence M.

MacQueen, Emma O.

Madden, George S.

Maddron, Wm.

Maddron, Fern Elizabeth

Maddron, James A.

Madson, Elsie Marie

Maggert, Gerald Lee

Maggert, Ida Mae

Maggert, Infant

Maker, Susie

Makowski, Mox R.

Makowski, Helen M.

Maleski, Ellen M.

Malott, Harry Glenn

Mangold, Irene I.

Mangold, Ernest Earl

Mangus, Michel leRoy

Mann, Sevilla E.

Mann, Harold W.

Mann, Arthur H.

Mann, Jerry M.

Mann, Hazel

Mann, Frank E.

Mann, I. Ida

Mann, Helen Lousie

Mansfield, Mayette C.

Mansfield, Ira Frank

Marbeeter, Edna Anna

Marbeiter, John A.

Marbeiter, Clarence Albert

Marbeiter, Augusta Freda

Marble, Mable C.

Marble, John

Marble, Susan Jane

Marble, Clyde L.

March, Wanda M.

March, Chester D.

Marcussen, Bernhart C.

Marker, Stella E.

Marker, John W.

Markham, Helen Elizabeth

Markham, Walter L.

Markham, Mary Ann

Markham, Aevada P.

Markham, Ethel May

Markham, Dwight V.

Markham, Judson J.

Markley, John F.

Markley, Thorpe

Markley, Wm. Geo.

Markley, Frank

Markley, Bertha

Markley, Charles A.

Marks, Edward K.

Marks, Geo.

Marks, Pauline M.

Marks, George J.

Marks, Clara

Marley, Perry A.

Marrow, Johnnie L.

Marrow, Kieth Lyle

Marrs, Sarah M.

Marrs, Hugh C.

Marrs, Boyd

Marrs, Samuel H.

Marsh, George Earl

Marsh, Michael E.

Marsh, Marie

Marsh, Margaret K.

Marsh, Mary Ann

Marsh, Otis N.

Marsh, Hazel M.

Marsh, Lewis E.

Marsh, Thomas A.

Marsh, Teresa D.

Marsh, Lawrence G.

Marsh, Henry

Marsh, Thomas

Marsh, Margaret

Marsh, William L.

Marsh, Amy

Marsh, Alva Jarius

Marsh, Donald D. Sr.

Marsh, Brian E.

Marsh, Baby

Marsh, Baby

Marsh, Baby

Marsh, Dale Allen

Marshall, Mary Ann

Martain, Merritt J.

Martell, Arminda J.

Martens, Charles J.

Martin, Flossie

Martin, Clyde

Martin, Dorothy J.

Martin, George M.

Martin, Debra Ann

Martin, Crystal Lynn

Martin, edith Abigal

Martin, Elizabeth

Martin, Maynard R.

Martin, Maude

Martin, John W.

Martin, Helen

Martin, Harold Roger

Martin, Nola Law

Martine, Jay B.

Martine, Abbie E.

Martine, Jay B. Jr.

Mason, Michael M.

Mason, Belle

Mathews, Oscar D.

Mathews, Mary E.

Mathews, Marjorie

Mathews, Marion

Mathews, Henry A.

Mathews, Mary E.

Mathews, Katherine A.

Mathews, Baby Donald Kent

Mathews, Allen Henry

Mathews, Helen Alene

Mathews, Clara

Mathews, Harlan E.

Mathews, Charles W.

Mathie, William M.

Mathie, Sarah Elizabeth

Mathie, Infant

Mathie, Mary Campbell

Mathie, Lillie A.

Mathie, James C.

Mathie, Charles

Mathie, George

Mathie, George Lee

Matlock, Ricky A.

Mattcon, William

Mattews, Kevin B.

Matthews, Charles A.

Matthews, Veldoris M.

Matthews, Allen

Matthews, Alonzo

Matthews, Emma

Mattiford, William L.

Mattiford, Eleanor J.

Mattson, Lydia

Matzenbach, Benjamin F.

Maxson, Charles Wm.

Maxson, Charles S.

Maxson, Norman Arnold

Maxson, F. Leroy

Maxson, Orlo Emmett

Maxson, Evelean

Maxson, Larry Allen

Maxwell, Harold A.

May, Baby Boy

May, Ruby M.

Maycroft, William

Mayhew, Arthur Cossmose Sr.

Mayhew, Barbara J.

Mayhew, Helen Irene

Maynard, Charles E.

Mayo, Kyasha Destiny

McAfee, Eva M.

McAfee, Wm. D.

McCallum, Clayton E.

McCallum, Donna K.

McCarty, James H.

McCarty, Geraldine

McCaslin, Silas G.

McCaslin, Randell Dean

McCaslin, Gordon Kel.

McCaslin, Rosalyn K.

McCaslin, Andrew C.

McCaslin, Wilber D.

McCaslin, Charles G.

McCaslin, Ruth L.

McCaslin, Charles I.

McCauley, Wm.

McCauley, Walter

McClain, Rachel C.


McClillan, Alice F.

McClillian, Ruthie B.

McCllen, James L.

McCollum, Everrett

McCollum, Baby

McCollum, Edward C.

McCollum, Mary Estella

McConnell, Mabel Georgia

McConnell, Charles Randall

McCormick, James E.

McCormick, Thomas I.

McCoslin, Oleda M.

McCumber, Charlotte

McCumber, Mary G.

McDonald, John

McDonald, Agnes P.

McElillan, Samuel

McFallon, Ella

McFallon, Mary Jane

McFarlin, Peter

McFarlin, Margaret M.

McGaugh, Leona

McGlinsey, Anna B.

McGlinsey, Edward B.

McGough, Alex

McGowan, Kenneth L.

McGowan, Claude Maynard

McGowan, Elizabeth

McGowen, Katherine E.

McGowen, Lorenzo d.

McGowen, Mariah

McGowen, Lester

McGowen, Keith Allen

McGowen, Infant

McGuirt, Milton

McIlroy, Carlis E.

McInnis, Millie

McInnis, Walter

McInnis, Sadie B.

McIntire, Archibold B.

McIntosh, Blanche W.

McIntosh, Minnie E.

McIntosh, Laura lee

McIntosh, Jack Colin

McIntyre, Effie Jane

McKaskle, Archie

McKaskle, Lessie Bessie

McKienzie, Phyllis Jean

McKivnew, Jennie May

McLaughlin, Inez

McLaughlin, Kenneth O.

McLean, Linda Anna

McLean, William D.

McLean, Betty Elaine

McNeely, Claude

McNeely, Jennifer Sara

McNeely, Ted

McQuirst, Michelle

McQuirt, Baby

McTague, Mary Alice

McTague, Edward T.

McTowon, Thessel

Mead, Baby

Mead, Arabelle

Mead, Kittie

Mead, Arthur J.

Mead, Zora

Mead, Alfred E.

Mead, Matilda A.

Mead, John J.

Mead, Roy Eugene

Mead, Myrtle K.

Mead, Bertha E.

Meek, Daniel

Meek, David S.

Meek, Marian Irene

Meffert, Janette J.

Meffert, Martin

Meffert, George

Meile, Robert Eugene

Meile, Florence L.

Meile, Louise

Meile, Evert J.

Meimer, Lois Mae

Mellinger, Emma B.

Melton, Ben N.

Melton, bessie V.

Melton, Susie

Melton Floyd R.

Melton, Clois

Melton, Irma Josephine

Melton, James

Melvin, George Joseph

Mence, Donald S.

Mendenhall, _____ Ann

Menzel, Alvin N.

Merriman, Theresa

Merriman, Donald T.

Merritt, Bertha

Merritt, Joe L.

Merritt, Ellen M.

Merson, Ethel Richards

Merson, Wm. B.

Merson, Francie

Merson, Katherine C.

Merson, May

Merson, Wilma Foster

Merson, Frank C.

Messenger, Charles H.

Metcalf, Jancis Allison

Metz, Walter E.

Metz, Eli

Metzer, Victor A. Jr.

Metzger, Mabe M.

Meyers, Charles

Meyers, Joseph H.

Meyers, Emmaline

Meyers, Madge E.

Michael, LeRoy M.

Middlecamp, Anna

Middlecamp, Frank

Mikesell, Lloyd L.

Miler, Delores G.

Miles, Arthur J.

Miles, Frank James

Miles, Luther

Miles, Eliza

Miles, Luther

Miles, Susan R.

Miles, Evelyn

Miles, Mabel

Miles, Nora E.

Miles, Agnes Engel

Miles, Hazel

Milesell, Carrie E.

Millar, Louise

Miller, Frank

Miller, Josephine

Miller, Amanda C.

Miller, Wm. J.

Miller, Andrew W.

Miller, Wm. Arthur

Miller, Frank H.

Miller, Edna A.

Miller, Eugene

Miller, Elizabeth DeVine

Miller, Earl

Miller, Annie B.

Miller, Ray W.

Miller, James J.

Miller, Kip

Miller, Hildred

Miller, Austin

Miller, William P.

Miller, Karen & Sharon

Miller, Hattie A.

Miller, Barbara

Miller, Howard

Miller, Lena D.

Miller, Melvin M.

Miller, Arthur C.

Miller, Clara E.

Miller, May Lilah

Miller, Henrietta

Miller, Tagland King

Miller, Ethel Mae

Miller, Leo

Miller, Berton K.

Miller, Hayward M.

Miller, Charles A.

Miller, Ellen Louise

Miller, Mary F.

Miller, Esther P.

Miller, Eleanore E.

Miller, Lester A.

Miller, Careline

Miller, Marjory Mae

Miller, Olive Pearl

Miller, Charles

Miller, Lester Recompence

Miller, Hazel

Milligan, Helen

Millinger, Samuel L.

Mills, Edward Leland

Mills, George Edward

Mills, Grace Ethel

Mills, Charles L.

Mills, Lucille G.

Mills, George Corridon

Mills, Louise F.

Mills, George A.

Mills, Tressie M.

Mills, Ruth P.

Mills, Burton L.

Mills, Charles L.

Milner, James Thomas

Milner, Lulu

Milner, C. O.

Milton, Sabrina R.

Minzel, Estella

Mitch, Pearl D.

Mitch, Martin

Mitchell, Eli

Mitchell, Mary Jane

Mitchell, Merton C.

Mitchell, Geo. W.

Mitchell, Marjorie

Mitchell, Alva K.

Mitchell, Elza John

Mitchell, Julian Abner

Mitchell, Francis E. Sr.

Mitchell, Freddie

Mitchell, Carl Lloyd

Mitchell, Jessie Belle

Mitchell, Elda Alvina

Mitchell, Georgia A.

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, Ruby M.

Mitchell, Marion L.

Mitchell, Almond C.

Mitchell, Lawrence

Mitchell, May C.

Mitchell, Milton P.

Mitchell, Gerald Clark

Mitchell, Ethel May

Mitchell, Lillie Mae

Mitchell, Andrew W.

Mitchell, Virginia Mamie

Mitchell, Ed. F.

Mitchell, Bert E.

Mitchell, Baby Girl

Mitchell, Gordon lee

Mitchell, Grace M.

Mitchell, Lena E.

Mitchell, Lester

Mitchell, Clara E.

Mitchell, Baby Girl

Mitchell, Iva S.

Mitchell, Dorothy D.

Mittan, Arley

Mittan, Naomi Sophia

Mittan, Orpha

Mittan, Cora I.

Mittan, Edward F.

Mittan, Emma

Mittan, Frank J.

Mittan, Callie M.

Mittan, Floyd E.

Mittan, Wm.

Mitten, Bernice D.

Modaff, Hazel

Modaff, Albert H.

Molitor, Baby Girl

Molley, Ethel L.

Monehan, Jerome F.

Monehan, G. Marceille

Monosso, Doris Play

Monosso, Gerald James

Montague, Kittie W.

Montague, John F.

Montague, Clinton O.

Montague, Frances r.

Montague, Marlene Ann

Montague, Laura Jane

Montgomery, May R.

Montgomery, Frederick

Montgomery, Burton M.

Montgomery, Elnora Morgan

Montgomery, Bessie A.

Montgomery, John M.

Montgomery, Infant

Montgomery, Myron S.

Moody, Daniel Lynn

Moore, Stephen W.

Moore, Karol Kay

Moore, Mary Elizabeth

Moore, Evelyn L.

Moore, Lillie M.

Moore, Harrison M.

Moore, Maxine G.

Moore, Judith

Moore, Marsh

Moore, Kerna

Moore, William Henry Sr.

Moore, Paul

Moore, Jesse Leroy

Moore, Betty May

Moore, Dan I.

Moore, Andrew

Morden, Edityh May

Mordon, David

More, Elizabeth J.

Morelli, Irene P.

Moren Nina L.

Moren, Wm.

Morgan, Flora

Morgan, Betty Lou

Morgan, Alma C.

Morgan, Alva

Morganthaw, Wm. E.

Morgenthaw, Maximilian

Morgenthaw, Mary E.

Mori, Lydia E.

Mori, Rudolph

Mori, Rudy A.

Morley, Ward C.

Morley, Mary

Morley, Myrtle

Morley, Clara B.

Morley, Loretta

Morley, Annie

Morley, Grace

Morley, Archie C.

Morlock, Fred E.

Morrical, ruth Hysell

Morrical, Bacil D.

Morris, Sarah D.

Morris, MargaretC.

Morris, Carrie

Morris, John

Morris, Max R.

Morris, Richard P.

Morris, Bertha M.

Morris, Oscar W.

Morris, Esther M.

Morris, Elizabeth R.

Morrow, William F.

Morrow, Elberta J.

Morse, John Howard

Morse, Infant

Morse, John D.

Morse, Patricia

Morse, Gladga M.

Morse, Kate Blair

Mortell, Clifford

Mosier, Baby Boy

Mosier, Margaret E.

Moss, William A.

Moten, Annie Belle

Moten, Earnestine

Mottl, Anna Marie

Mottl, August

Mottl, Joseph T.

Mottl, Mary

Mottl, Louie Paul

Moulds, Jane

Moulds, Harold Frank

Moyer, Ella D.

Moyer, Betty (Marion)

Moyer, Melvin

Moyer, Allen

Moyer, John I.

Moyer, Lambertine

Muir, Clayton W.

Muir, Nita O.

Muir, Alfred Beerly

Mulhern, Ann Gladys

Mullen, Viola mae

Mullen, Earl Lester

Mullen, Harold Spencer

Mullen, Orrin L.

Mullins, Eugene H.

Multen, Lauren Orrin

Mummey, Baby

Mummey, H. Carl

Mummey, Earl E.

Mummey, Mirtle

Mummey, Infant

Munroe, Gertrude H.

Munroe, Bertha

Murphy, John

Murphy, Abraham Raymond

Murphy, David C.

Murphy, Glenn R.

Murphy, Winnie

Murphy, Mrs. M.

Murphy, Ida May

Murray, Minnie

Murray, Harrison

Mutchler, Sarah

Mutchler, Charles C.

Myer, Laverne

Myers, Jacob S. Sr.

Myers, Effie M.

Myers, J. Baby

Myers, Jacob S.

Myers, Hattie P.

Myers, Cora

Myers, John W.

Myers, Lizzie J.

Myers, Mary

Myers, W. Arnol

Myers, Donald Eugene

Myers, Viola R.


Myers, Morley B.

Nabors, Sudie M.

Nagy, Jessie Mae

Nania, Pansy B.

Nania, Jack Francis

Naragon, Roy W.

Naragon, Alma

Narrigan, Edna

Narrigan, Frank

Nathan, Eileen E.

Naugh, Anna

Naugle, John N.

Naugle, Henry

Neal, Tracy B.

Neal, Robert

Neal, Michael Jos.

Near, Fannie M.

Near, Floyd A.

Nedbala, Adolph

Neese, Gladys

Neff, Robert E.

Neff, Hazel May

Nehring, August H.

Nehring, Mary

Nehring, Baby

Neidlinger, daisy W.

Neidlinger, Glen Burton

Neiswender, Ira R.

Neiswender, jennie C.

Nekvacil, James

Nekvasel, Bessie

Nekvasil, Joseph L.

Nekvasil, Christine S.

Nekvasil, Louis

Nekvasil, David L.

Nekvasil, Frank

Nelson, Rodney L.

Nelson, Wm. M.

Nelson, Sophia K.

Nelson, Beulah S.

Nelson, Wm. D.

Nelson, Burr A.

Nelson, Myles L.

Nelson, Baby Girl

Nelson, Maurice A.

Nelson, Anita L.

Nelson, Evelyn M.

Nelson, Karen Lynn

Nelson, Donald J.

Nelson, Etta Elizabeth

Nelson, John M.

Nelson, Frank

Nelson, Jennifer L.

Nelson, Esther A.

Nelson, Vivian

Nespital, George C.

Nespital, Mildred L.

Nespital, Ella B.

Newberry, Frederick E.

Newberry, Gertrude H.

Newberry, Charles J.

Newman, Mary Lou

Newman, Nellie M.

Newport, Orval G.

Newport, lillie W.

Newsom, Fredrick Leron

Newsom, Goldie

Newsom, Stanley S.

Newsom, Amelia Ann

Newsome, Seymour

Newsome, Guy Wm.

Newsome, Marie

Newson, Sasha Alice

Newson, William

Nichols, Alwilda

Nichols, Earl D.

Nichols, Verda

Nichols, Edna M.

Niles, thelma May

Niles, Frank

Nissen, Doyle E.

Nixon, Judith

Noble, Carrie

Nobles, Lillmon

Nobles, Jessie

Noe, Baby

Noe, Mary Ann

Noe, Myrtle G.

Noe, Verla C.

Noe, Thomas B.

Noe, Muriel

Noe, Erma L.

Noe, Turner

Noldon, Roscoe

Norris, Virginia M.

Norris, Wallace

Norris, Lola

Nortell, Dr. Charlotte A.

Northup, John E.

Novello, Jennie A.

Nunby, Teresa M.

Nutt, Alice Eliza

Nutt, Albert

Nutt, Wm. N.

Nutt, Grace

O"Bryant, Lucilla N.

O'Brien, Emma

O'Bryant, Alfred

O'Hern, Bertress

Obendorfer, Baby

Oberholtzer, Richard

Obronovich, George

Obryant, Rita Helene

Obryant, Rita Helene

OBryant, Infant

Ocheneyder, Minnie W. (Nee Taube)

Ochenrider, Leon Robert

Ochenryder, Robert W.

Ochenryder, Sylvia Lorraine

Ochenryder, E. Donald

Ochenryder, John H.

Ochenryder, Forest

OHern, Guy Patrick

Oliver, Bennie E.

Oliver, Joe Mildred

Oliver, (Neal) Connie

Olson, Florence Elizabeth Onslow, Marguerite E.

Olson, Baby Girl

Opitz, Marie Eva

Opitz, John Bernard

Orpurt, Elton Alan

Orpurt, Louie Verne

Orpurt, Robert E.

Orris, Myrtle Maude

Orris, Ralph W.

Orris, Vivian

Ort, Harold R.

Osborn, Sarah Jean

Osborne, Frank W.

Oshaw, Claude Joseph

Otis, Edward

Ott, Loy

Ott, Emily M.

Ott, Henry E.

Ott, Daniel N.

Ott, Arthur J.

Otto, Jeffery Allen

Otto, George W.

Ottwell, Allen M.

Otwell, Lizzie M.

Otwell, Nellie

Otwell, Howard R.

Otwell, Elsie Mae

Ovington, Jeffrey C.

Owen, Earl Carlton

Owens, Oscar

Owens, James E.

Owens, Fredricka

Owens, Donia

Owens, Clarence

Oxender, Donald

Padgett, Olive M.

Padgett, Lee V.


Page, Luella Mae

Painter, Mary

Palmer, Rachel

Pangborn, Darwin D.

Pangborn, Grace B.

Pangborn, Geo. B.

Pangborn, Eva

Pangborn, Mary Ann

Pangborn, Albert O.

Paramor, Arthur

Parkenson, George H.

Parkenson, Ether R.

Parker, Wm.

Parker, Annie Bell

Parker, Minetta

Parm, Media

Parm, Harry E.

Parm, William Penn

Parm, David J.

Parrett, Lauren R.

Partee, Abner

Pate, Gertrude S.

Pate, Fay N.

Pate, G. Ethel

Pattengale, Charles H.

Pattengale, Jerry Lee

Pattengale, Lillian S.

Patterson, Chas.

Patterson, James F.

Patterson, Arthur

Patterson, Baby

Paul, Lewis H.

Paul, John H.

Paul, Adaline

Paul, Mary Jane

Paul, Ella

Paul, George C.

Paxton, John L.

Paxton, Walton

Paxton, Clyde

Paxton, William W.

Paxton, Sarah Ann

Payne, Minnie

Payne, Josefa

Payne, Jerry Lee

Payne, Jeffrey R.

Payne, Fred O.

Payne, William Bymel

Payne, Timothy Charles

Pazder, Edwin R.

Pazder, Edith

Pazder, Josephine

Peacock, James C.

Peacock, Lillian

Peacock, Marion A.

Peacock, Mrs. Anna

Peacock, Jennie A.

Peacock, Albert F.

Peacock, Delores

Peak, Louis M.

Pearison, James

Pearison, Gerald L.

Pearison, Reah M.

Pearison, Phillip

Pears, Richard W.

Pears, Henry

Pears, Lura Grace

Pears, Charles F.

Pears, Don R.

Pears, Marguerite

Pearson, Helen Louise

Pearson, Hilda A.

Pearson, Baby Boy

Pearson, Baby Girl

Pearson, Martin

Pearson, earl Robert

Pearson, Baby

Pearson, George

Pearson, Baby Boy

Pearson, Ruth

Pease, Eulalia

Pease, Clayton Idel

Pease, Godfrey

Pease, Denver

Pease, Phenie M.

Pease, Leonard G.

Pease, Sidney

Pease, Elnora E.

Peck, Angeline

Peck, Ida Mae

Peck, Mary A.

Peck, Sarah DeWolf

Peck, Maude E.

Pedzinski, Norman J.

Pelley, Della Lorine

Pelley, Clyde T.

Peltz, C. Dalton

Pendley, William

Pendley, Charity Louise

Pendley, Maudie Cleo

Pendley, Arthur

Pengborn, Mary Bennett

Penland, Jeffery L.

Pennell, Orson Day

Pennell, Florence Ethel

Penwell, Josephine

Penwell, Max L.

Penwell, Clyde S.

Penwell, Harry E.

Perkins, Hermina

Perkins, Betty Jean

Perrott, John

Perrott, A. E.

Perry, Barbara M.

Perry, Loren C.

Persons, Richard

Persons, Joe

Peters, Clifford B.

Peterson, Albert E.

Peterson, Gertrude B.

Peterson, Leroy

Petrequin, Elisha V.

Petrie, Louis P.

Petrie, Stella C.

Pfeifer, Phillip E.

Pfeifer, Lulu

Pfingst, Bonnie

Pfingst, Walter

Phelps, Ida

Phelps, Clark E.

Pheneger, Minnie

Pheonix, Baby Boy

Phifer, Ella Marie

Phillipi, Baby Boy

Phillippi, Kenneth

Phillippi, Frederick C.

Phillippi, Walter R.

Phillippi, Sally E.

Phillips, Charles

Phillips, Barbara Jean

Phillips, Florence

Phillips, Eugene Grant

Phillips, Mary B.

Phillips, C. Ripley

Phillips, Orivel D.

Phillips, Frank W.

Phillips, Edward

Phillips, Laurene

Phillips, Larry Wayne

Phiscator, Mildred Pearl

Phiscator, Lloyd

Phiscator, Clarence H.

Phiscator, Mamie Lea

Phiscator, Jack lloyd

Phiscator, Ruth Ann

Phiscator, George Wm.

Phiscator, John Morgan

Pickard, George Edward

Pickard, Edward George

Pickett, Abe

Pierce, Marie Ann

Pierce, William Leland

Pierce, Ray A.

Pierce, Viola Earnest

Pierce, Allan M.

Pike, Reginald A.

Pike, Margaret Doris

Pinkston, Curtis

Pinwell, Anne F.

Pitcher, Wallace D.

Pitcher, Nettie Lester

Pitcher, Baby

Pittaway, Annie

Pitts, Baby

Place, Etta L.

Place, Esther Mae

Place, Henry

Place, Ella Mae

Place, Addie Marie

Place, Infant

Place, Dr. Jesse A.

Place, Paul K.

Place, Audrey Bell

Plambeck, grace

Platz, Susan Adell

Pletcher, Raymond

Pletcher, Ralph Dean

Pletcher, Lillian

Pletcher, Rosanah

Pletcher, Forest W.

Pletcher, Wm.

Pletcher, Christian

Pletcher, Albert W.


Plummer, Bernice

Plunenur, Ruth

Pointer, Barbara

Pollak, Elsa Hathaway

Pollard, Baby

Polley, Michael Scott

Pollitt, Arthur Roy

Poole, Claude A.

Poole, Laura E.

Poole, Willie Marshall

Poorman, William M.

Poorman, Frank

Poplar, Lillias

Poplar, Louis M.

Popowich, Louise

Portlock, Linda Lee

Portz, John H.

Portz, Bertha B.

Posey, Dale Lee

Posley, Julius Bernard

Post, Adeline Peggy

Post, Henry Post

Post, Annetta Milre

Post, Harry A.

Post, Nina D.

Powell, Timothy

Powers, Gladys Mabel

Powers, Fulton

Powers, Louis S.

Powers, Janine P.

Prater, David Craig

Prehn, Martha Joe

Preice, Estella

Prescott, Theodore Brett

Prescott, Florentine

Prescott, Ellen M.

Price, Mattie W.

Price, Goldie O.

Price, Steven O.

Price, Reese H.

Price, Ernest Wm. Jr.

Price, William

Price, Estal F.

Price, Ivan E.

Price, Effie May

Priest, George

Prince, Thomas E.

Pritchett, Betty Jayne

Proceus, Leigh A.

Proctor, William

Proseus, Orrin DeLos

Proseus, Carlton H.

Prosues, Arthur Weir

Proud, Jane

Proud, Grace G.

Proud, Eldon Scott

Proud, Gearld N.

Proud, Mollie jane

Proud, Mary A.

Proud, Louis C.

Pruett, Ruth A.

Pruett, Joseph C.

Pruett, Baby

Pruett, Infant

Pruitt, Bonnie Jean

Pruitt, James R.

Przybylenski, Theodore E.

Przybylinski, Antoni

Przybylinski, Gerald

Przybylinski, Cora Jane

Przybylinski, Mary Ann

Przybylinski, Robert

Przybylinski, Theodore

Ptalz, John Edwin

Pudell, Arthur E.

Puffer, Guy R.

Pulliam, Judith I.

Pullum, Robert Jr.

Purth, Roy Buck

Purucker, Elizabeth Ann

Pyke, Margaret

Pylman, Edna

Pylmon, Sam J.

Quain, James

Quick, Gordon

Quick, Carl

Quinn, Vernon D.

Quinn, Nell M.

Racine, Louis A.

Racine, David Wayne

Radford, Mary Lou

Radford, William E.

Radle, Bettie J.

Rae, Herbert Lee

Ramsdill, H. Irene

Randall, Homer O.

Randall, Mabel F.

Randell, Geo. E.

Ranshaw, Daniel J.

Rasata, Steve

Rasch, Harry H.

Rasch, Daisy E.

Raschke, Minnie H.

Rastaetter, Charles A.

Rastaetter, Ida C.

Ratcliff, Etta Lee

Rauch, Ada

Rauch, Albert E.

Rauch, Ernest A.

Raugh, Zula B.

Raven, Agnes Carry

Raven, Pauline M.

Raven, Leigh Edward, bro. of Victor R.

Raven, Victor Roscoe, bro of Leigh E.

Ravish, Clarence E.

Ravish, Wm. C.

Ravish, Marian I.

Ravish, Melvin

Ravish, Joanne

Ravish, Florence I.

Ravish, William Jr.

Ravish, Bby

Ravish, Baby

Raybuck, Stanley

Raymond, Sada A.

Raymond, Donna L.

Raymond, Harley D.

Ream, Baby

Ream, Oscar V.

Ream, Gilford

Ream, Nora

Reamer, Ellis Richard

Reamer, Robert B.

Reamer, Ester

Reamer, Fred A.

Reams, Edna Grace

Redden, John C.

Redden, Sarah E.

Redden, Marietta

Redden, Charles F. Jr.

Redding, Sherman W.

Redding, Emma C.

Redenour, Hilda Marie

Redwine, Anna Payne

Reed, Ada Lenore

Reed, Phillip W.

Reed, Vernon

Reed, Allen T.

Reed, Carl

Reed, David A.

Reed, Henry

Reed, Lethal

Reed, James J.

Reed, V. James

Reese, Alvena E.

Reese, Walter

Reffer, Henry

Reich, Rudolph

Reid, Breame

Reid, Anna M.

Reinholt, Lawrence R.

Reinke, Bess D.

Reinke, Wm. F.

Reinke, Rudolph

Reinke, Grace

Reinke, Jean Elizabeth

Reinke, Otto

Reinke, Julius

Reinke, Fred W.

Reinke, Emil H.

Reinke, Agnes May

Reinke, Pauline

Reinke, Augusta

Reinke, Herman

Remington, Lula Maud

Remington, George C.

Remington, Gladys E.

Remington, Elmer

Renbarger, Gilbert

Renbarger, James E.

Renbarger, Arlene

Renburger, Monte Dean


Renwick, Charles J.

Replogle, Bessie Mae

Replogle, Charles Cecil

Reskiewicz, Joseph

Retter, Bill C.

Retzel, Charlie

Reybuck, Johanna B.

Reynolds, Icy

Reynolds, James F.

Rhoades, Julia

Rhoades, Jacob

Rice, Ora F.

Rice, Pauline E.

Rice, John P.

Richard, Wm. A.

Richards, Florence

Richards, Jimmie

Richards, Teresa Ann

Richards, Peter

Richards, Geo. H.

Richards, Joseph L.

Richardson, Wilbur J.

Richardson, Ida May

Richardson, Marlene

Richardson, Alice M.

Richardson, A. Dorothy

Richardson, Arden L.

Richardson, Charles J.

Richmond, Oscar F.

Richmond, Arthur L

Richmond, Melissa

Richter, Leo

Richter, Evalene J.

Richter, Bertha

Richter, Edward F.

Richtie, Collen James

Rick, Mary Odessa

Rickard, Rosie

Riddle, Baby Girl

Rieck, Paul W.

Rifenberg, Katherine (Kahler)

Rifenberg, Rex O.

Rifenberg, Rallo E.

Rifer, Iva E.

Riffer, Fred

Riffer, Elizabeth

Riffer, Edward

Riley, Harleigh W.

Riley, Harleigh V.

Riley, George

Riley, Verna Emily

Riley, Henry D. Sr.

Riley, Caroline Marie

Rilter, William

Rinda, Ada A.

Rinker, Delia A.

Rinker, Frank

Ritter, Irvin M.

Ritter, Robert Dale

Ritter, Chas. R.

Ritter, Chas. J.

Ritter, Albert B.

Ritter, La Uine Francis

Ritter, Jeanette

Ritter, Wm. H.

Ritter, Harry W.

Ritzler, Charles E.

Ritzler, Florence A.

Rivera, Mary L.

Rizor, Doris A.

Rizor, William Earl

Robe, Daniel S.

Robert, Emilie

Roberts, Daryl

Roberts, Margaret

Roberts, Geo. Everett

Robeson, Aertis M.

Robeson, Hazel A.

Robinson, Ray R. Sr.

Robinson, Garnet Evelyn

Robinson, James L.

Robinson, Cary Lonell Lewis

Robinson, Emma Bell

Robinson, Calvin Ray

Robinson, Emma

Robinson, Bonnie Headtler

Robinson, Lillie Dell

Robinson, Lua Mae

Robinson, Baby girl

Rockafellow, Gertrude Briney

Rockafellow, Ambrose

Rockefeller, Charlotte

Rockwood, June Frances

Rodighero, Rudolph G.

Rodighero, Catherine

Rodriguez, Renea Joyce

Roe, Herb

Roe, Harriet Elizabeth

Roe, Mae

Roe, Eva Dell

Roe, Doris M.

Roe, Bertha

Roe, Alison C.

Roe, Margaret L.

Roe, George S.

Roe, Marshall A.

Roe, Wm. M.

Roe, Wilma May

Roe, Susan W.

Roe, Ruth A.

Roe, Rolland H.

Roe, Mildred

Rogers, Martha K.

Rogers, Joseph Frank

Rogers, Katherine

Rogers, Grace

Rogers, Anna

Rogers, George G.

Rogers, Eleanor M.

Rogers, Joseph Whit

Rogers, Margaret M.

Rogers, Joseph K.

Rogers, Harry

Rogers, Rev. J. M.

Rogers, Howard Glen

Rogers, Margaret E.

Rohe, Minnie

Rohl, Infant

Rohl, Edward E.

Rolewicz, Stella

Rolf, Vera L.

Rolhfuchs, Mary Alice

Rollain, Wayne Eugene

Rollf, Florence M.

Rollf, Charles F.

Rollf, Elmer E.

Rollf, Jonah E.

Rollf, F. Bernice

Rollings, Ella E.

Rolston, W. Russell

Rolston, Mary Jane

Rolston, Richard

Rolston, Codly Russel

Rolston, Russel W.

Roman, David Mark

Romig, Rebecca Canfield

Romig, Jacob

Roos, Milton

Roos, Reynould Donald

Roos, Julia H.

Roper, Baby (Twin)

Roper, Baby (Twin)

Rosa, Michael

Rose, Mark

Rose, Audrey, Lee

Rose, Nannie C.

Rose, Arthur

Rose, Robert Edward

Rose, Margaret Ann

Rose, Arthur E.

Rose, Orville E.

Rose, Ethel

Rose, Laura Edith

Rose, Thomas J.

Rose, William Lee

Rose, Minnie May

Rose, Maude A.

Rose, Mae

Rose, Frank J.

Rose, Harold

Rose, Olga

Rose, George

Rose, Robert Wm.

Rose, Alice L.

Rose, Grover

Rosenthal, Jacob

Rosenthal, Louisa

Rosetta, Joseph

Rosette, Anthony

Rosette, Petunia

Rosetto, Joseph Jr.

Ross, Shirley Ann

Ross, Roy A.

Ross, Kenneth

Ross, Mary D.

Rossow, Charles

Rossow, Emma M.

Rossow, Charles Lee

Rossow, Carl A.

Rossow, Marlin Fred

Rossow, Edna Reva

Rossow, Arnold W.

Rothfeichs, Arnold H.

Rothman, Quincy

Roti Roti, Joseph

Roti, Frank

Roti Rote, Salvator

Roti, Jeanne K.

Roti, Frances

Roti Roti, Mary

Roti, Concetta

Roti, Salvatore

Roti, Cecelia

Rotzein, Thelma A.

Rotzien, David

Rotzien, Robert J.

Rotzien, Lewis Wm.

Rotzien, Philip Emil

Rotzien, Wm. E.

Rotzieu, Laura

Rouch, Mary C.

Rouch, Otto

Rouch, Susan B.

Rouch, John M.

Rough, Hattie Adelia

Rough, Emma Lolmaugh

Rough, Clara

Rough, Harry S.

Rough, Raymond E.

Rough, Jacob C.

Rough, Catherine M.

Rouse, Elsie May

Rouse, Adeline

Rouse, Donald Joseph

Rouse, Vele Zora

Rouse, Alta Teresa

Rouse, Sam M.

Rouse, Susie M.

Rouse, Ralph R. (Ted)

Rouse, Anna H.

Rouse, Anna E.

Rowley, Gertrude

Rowley, Ira

Rowley, Beryle N.

Rowley, Byron W.

Ruding, Marie Celesta

Rudlaff, David & Jannett

Rudlaff, Mary J.

Rudoni, Steve L.

Rudoni, Mary A.

Rudoni, Martha

Rudoni, Mary

Ruff, Evadine

Ruff, William

Ruff, Wm. David

Ruff, Genevieve G.

Ruff, Rudolph

Ruft, Anna

Ruiz, Shirley Mae

Rumbaugh, Lavina r.

Rumbaugh, Ralph

Rumbaugh, Walter M.

Rumsey, Frank I.

Rumsey, Robert A.

Rumsey, Mable

Rumsey, Catherine B.

Rundell, Burch F.

Rundell, Joseph Henry

Runner, Fredericka C.

Runner, Anne Chandler

Runner, Clarence Carl

Runner, Wm. F.

Runner, Myrtle Mae

Runner, Louis O.

Runyan, Marion J.

Runyan, Ella Marie

Runyan, William

Runyon, Carl William

Rupert, Dr. Richard R.

Rupert, John C.

Rupert, John R.

Rupert, edith Coats

Rupert, Theresa M.

Russ, Ellen K.

Russell, Baby

Russell, Elizabeth B.

Russell, Billy S.

Russell, Margaaret I.

Russell, Emeline

Russell, Stella A.

Russell, Mildred B.

Russell, George F.

Russell, Wm. I.

Russell, Herb

Russell, Sylvester

Russell, John F.

Russell, Jessie

Ruth, Joseph Adam

Ruth, Bernnie Jane

Ruth, Herschel H.

Ruud, Marjorie French

Ryan, Margaret Lucinda

Ryan, Bruce Allen

Ryan, Amanda

Ryan, Chas. W.

Ryder, Leorand

Ryder, Edna E.

Rynearson, William

Rynearson, Rodney L.

Rynearson, Wm.

Rynearson, Edith

Rynearson, Eleanor M.

Rynearson, Joseph B.

Rynearson, Carol J.

Rynearson, Della A.

Rynerison, Lester F.

Rynerson, Leigh

Ryor, Alice M.

Rzanca, Russell

Rzanca, Valloris

Sabasty, Goldie

Sabasty, Ralph

Sabasty, Virginia A.

Sabin, Harry

Sabin, Clara

Sabin, Chas. E.

Sabin, Aurelia

Sadler, John

Sadler, Sarah Irene

Salisbury, Sarah K.

Salisbury, Chas. E.

Salty, Ambrose

Salty, Anastazyea

Sample, Vearle K.

Sample, Thomas Eugene

Sample, Jack M.

Sams, Edward A.

Samson, Margaret

Samson, Harry

Samson, Christine Marie

Samson, Arthur

Samson, Berniece E.

Samson, Harry

Samson, Fred E.

Samson, Mabel E.

Samson, Ward

Samuel, Virginia M.

Samuel, Sandra S.

Samuel, Roland

Samuels, Prentiss

Sanders, Ada Dacy

Sanders, Frank R.

Sands, Mate L.

Sands, Lloyd

Sands, Josephine

Sands, Jacquelyn P.

Sands, Baby

Sands, Eli

Sands, George

Sands, Sarah E.

Sands, Ida

Sands, Rebecca D.

Sanford, Melissa Melinda

Sanford, Floyd D.

Sanford, Wayne

Sanford, hattie e.

Sanford, Zelma A.

Sanford, Glenn D.

Sarver, Russell Alan

Sarver, Ida M.

Sarver, Austin Grant

Sarver, Sharon

Sarver, George

Sarver, Margaret Mae

Sarver, David E.

Sarver, James A.

Sarver, Austin C.

Sarver, Elizabeth

Sarver, Lydia K.

Sarver, Shuman C.

Satterfield, Elvira

Satterfield, David V.

Sauser, Lisa Ann

Savage, John Everett

Savaldi, John B.

Savoldi, Frances

Savoldi, Infant

Sawyer, Lillas

Scameheorn, Clifford W.

Sceandra, Nicola

Schefchek, Frances

Schillo, Harry F.

Schillo, Laura

Schlagheck, Bernadine A.

Schmal, Infant Girl

Schmalzreed, Minnie L.

Schmalzried, John Wm.

Schmalzried, John W.

Schmid, Calvin A.

Schmid, Barbara B.

Schmidt, Emma Rose

Schmidt, Otto Albert

Schmidt, Otto

Schmidt, Kurt D.

Schneider, Theresia

Schneider, Erwin J.

Schneider, Frieda H.

Schneider, Frieda

Schneider, nancy Jean

Schneider, Herman

Schoeneman, George H.

Schoenemann, Minnie

Schoenfeld, Julie Ann

Schoenfeld, William L.

Schoff, Carrie L.

Schram, Emily E.

Schram, Nelson J.

Schreier, Franz

Schremsher, Shirley

Schrumsher, Bessie

Schuelke, Richard L.

Schues, Otto

Schultheis, Everett M.

Schulthies, Edna C.

Schultz, Leona B.

Schultz, Susan

Schultz, Milford Henry

Schultz, Jessie M.

Schultz, William E.

Schultz, Henry D.

Schultz, Paul T.

Schultz, Martha E.

Schumacher, Ruth F.

Schurr, Anna Caroline

Schutze, Fred J.

Schutze, Esther V.

Schwartz, Joseph L.

Schwartz, Ada

Schwartz, Chris

Schwartz, Virgil

Schwartz, R. Genevieve

Schwartz, Charlie

Schwartz, Fred

Schwartz, Harriet J.

Schwartz, Jacob

Schwartz, Mary A.

Schwartz, David

Schwarz, Margaret

Schwarz, Eugenia B.

Schwarz, Evelyn E.

Scidmore, Mary C.

Scidmore, Susie

Scoggin, Judith Ann

Scoggin, James D. Jr.

Scoggin, Janetta Kay

Scott, George Franklin

Scott, James W.

Scott, Sarah Jane

Scott, Albert Sr.

Scott, Magnolia

Scott, Ruth M.

Scroggens, Leon D.

Scroggins, Lydia D.

Scroggins, Brenda I.

Seagee, Irna M.

Seager, Emily A.

Searfoss, Opal L.

Searfoss, Noeman

Searles, Charlotte E.

Searles, Mary E.

Sebasty, Jerome

Sebasty, Charles A.

Sebasty, Harold

Sebasty, John Julius

Sebasty, Millie

Sebasty, Julia Ann

Sehroyer, Amy Virginia

Seidlitz, Charles L.

Seilheimer, Helen Kean

Seilheimer, Arthur H.

Sekan, Joseph A.

Sekan, V. Anna

Sellers, Elsie

Semple, James R.

Semple, George Philip

Semple, Mae W.

Semple, James Reid

Semple, James Ried

Seraganian, Ethel Adele

Serandre, Michael

Sexton, L. Darlene

Seymore, Geo. F.

Seymour, Emma L.

Seymour, Hattie A.

Seymour, George E.

Shade, Carl

Shafer, Lilla M.

Shafer, Donald W.

Shafer, Eileen N.

Shafer, Gerald B.

Shafer, Ned

Shaffer, Bonnie Mary

Shaffer, Ulrica May

Shaffer, Clyde F.

Shaffer, Lynn

Shaffer, Colleen Jane

Shaffer, Clyde L.

Shaffer, Amos A.

Shaffer, Donald lee

Shanafelt, Nan Pearl

Shane, Tommy

Shane, Geo. M.

Shaner, Hettie M.

Shaner, Vernon M. Jr.

Shaner, Vernon M. Sr.

Shaner, Clara E.

Sharp, Frank Fred

Shavafelt, Thomas E.

Shaw, Albert

Shaw, Wm. A.

Shedron, William G.

Shelby, Tiffany Linn

Sheldon, Gertrude

Sheldon, Claude L.

Sheldon, Blanche E.

Sheldon, Elizabeth

Shemely, Evelyn A.

Shenuley, Eugene B.

Shepardson, Floyd I.

Shephard, Betty Rose

Shephard, Alverta M.

Shepherd, Chester

Shepherd, Edna

Shepherd, Grace M.

Shepherd, Diana J.

Shepherd, James A.

Shepherd, Eugene

Sherman, John T.

Sherman, Matthew

Sherman, James Monroe

Sherwood, Frank

Sherwood, Helen Elsie

Sherwood, Barlin

Sherwood, Flossie M.

Sherwood, Walter A.

Sherwood, Clyde

Shetterly, Louis

Shetterly, Harvey

Shetterly, Julia E.

Shetterly, Marvin L.

Shetterly, Vernon R.

Shetterly, Kathryn Belle

Shetterly, Craig L.

Shetterly, Amos c.

Shettertly, Leah

Shinn, Francis M.

Shinn, Edith J.

Shinn, Sarah Almira

Shipley, Iva L.

Shipley, Onan S.

Shipley, Grace Adell

Shire, Mabel A.

Shire, Lloyd C.

Shitterly, Ora R.

Shogren, Ivan B.

Shone, Kate

Shoner, Joseph Ira

Shook, Caroline

Shook, Jay

Shook, Joseph

Shook, Charles A.

Shook, Florence

Shreve, Clara M.

Shreve, Hiram Louis

Shreve, Elmer Leroy

Shreve Herbert Lewis

Shreve, Cora Ann

Shrewe, Vernal M.

Shriner, Anna B.

Shrive, Clifford B.

Shtukas, Virginia

Sipress, Ellen

Shtukas, Anton George

Shuck, William Herman

Sibley, Ethel Mary

Sickman, Cynthia Lynn

Sickman, Howard J.

Sickman, Theodore

Siekman, Albert

Siekman, Howard

Siekman, Elsie B.

Siekman, Lucie S.

Siekman, Fred C.

Siekman,John Fredrick

Siekmann, Dione Marie

Siekmann, Emma C.

Silke, Joseph

Silvis, Margaret M.

Simmons, Bertha

Simmons, Mirtie May

Simmons, Anna L.

Simmons, Chas.


Simmons, Barbara L.

Simmons, Gertrude

Simonds, Chas. A.

Simonds, Ella A.

Simpson, Gladys B.

Simpson, Larry L.

Simpson, Rolland L.

Simpson, Gladis Eileen

Simpson, Floyd C.

Simpson, Hiram

Simpson, Rachael

Simpson, Oliver A.

Simpson, Charles F.

Simpson, Franklin D.

Simpson, Donnie C.

Simpson, Daniel W.

Simpson, Claude B.

Simpson, Oliver

Simpson, Josephine

Singbal, Emma B.

Singbeil, August

Singbeil, Nora E.

Singleton, Cynthia S.

Sinott, Chester N.

Siraganiam, Michael

Sisk, Gerry Raymond

Sittig, Blanche

Sittig, Leon H.

Sivarts, Jim

Skaggs, James H.

Skeldon, James H.

Skeldon, Dora P.

Skinner, Ralph D.

Skinner, Carole Louise

Skinner, Shirley May

Skinner, Myrtie

Skinner, Ronald N.

Skinner, Alva V.

Skoda, Joseph

Slate, Martha E.

Slate, Leo P.

Slate, Maude E.

Slate, Francis Leroy

Slater, Phidelia

Slater, George L.

Slater, Nella M.

Slocum, Alice

Slocum, Clara Violet

Slocum, Edna M.

Slocum, Edward

Slocum, John

Slocum, Mary K.

Slone, Grace

Small, Charlie

Small, Anthony

Smedley, Franklin G.

Smeltzee, Ruth

Smeltzer, Infant

Smeltzer, Roscoe

Smetlzer, Wanda Lee

Smiles, Edward

Smiles, Mary

Smiles, Charles J.

Smiles, Hazel T.

Smith, Charles Jr.

Smith, Amelia

Smith, Leon

Smith, Bess Jane

Smith, Mary B.

Smith, Maude L.

Smith, L. Marvin

Smith, Captain John

Smith, Adam

Smith, Christina L.

Smith, Agnes M.

Smith, Bertie

Smith, Dora F.

Smith, Kenneth R.

Smith, Clara M.

Smith, John

Smith, Harlow H.

Smith, Mildred M.

Smith, Selma

Smith, Minnie Bell

Smith, Edna

Smith, George W.

Smith, Henretta

Smith, Harry D.

Smith, Hiram

Smith, Johnnie O.

Smith, Jennie M.

Smith, Martha P.

Smith, Elza

Smith, Nellie

Smith, Mary Ethel

Smith, Henry D.

Smith, Ward W.

Smith, T. Helen

Smith, T. Helen

Smith, Betty

Smith, Emery E.

Smith, Norman

Smith, Helen

Smith, Ruth S.

Smith, Harry

Smith, Hazel N.

Smith, Amos

Smith, Carrie Emma

Smith, Esther L.

Smith, Permelia

Smith, Minnie E.

Smith, Joseph P.

Smith, Harry F.

Smith, Noah E.

Smith, Howard F.

Smith, Ben Leigh

Smith, Evelyne D.

Smith, Samuel J.

Smith, Len Young

Smith, Howard C.

Smith, Robert R.

Smith, Harry

Smith, Harold A.

Smith, Mrs. Wright

Smith, Fred

Smith, Sarah F.

Smith, Sylvanus B.

Smith, Olan

Smith, Anna

Smith, Goldwyn D.

Smith, Wesley

Smith, George C.

Smith, Frederick D.

Smith, Susan

Smith, Gerrie E.

Smith, Lyle W.

Smith, Glen S.

Smith, Mable E.

Smith, Wm. W.

Smith, George W.

Smith, George

Smith, George E.

Smith, Sarah E.

Smith, William R.

Smith, Maria Belle

Smith, Grace

Smith, Mae

Smith, Fern

Smith,Richard E.

Snaw, Albert W.

Snedeker, Leona Maxine

Sneesby, Arthur W.

Snider, Robert Walter

Snider, Ira Ward

Snodgrass, Carolyn Mary

Snodgrass, Emma

Snodgrass, Ernest William

Snodgrass, Ottie D.

Snodgrass, Ernst E.

Snodgrass, Elmer J.

Snow, Alice

Snowden, Carrie E.

Snowden, Dr. Robert H.

Snyder, Arthur

Snyder, Orville

Snyder, Marion E.

Snyder, Alta M.

Snyder, Annette

Snyder, Bertha

Snyder, Geo. A.

Snyder, Morton P.

Snyder, C. Belle

Snyder, James W.

Snyder, Sena J.

Snyder, Elizabeth Baker

Snyder, John

Snyder, ElizabethA.

Snyder, Libbie

Snyder, Homer

Soales, Lavern C.

Sobots, Anna

Solomon, Kimberly R.

Sorensen, Allen C.

Sorensen, Marie

Sorenso, Martha S.

Sorenson, Walter W.

Sorenson, Carl C.

Sorenson, Clifford R,

Sorenson, Chas. Eugene

Soucek, Mary Louise

Soules, Helen V.

Souls, Webster

Southerton, Anna

Southerton, Baby

Southerton, Baby

Southerton, Frank

Spafford, Lonor A.

Spafford, Lewis B.

Spanetta, Margaret Jane

Sparks, Irenus


Sparks, Ira

Sparks, Helen

Sparks, Wm. A.

Sparks, Nora

Sparling, Delos N.

Sparling, Rosa E.

Sparling, Robert L.

Sparling, William J.

Spatta, George

Spatta, Henriett Margaret


Spaulding, Morris K.

Spaulding, Amos C.

Spaulding, Clara M.

Spaulding, Flavilla

Speckine, Nora

Speckine, Billy

Speckine, Valmore B.

Speckine, Alma Holmes

Speckine, Wm.

Spencer, Charles W.

Spencer, Clara Mae

Spenetta, Katherine L. Huff

Spenetta, Arthur E.

Speoule, Grace Marie

Spict, Lura Perdella

Spiner, Riley

Spoonemore, Margaret

Spoonemore, George H.

Sprague, Amos Preston

Sprague, Irene

Spraul, Clarice

Spraule, Harold B.

Squier, Bertha S.

Squire, Harley E.

Squire, Baby

St. John, Hilda A.

St. John, Clara

St. John, Frank

Stacey, Elizabeth

Stack, Harold Clifford

Stack, William G. Sr.

Stacy, George C.

Staggers, Lucil

Staggs, Kristie Leigh

Stanage, Bonny

Stanage, Josephine

Stanton, George W.

Stark, Minnie E.

Stark, Charlotte M.

Stark, George

Stark, Chris

Stark, Genetta Irene

Stark, Eugene Franklin

Stark, John Robert

Stark, Elizabeth M.

Starkweather, Carol A.

Starr, Caroline A.

Starrett, Caroline Northup

Starrett, Martin

Starrett, John F.

Statler, Frances L.

Stearnes, Carrie

Stearnes, Leslie M.

Stearnes, Thomas C.

Stearns, Orrin Otis

Stearns, Maude H.

Steel, Retta Mae

Steele, Alice M.

Steele, Johanna W.

Steele, Burton Eugene

Steele, Eugene Burton

Steele, Willa

Steele, Richard E.

Steele, Edwin J.

Steininger, George

Steininger, Caroline

Stelter, Leona R.

Stelter, Herman

Stelter, Herbert

Stephens, Lila M.

Stephens, Jessie F.

Stephens, Anna

Stephens, Thaddeus R.

Stevens, Cyrus

Stevens, James M.

Stevens, Florence Z.

Stevens, Baby

Stevens, Minnie M.

Stevens, William R.

Stevens, Susan

Stevens, Walter

Stevens, Baby

Stevens, Louis E.

Stevenson, Edith May

Stewart, Harry F.

Stewart, Ralph A.

Stewart, Spencer J.

Stibbs, Blanche

Stibbs, Stanley Wayne

Stodder, Sally S.

Stokes, George M.

Stone, Ronald Dean

Stoops, Ruby E.

Stoops, John A.

Stoops, Clarence A.

Stormont, Gordon Wm.

Stough, Arden M.

Stout, Frederick Eugene

Stover, Margarot

Stover, Maynard F.

Stowell, Harold E.

Stracke, Emmy

Strahaw, Ronnie

Strang, Cleveland

Stratton, Guy

Strauss, Russell C.

Strayer, Dr. john C.

Strayer, William C.

Strayer, Robert C.

Strayer, Florence C.

Strayer, Wm. C.

Striegle, Lewis A.

Striegle, I. Lisle

Stromswold, Stanley A.

Strong, Horace

Strong, John Wesley

Strong, Robence

Stroup Lena

Stroup, Wm. B.

Strunk, Ida E.

Strunk, Hattie B.

Strunk, Frank E.

Strunk, William H.

Stryker, Elva Brewer

Stubbs, Bridgette R.

Stults, Ruth Alice

Stults, Jennie E.

Stults, Emma

Stults, Raymond P.

Stults, Edward L.

Sudletz, Caroline

Suit, Edwin O.

Sullivan, Elmer H.

Sult, Jack E.

Sult, Cle__ E.

Sult, Sterling R.

Sult, Irene June

Sult, Zoda S. H.

Sumerix, Amy Lugh

Sumkowski, Wanda

Sumkowski, Alfons J.

Summers, Alice

Sumney, Merritt R.

Sunday, Cora Edna

Sunday, William

Surch, R. Harry

Susan, Nichols

Susan, Anna Frances

Susan, Etta

Susan, James N.

Sutfin, Donna Mae

Sutfin, Donald Ray

Sutfin, Donna Fay

Suttles, Elmer D.

Sutton, Guy

Sutton, Howard

Swaim, Irene

Swaim, Mary E.

Swaim, Alvin T.

Swaim, Robert G.

Swaim, Glen H.

Swaim, Lenzy

Swaim, Addie Louise

Swaim, Infant

Swain, Lenzy

Swain, Alvin Rufus

Swain, Lea Anna

Swain, Helen

Swank, Dean

Swant, Marion I.

Swarty, Ira

Swartz, Harry B.

Swartz, Geraldine Marie

Swartz, Helen W.

Swartz, Kathryn

Swartz, Joseph F.

Swartz, Irving

Swartz, Lelia F.

Swartz, Troy Allen

Swartz, Edward William

Swartz, Elizabeth

Swartz, Flora

Swartz, Martha

Swartz, William

Swartz, Alma B.

Swartz, Mae H.

Swartz, Oscar E.

Swartz, David

Swartz, Iva Jane

Swartz, Mary

Swartz, Samuel

Swartz, Richard E.

Swartz, Martha Helen

Swartz, Mary

Swartz, Opal M.

Swartz, Scott W.

Swearinger, Sarah R.

Swem, Cloyd Eastman

Swem, Charles G.

Swem, Meryle A.

Swen, Lowell O.

Swift, Hazel F.

Swift, Donald R.

Swift, Dorras Stanley

Swift, James A.

Swift, Catherine

Swift, Mildred L.

Swift, Cheryl Sue

Swift, George

Swift, Harold

Swift, Guy Arthur

Swink, Alta

Swisher, Gertrude P.

Swisher, Vernice E.

Swisher, Oakley J.

Sylvester, Rose Anne

Synold, Cynthia

Synold, Harold L.

Syrette, Byran Wm.

Tabbert, Fredrick C.

Talmon, Katherine

Talmon, Charles Wm.

Tardeff, Mary

Tardiff, Louis

Tatro, Orris

Tatro, Amy

Taylor, Marie Ann

Taylor, Evelyn

Taylor, Alice

Taylor, Esla

Taylor, Chancey W.

Taylor, Frank R.

Taylor, Carl W.

Taylor, Eliza Jane

Taylor, Gilbert H.

Taylor, Andrew

Taylor, Thomas J.

Taylor, Louisa

Taylor, Willis H.

Taylor, Monford

Taylor, Walter E.

Taylor, Gladys G.

Taylor, Ella M.

Taylor, Leonard S.

Taylor, Mary M.

Taylor, Josephine

Taylor, Jessie P.

Terrell, Celia

Terrell, Wallace

Terrell, Myron L.

Terriere, Emily R.

Terriere, Margery B.

Terry, Bernadine

Terry, Glen W.

Terry, Joseph J.

Terwilliger, John V.

Teutach, Carl

Tewksbury, Rollin

Thacker, Infant Boy

Thanning, Carl W.

Thanning, Elmer A.

Thiele, Dr. Lester Warren

Thomas Jerry

Thomas, Vernia L.

Thomas, Bill

Thomas, Euguina L.

Thomas, Gladys I.

Thomas, Alice L.

Thomas, Ann Blake

Thomas, Agnes B.

Thomas, Susan

Thomas, Juantta

Thomas, Charles W.

Thomas, Harold N.

Thomas, Mildred C.

Thomas, Kenneth C.

Thomas, Harold N. Jr.

Thomas, Theodore

Thomas, Lyman O.

Thomas, Kathleen Yvonne

Thomas, Robert N.

Thomas, Rebecca S.

Thomas, Lillie May

Thompson, Baby

Thompson, Willie A.

Thompson, Manfred

Thompson, Clara

Thompson, Arthur Allen

Thompson, Ruth M.

Thompson, William M.

Thompson, Clifford

Thompson, Geneva Luke

Thompson, George S.

Thompson, Viola F.

Thompson, Lloyd

Thompson, Mary S.

Thompson, Mary G.

Thompson, Harry E.

Thompson, Robert

Thomson, Beulah Jenks

Thrapp, Lillian

Thurston, Grace B.

Thurston, Paul E.

Thurston, Karen Gail

Thurston, Willodine Mae

Thurston, Wm.

Tibbles, Harold

Tibbles, Lucille G.

Tichenar, Frederic A.

Tichenar, Allie E.

Tichenor, Baby

Tichenor, Martha Wells

Tichenor, Chas. E.

Tichenor, Gerald C.

Tichenor, Opal

Tiech, Henry

Tieche, Ella

Tieche, Mary Ellen

Tillaston, Phoebe

Tilly, Pamela Kay

Tilly, Franklin, Henry

Timmons, Peggy Sue

Tipton, Martha A.

Tipton, Grant E.

Tobler, Erwin D.

Toll, Carolyn

Toll, Marie L.

Toll, Dennis A.

Tolle, Howard P.

Tolle, Lillian Isabelle

Tomlinson, Benjamine

Tomlinson, James

Tooley, Thomas J.

Topash, Baby

Torrance, Harriet S.

Tourje, Bert

Tourje, Alice


Townsend, Luretta

Townsend, Carthur O.

Townsend, Louise B.

Townsend, Dennis

Townsend, Lloyd Elmer

Trainor, Wallace

Trapp, Donald Frank

Trapp, Louise

Trapp, William John

Trapp, Martha W.

Trapp, Edward H.

Trapp, Evelyn

Trapp, Arthur

Trapp, Frank A.

Trapp, Willa m.

Trapp, Edwin

Trautwair, Paul A.

Travis, Mabel I.

Travis, Raymond J.

Travis, Robert G. Sr.

Travis, Julia Theresa

Travis, Robert Jr.

Treat, Charles B.

Treat, William W.

Treat, Ella Laretta

Treat, Ellen Adell

Treat, Frank A.

Treat, G. Markus

Treat, Mae Fydell

Treat, Aletha

Trickel, Clare H.

Trickel, Grace E.

Tripp, Bertha P.

Tripp, William P.


Trommel, Baby

Trommel, Peter

Trommel, Lucy

Tropp, Brian Dale

Trowbridge, Ruth L.

Trowell, Tamra Martina Afredity

Troyer, Josephine M.

Truhn, Ralph J.

Truman, Jack Elwood

Truman, O. Bever

Tucker, Ephfrom

Tucker, Annie Mae

Tucker, Theotus

Tucker, Elsie Ruby

Tumbleson, Richard E.

Tumblison, Effie Mae

Turley, (Joe) Connie

Turnbo, Linda

Turner, Charles H.

Turner, Hattie

Turner, Gladys W.

Turner, Dora

Tutson, Sam

Tuttle, Harry G.

Tuttle, Leara B.

Tuttle, Lesbia B.

Tuttle, William B.

Twell, Ruth E.

Twell, Pearl Eddy

Tyler, Zelda

Ulery, Noble D.

Ullery, Ila L.

Underly, Infant

Underly, Charles Edward Sr.

Unger, Baby

Unger, Joe Vern

Ungleright, Oliver Guy


Upham, Raymond

Upham, Clifford H.

Upham, Elaine Marie

Upham, Cleo

Upham, Florence M.

Uphaw, Clarence

Upson, Clyde W.

Upton, Anna Mae

Ursaki, Victoria Zachman

Valencia, Steven

Valencia, Arnold B.

Vanantwerp, Kevin E.

VanAntwerp, Della c.

VanAntwerp, Otis hiram

VanAntwerp, Hiram

VanAntwerp, Otis E.

Vance, Harry F.

Vandenbark, Bessie T.

Vandenbosch, Mildred J.

Vandenburg, David H.

Vanderbark, Russell H.

Vanderbilt, Arnold

Vanderslice, Annnie

VanDerSlice, Helen H.

Vanderslics, Dwight L.

VanderVen, Jacob

VanderVew, Bertha M.

VanDyke, Dora A.

VanEvery, Clarence L.

VanEvery, Phebe Marion

VanEvery, Ella Jane

VanEvery, Vada H.

VanEvery, Tennyson E.

VanEvery, Wm. R.

VanEvery, Sarah L.

VanHalet, Grace R.

VanHalst, Beverly Gene

VanKirk, Noah Lee

VanMeter, Nettie May

VanMeter, Jessie C.

VanMeter, Maggie

VanMeter, William

VanTuyl, Infant

Varcadipane, Samantha

Vaughan, Herbert H.

Vaughn, Alexis

Vergon, Glenn A.

Viele, Jesse F.

Viele, Beatrice

Vigansky, Lillian B.

Vigansky, Victor Charles

Vigansky, Grayce M.

Vigansky, Milton Nye

Vigansky, Charles H.

Vincent, Geo. T.

Vineyard, Freda D.

Vineyard, Charles P.

Vinson, Ada Frances

Virgil, Betty

Virgil, Paul D.

Vlasicak, Alois John

Voorhees, Arthur A.

Voorhees, Elizabeth

Voorhees, Minnie B.

Voorhees, Chas. W.

Voorhees, Marjorie

Voorhees, John D.

Voorhees, Anna

Voorhees, Howard B.

Voorhees, Donald J.

Voss, Jill Dean

Wade, Andrew E.

Wade, Peter

Wade, Rene Leeann

Wade, isaac

Wadley, Mary

Wafford, William O.

Wafford, Cleo A.

Wafford, Philip Eugene

Wagner, Ira D. Sr.

Wagner, Robert J.

Wagner, Wallace

Wagner, Carrie Belle

Wagner, Minta E.

Wahl, Kenneth P.

Wahl, Marjory H.

Wahlstrom, Leonard

Wakes, Otis Sr.

Wakes, Anthony Lamar

Waldbach, Ruth

Waldbach, Charles R.

Walden, Herbert Craig

Walden, Ottelia

Walden, Lewis George

Waldo, Vermon

Waldo, Ola

Waldron, Raymond

Waldron, Jessica N.

Wales, James R.

Wales, Earldean A.

Wales, Bessie Pearl

Wales, James R.

Wales, James R. Jr.

Walkden, Chester A.

Walkden, Mabel

Walker, Timothy Ray

Walker, Doris Marie

Walker, Alice Estella

Walker, E. Maynard

Walker, Geraldine Alice

Walker, Harry Francis

Walkins, Clyde C.

Walkins, Etha M.

Wallace, Baby

Wallace, Cloyd W.

Wallace, Mable

Wallace, Mary Lula

Wallace, Sophia Louise

Wallace, Patsy Lee

Wallace, Robert

Wallace, Dorothy V.

Wallace, Brenda

Wallace, Pharos E.

Wallace, George W.

Wallace, Perry Frederich

Wallace, Lloyd Chester

Wallace, James A.

Wallace, Perry H.

Wallace, Waldo (Baby)

Wallace, James Burl

Wallace, Hurschel W.

Wallin, John E.

Wallin, Genevieve

Wallquist, Donald

Walls, Ethel Irene

Walls, William

Walls, Sarah E.

Walls, Earl

Wallstron, Jacklyn

Walter, Viva marie

Walter, Kenneth

Walter, Lottie B.

Walter, Ella

Walter, Glen E. Sr.

Walter, Charles E.

Walter, Sharon L.

Walter, bessie

Walter, Frank E.

Walter, Loretta M.

Walter, Margurite M.

Walter, Bessie Bell

Walter, Martin LeRoy

Walter, Kenneth J. Jr.

Walters, Janice Lynn

Walters, Adam

Walters, Kyle Louis

Walters, Arthur L.

Walters, Gloria Betty

Walters, Herbert Donald

Walters, Pearl

Walters, William david

Walters, Baby

Wanner, Laura Marie

Wansbrough, Mary E.

Wansbrough, Wm. E.

Wantz, Ersey J.

Wantz, Willmina

Wantz, Raymond

Ward, Walter Sr.

Ward, Barney

Ward, Lindle A.

Warda, Anthony J.

Warda, Baby

Wardlaw, Vernia

Warme, Lydia

Warme, Paul A.

Warner, Joseph C.

Warner, Norman Roy

Warner, Herman

Warner, Ralph P. "Dewey"

Warner, Winifred L.

Warner, Thurl S.

Warner, Nellie Fay

Warren, Carrie

Warren, Baby Boy

Warren, Anthony Wayne

Warren, William W.

Warren, Tiffianey L.

Warren, Zelmer S.

Warren, Glenda L.


Watry, John F.

Watry, Jennie

Watry, James J.

Watry, Frank F.

Watson, Wayne D.

Watson, Richmond Albert

Watson, Inez

Watson, Georgia

Watson, Florence M.

Watson, Wm. H.

Watson, Thomas James

Watson, Cress L.

Watson, James W.

Watson, Myrtle M.

Watson, Frances

Watson, Lawrence L.

Watson, Bennial

Watson, Lois M.

Watson, Everett J.

Watson, Angeline

Watson, Florence L.

Watsy, Michael

Watterman, Cassie

Watts, Joseph Andrew Sr.

Waugh, Marie O.

Waugh, Earl

Waugh, Leon Roy

Weatherwax, Charles

Weatherwax, Pauline

Weatherwax, R. Edward

Weatherwax, Florence

Weaver, Alma Jane

Weaver, Cleo Ismay

Weaver, Liberty

Weaver, Irvin F.

Weaver, Clarence Lloyd

Weaver, Wm. M.

Weaver, Noah J.

Weaver, Grace E.

Weaver, Carrie B.

Weaver, Jeffery

Weaver, Darrell Lee

Weaver, Geo. M.

Weaver, Helen M.

Weaver, Ray F.

Weaver, Burton A.

Weaver, Ora

Weaver, Adah Kingery

Weaver, Blanche A.

Weaver, Donald Eugene

Weaver, Floyd Burton

Weaver, Helen

Weaver, Orpha

Weaver, Abram

Weaver, Benjamin F.

Weaver, Leah

Weaver, Machelle R.

Weaver, Earl F.

Weaver, Lydia

Weaver, Galen A.

Weaver, Artie A.

Weaver, Samuel f.

Weaver, Violet, Marie

Weaver, Alvin Curtis

Weaver, Louisa M.

Weaver, Elmer

Weaver, Robert J.

Weaver, Sarah Jane

Weaver, Vaughn Olin

Weaver, Madison

Weaver, Thomas C.

Weaver, Jacob

Weaver, Glen

Weaver, Emeline

Weaver, Wm. Fred

Weaver, Albert M.

Weaver, Georgia M.

Weaver, Emily Jane

Weaver, Albert M.

Weaver, Marion Lee

Weaver, Fannie

Webb, Gladys

Webb, Arnold S.

Webb, Georgia A.

Webb, Albert

Webb, Ralph Warner Sr.

Webster, Sarah Marie

Weckham, Clarence

Weed, Inez May

Weedon, Ralph

Weeks, Kimberly

Weems, Laura Mae

Weese, Leonard

Weese, Lucy Maria Hill

Weiler, Lois M.

Weinand, Joseph C.

Weinard, Kathryn

Weinauer, Charlotte M.

Weinaver, Eric

Weiss, Mary Anna

Weiss, Charles F.

Welch, Mable

Wells, Robert J.

Wells, Richard F.

Wells, Fannie Fern

Wells, Millie

Wells, Frank N.

Wells, Wellington

Wells, Ronald P.

Wells, George W.

Wells, Cora May

Wells, Alene P.

Wells, Hattie Louise

Wells, Isaac M.

Wells, Jennie Matilda

Welsh, Donald

Welsh, Sheile Joy

Welsh, Ellice M.

Welsh, Roger

Welsher, Harry A.

Wember, Anna J.

Wemder, Anthony J.

Wentzel, William N.

Wenzel, Elizabeth Joy

Weseman, Anna

Wesner, Albert

Wesner, Ruth A.

Wesner, Edward L.

Wesner, Mary B.

Wesner, Wayne Ellis

Wesner, Charles

Wessel, John O.

Wessels, John F.

Wessels, Anna C.

Wessels, Elda L.

Wessendorf, Chester S.

Wessendorf, Louise

West, Wesley Harter

Westbrook, Hattie

Westfall, Doyle

Westfall, Ann L.

Wetteraw, Grover P.

Wheeler, Bernice D.

Wheeler, John C.

Whisman, Harley

White, Richard L. (Pete)


White, Ray

White, Esther C.

White, Donald A.

White, Ruth Schulke

White, Lloyd

White, John L.

White, Dorothy Ann

White, Alice

White, Alice B.

White, James R.

White, John A.

White, Sarah

White, Marie

White, Joseph P.

White, Alfred B.

White, Jamie

White, Billy W.

White, Charles

Whitefield, Gertrude M.

Whitman, May Dispennette

Whittaker, Ralph E.

Whittaker, Gertha M.

Whittaker, Will R.

Whyde, David Wayne

Wideman, Marie

Wideman, Wanda

Wideman, Mearl S.

Wideman, Audrey

Wideman, Russell D.

Widing, Hazel

Widman, Arthur C.

Widman, Helen

Wilbur, Matilda

Wilbur, John

Wilcox, Marie Ann

Wilcox, Dean

Wilcox, Charles L.

Wilcox, Elizabeth K.

Wilcox, Phay F.

Wilcox, Wava Belle

Wilder, Robert Lee

Wilder, George Hugh

Wile, Arthur Sylvanus

Wile, Ruby Lee

Wilfong, Elza R.

Wilken, Delpha Gray

Willard, Edgar

Willard, Mary E.

Willard, Augustine

William, J. T.

Williams, Clyde

Williams, Luella

Williams, Billy Earl

Williams, Phyllis Marie Ward

Williams, Henry

Williams, Mrs.

Williams, K. C.

Williams, Carrie L.

Williams, Mary

Williams, Jathrow Jr.

Williams, Omar R.

Williams, Roosevelt

Williams, Kathy Lynn

Williams, James W.

Williams, Greg

Williams, A. Z.

Williams, Jane Janette

Williams, Sanford

Williams, Rubby Lee

Williams, James

Williams, Yvonne Joan J.

Williamson, James E.

Williamson, Finis L.

Williamson, Hershel

Willis, Grace

Willsey, Ellis V.

Willsey, Lulu Mae

Wilson, Levi

Wilson, Howard E.

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Cora

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Nina May

Wilson, Alice

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Glen E.

Wilson, Infant

Wilson, Ephram

Wilson, Ethel E.

Wingo, Annie Belle

Wingo, Judge W.

Wirant, Edward J.

Wirant, Raymond E.

Wise, Mary M.

Wisner, Dorothy I.

Wisner, Gerett

Wissendorf, Martin W.

Witherow, Dolly P.

Witherow, Paula

Withers, Frances

Withers, Ethel

Withers, Glen Boyd

Withers, Harry C.

Witherspoon, Estella

Witherspoon, Baby Boy

Witherspoon, James Henry

Wolcott, William e.

Wolford, Nedra

Wolford, Bertha

Wolford, Charles Ernest

Wolford, Mary E.

Wolford, Wm. Isaac

Wolford, Donald

Wolford, Harold

Wolkens, Anna

Wolkins, Henry

Wolkins, Henrry

Wolkins, Elza

Wolkins, Emmaline

Wolkins, Anna Jane


Womack, Wasis John

Womack, Sarah

Wood, Helen Mae

Wood, Lelia Herman

Wood, Denvel E.

Wood, Maria Jane

Wood, Leonard J.

Wood, Wm. W.

Wood, Floy Bernice

Woodard, Lucil Ruth

Woodard, R.S. Beatrice

Wooden, Florence E.

Wooden, Inez L.

Wooden, Judd

Wooden, Theodore E.

Wooden, Vilouris H.

Woodley, Jay D.

Woods, Wm.

Woods, Nora M.

Woods, Millie Jane

Woods, Joe

Woodward, Benjamin

Woodworth, Bela

Wooley, Chester V.

Wooley, Lotta

Wooley, Edythe Sylvia

Woollet, Lyle

Workman, Kathleen G.

Worsham, Billy Joe

Worthington, Luella

Worthington, A. A.

Wray, Edith M.

Wray, Callie G.

Wray, Arthur A.

Wray, Arthur A.

Wray, Ansalem

Wray, Frank Elton

Wray, Emma

Wray, William W.

Wray, Norine O.

Wregglesworth, John H.

Wrigglesworth, Nora

Wright, Estella G.

Wright, Frank F.

Wright, Evelyn

Wright, Fred W.

Wright, Ethel M.

Wright, Annabelle

Wright, Gladys M.

Wright, Anna E.

Wright, Francis L.

Wright, L. Maxine

Wright, Carl M.

Wright, Bernice

Wright, Laverne Ed

Wright, Ward Hod

Wright, Noel C.

Wright, Virginia

Wright, Swem, Pearl H.

Wright, Paul B.

Wright, Ruth

Wright, Ruby Joan

Wright, Ray F.

Wyant, James Roy

Wyant, Lewis

Wyant, Fannie

Wykoff, Hannah

Wynn, Lyle C.

Wynn, Berta

Wynn, John H.

Wynn, Marcella

Wynn, Paul C.

Wynn, Roy C.

Wynn, Bessie

Wynperle, Emanuel L.

Wynpirle, Elsa

Wyrick, Esther L.

Wyrick, Soloman

Yack, John M.

Yack, Ruth D.

Yakim, Craig Earl

Yaw, Kenneth LaRoy

Yazell, Doris A.

Yazell, Charles

Yazell, Eva

Yeager, Charles Frederick

Yoeman, Robert L.

Yoeman, Robert E.

York, Will T.

York, Mabel May

Young, Ralph Chas.

Young, Everett G.

Young, May M.

Young, Willie

Young, Eloise

Young, Wallace G.

Young, Ralph Charles

Young, Elizabeth E.

Young, Brandon, A.

Young, Delores

Young, Rosa Lee

Young, Beatrice

Yusko, C. Ann

Yusko, Michael

Zachman, John

Zachman, Rebecca M.

Zachman, Theodore

Zachman, Mary

Zachman, George A.

Zackman, Valdimir

Zackman, Ruth B.

Zaleman, Delores Q.

Zebell, E. Charles

Zebell, Gerald

Zebell, E. Charles

Zebell, Baby Girl

Zebell, Dennis L.

Zeider, John J.

Zeider, Teresa E.

Zelmer, Mollie

Zelmer, Edward W.

Zemola, John

Zerbe, Mary E.

Zerbe, Ralph William

Zerbe, Riley Olis

Zerby, Michael M.

Zerby, Sarah

Zerby, Florence E.

Zielbauer, George

Zielbauer, Theresia

Zimmer, Laura May

Zimmerman, Gust. D.

Zimmerman, Lucille Mead

Zimmerman, Georgia M.

Zimmerman, Estelle C.

Zimmerman, Charles A.

Zimmerman, George

Zindler, Iola

Zinneger, Jack S.

Zinniger, Jene H.

Zinniger, Erle Stanley

Zinninger, Gladys

Zinninger, Kenneth

Zoellner, Melanda

Zoleman, Alice E.

Zoleman, Lloyd E.

Zupke, Ruth

Zupke, Henry H.


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