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Dragoo / McCoy Cemetery

Buchanan City, Berrien County, Michigan

Transcribed by Daundra J. Baker 1968

Copyright 1998 - 2004, Daundra J. Baker, Coloma, MI -- All rights reserved.

This cemetery is on private property. It is listed in the Michigan Cemetery Atlas as McCoy Cemetery #90. Local people call this the Dragoo Cemetery. There is only one McCoy buried in this site. Due to the desire of the property owners, age and very poor condition of the cemetery, we have decided not to give further direction to the cemetery. According to the property owner, in 1968, many of the deceased were moved to Oak Ridge Cemetery at the same time Kathryn Park interments were relocated. Please contact the WebMaster with information about others you know to be buried in this cemetery. Brackets [ ] contain comments by the transcriber or information which has been offered by ancestors. Dates with * have been confirmed but only via or You can view a listing of Dragoo Marriages .


 Birth Date

Date of Death

 Inscriptions and Comments
B., N. A.      [Footstone for Nancy Ann Barnhouse] 
B., S.     [Footstone for Samuel Barnhouse]
B., S. N.     [Footstone for Samuel Nelson Barnhouse] 
Barnhouse, Nancy Ann [Dragoo]    Jan. 14, 1866* Wife of Samuel [Samuel Nelson Barnhouse]
Barnhouse, Samuel N.  1812   [Marker broken, worn, unreadable.]
Barnhouse, William Harrison   [Sept. 25, 1876] [Husband of Jacob and Isabelle's Grandaughter. m Isabell Dragoo Apr 9, 1865, Buchanan, MI.]
Dragoo, Christena Jane   Aug. 1, 1837*  Daughter of Jacob and Isabella, 26y, 5m, 25d
Dragoo, Fanny    Sept. 16, 1840  
Dragoo, Isabell  [Jones]   July 25, 1838* 40y, Wife of Jacob
Dragoo, Jacob   Sept. 27, 1838*  55y, 11m, 27d, Husb. of Isabella [Jones] [Moved to Buchanan, MI 1834 from VA.]
Dragoo, Jane M.    Sept. 29, 1868* 55y, 2m, Wife of Uel
Dragoo, John F.   Nov. 9, 1861  44y, 5d, Son of Jacob and Isabella
Dragoo, Peter    Nov. 19, 1848 26y, 8m, 7d, Son of Jacob and Isabell
K., H. C.      [Footstone of Herbert C. Knight.]
Knight, Herbert C.    July 22, 1886 10y, 1s, Son of M. L. & I. [Melvin & Isabell (Barnhouse) Knight]
McCoy, Catherine    Sept. 29, 1859 22y, Wife of Wm. McCoy
T., L.      
Tomlinson, Albert 23 Aug. 1816 [?] Aug. 21, 1890  
Tomlinson, Elizabeth M.  1854 May 11, 1864 7y, 5m, Daughter of Albert and Lucinda
Tomlinson, Lucinda 1815  Apr. 20, 18__ Wife of Albert
Tomlinson, Harriet 1848 __ 11, 1856 Wife of Benjamin
W., S.      
Warfield, Libby A.      10m, 4d [Marker unreadable, worn]
Warfield, R.     [Marker unreadable, worn.]
Weaver, Charlie      Son of J & D Weaver [Marker broken]
Unknown, F.   Oct. 23, 1864  In the 26th year of her age. [Unreadable last name.]
Unknown     [Foundation with part of marker, no inscription.]
Unknown     [Foundation with part of marker, no inscription.]
Unknown     [Foundation with part of marker, no inscription.]
Unknown     [Foundation with no marker.]
Unknown     [Foundation with no marker.]

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