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Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan

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Compiled by David and Diane Savage

This property was purchased in 1824 by a few men from a Mr. Mitchell. It was overgrown, one acre of ground. The land had been surveyed by a Mr. Ballenger. According to the HISTORY OF BERRIEN COUNTY, MICHIGAN, published in 1880, the first person buried here was a child of David Sanford*. The earliest burial is that of Robert Cathcart, d. 1845, and next is that of Sarah Mitchell, 1846, wife of H. Mitchell, probably the Mitchell referred to above. The stones are now located on, a hillside at OAK RIDGE CEMETERY, in Buchanan. The original site is now named Kathryn Park and is a children's playground at the intersection of Fourth and Moccasin Streets in Section 26.


 Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions and Comments
Albert, Harry A.    27 July 1860 1y, 4m, 5d, Son of JM & SA
B., H. O.       
Bennett, Huram S.   6 Oct 1859  44y, 4m, 0d
Bennett, Hulda O.   22 Apr 1863 Wife of Huram S
Cathcart, Polly   9 Mar 1848 Age 52
Cathcart, Robert     16 Mar 1854 Age 51
Copper, Angeline A.   9 Nov 1851 2y, 4m, 19d, Dau. William E. & Elizabeth
Copper, Elizabeth    15 Jan 1852 34y, [illegible mo.] 29d
Copper, Francis M.   24 May 1848 1y, 10d, Dau. Wm & Elizabeth
Copper, John C.   27 Mar 1848 23y, 26d, Son of John & Mary
Copper, Mary Louisa   10 Sept 1855 6m, Dau. of Ichabod & L. C.
Curran, Alexander    3 May 1863 30y, 4m
Curran, Martha C.    17 Oct 1867 27y, 8m, Wife of John
Graham, Catherine   24 Dec 1862 28y, Wife of Wm. P.
Hall, Mary Ellen   10 Aug 1856 2y, 1m, 4d, Dau. Jacob & Caroline
Hazen, Belinda S.    13 Aug 1852 18y, Daughter of E & S
Hazen, John   14 Mar 1860 32y, 12d, Son of E & S
Head, Jacob B.  27 Oct 1845  7 May 1897  
Head, Mary F.  7 Dec 1847 6 Apr 1897  
Hollinger, Esther L.    10 Mar 1859 5y, 1m, 19d, Dau. of E & E
Mansfield, Emily    15 Jan 1847 23y, 10m, 16d, Wife of MH
Marsh, Damaris    12 Dec 1854 70y, Wife of Thomas
Marsh, Mary J   23 Sep 1858 15y, 12d, Daughter of T & C
Mitchell, David J.    3 Sep 1852 20y, 11m, Son of H & M
Mitchell, Sarah    7 Dec 1846  29y, Wife of H
Morley, Wm. Edgar   1 Oct 1854 1y, 11m, 1d, Son of JC & JA
Mary, Almeda E.    22 Sep 1858 2y, 1m, Daughter of C & C 
Munger, Martha J.   1 June 1861 23y, 3m, 20d
Munger, Viola       Daughter of JH & AM
Penwell, Emma F.   27 Sep 1861 5y, 5m, 11d, Dau. of William H & Harriet M
Penwell, Walter A.    15 Aug 1861 1m, 26d, Son of EW & Mary
Price, Benjamin S.    13 May 1862 20y, 6m, 8d, Son of JS & S
Price, Marinda E.    29 Apr 1862 10y, 7m, Daughter of JS & S
Richerson, Infant   23 June 1855 Son of CJ & MA
Richerson, Infant    24 Aug 1857 Son of CJ & MA
Richerson, Infant   12 July 1866 1m, 19d, Son of CJ & MA
Sanford, Child      ..of David Sanford [Buried here with no stone.]
Sapp, Elisha L.   9 Mar 1863 9m, 10d, Son of AJ & JA
Stump, Phebe A.    9 Nov. 1862 2m, 8d, Daughter of S & R
Walling, Frederick E.   1 Sep 1856 7m, Son of L & E
Westphall, Watson B.    10 Mar 1864 6y, 5m, 22d, Son of SS & EA
Youngs, Hannah M.    28 Oct 1855 1y, 2m, 20d, Daughter of A & M
1 Illegible Stone      


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