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Ferry Cemetery, Pipestone Township

Berrien Township, Berrien County, Michigan

Markers transcribed by Daundra Baker, 1968.

Ferry Cemetery is located on private property, east of the address 7691 West Eureka Road. The cemetery contains 16 monuments, and 17 burials. On several monuments, more than 1 burial is listed and there may be more than 1 headstone stone per person. Below the following headstone readings are the Ferry Family Cemetery Records ; Picture of the Fisher-Ferry Family Reunion; Recent picture of Ferry Cemetery by Daundra Baker.

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Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions & Comments

Row 1

Beginning at east side of cemetery, starting on south side of cemetery, heading north.
N.E.F.      Footstone of Nancy E Ferry?

Row 2 
Ferry, Nancy E.  27 Jun 1846 27 Oct 1879 Wife of John Ferry
Ferry, Robert A.    21 Mar 1869 Sons of John & Nancy E. Ferry
Ferry, Joseph    27 Nov 1876

Ferry, Charles    17 Sept 1878

Ferry, John  14 Oct 1840   [Mason Symbol]

Row 3
H. F.       [Footstone of Hannah Ferry]
M. A. F.     [Footstone of ?]

Row 4
Ferry, Rhoda A. 1845 1924  
FERRY     [Family Monument]
Ferry, William M. 1848 1931 [Mason Symbol]
Mother      [Stone for Hannah Ferry]
Ferry, Hannah 11 Mar 1844  29 Nov 1894 Wife of Robert Ferry Jr.
FERRY     [Family Monument]
Ferry, Robert 26 Dec 1845  27 Jan 1923  
Father     [Stone for Robert Ferry]
Farry, Joanna 4 Mar 1824 7 Oct 1893  
Farry, Robert 6 May 1806 2 Apr 1876  
Inscribed on stone of Robert Farry, above: Born Co. Fermanagh, Ire. Frail is the temor of our mortal health - Yea! For in the midst of like we are in death.
Father      [Stone of Robert Farry]
Adams, E. H. 30 Aug 1886 1 Jan 1890  
Adams, Mary     20 Oct 1867 Aged 24 years, 10 mos., Wife of E. H. Adams, Daughter of R. & J. F. Ferry
ADAMS     [Family Monument]
Epitath on Adams Family Monument, above: I know you'll miss me Mother, In the days of gloom to come, I know you'll miss me in your heart, You'll miss me in your home, When morn comes smiling over the scene, When noon's bright hour draws nigh, Thou'll see a youthly soul Mother, And breathe a earful sigh.
Adams, Mary      [Footstone of Mary Adams]
E. H. A.     [Footstone of E. H. Adams]

Buried since reading: Farry, Frances Elizabeth.....b Dec 5, 1924 to Mark Linus and Catherine Irene (Donahue) Greene; d. Nov 28, 2005, Kalamazoo, MI, Wife of Thomas Miles Farry Sr.

Ferry Cemetery Family Records

Updated by Family in 1990

Farry, Robert, 6 May 1806 - 2 Apr. 1876; Robert Ferry, born in Glen Aule Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland
Farry, Joanna, 4 Mar. 1824 - 7 Oct. 1893; Sister of Eli D.G. Ridenour, Wife of Robert Ferry.
Ferry, John, 14 Oct. 1840 - [blank] Son of Robert Ferry. Not buried in Ferry Cemetery.
Ferry, Nancy E., 27 Jun. 1846 - 27 Oct. 1879; Wife of John.
Ferry, Robert A., 2 Mar. 1869
Ferry, Joseph, 27 Nov. 1876, Son of John and Nancy.

Ferry, Charles, 17 Sept. 1879, Not buried in Ferry Cemetery.
Ferry, William M, 1848 - 1931, Son of Robert and Joanna Ferry.
Ferry, Rhoda A. Pegg, 1845 - [blank]; Wife of William M. Ferry.
Adams, Mary Ferry, [blank] - 20 Oct. 1867; Age: 24 yr.; Daughter of Robert & Joanna Ferry, Wife of E.H. Adams.
Adams, E.H., 30 Aug. 1836 - 1 Jan. 1890; Husband of Mary Ferry.
Ferry, Robert Jr., 26 Dec. 1845 - 27 Jan. 1923; Son of Robert Ferry, Jr.
Ferry, Hannah, 1 Mar. 1844 - 29 Nov. 1894; Reading on Monument of Robert and Joanna Ferry: Frail is the tenor of our mortal health - yea! For in the midst of life we are in death.
Ferry, William, 1931 - 1931

Fisher-Ferry Family Reunion at the Tom Ferry Farm

1) Magnolia Fisher 2) Miles Fisher 3) Birtha Becker-Kegley 4) Uncle John Fisher 5) Uncle Miles Davis 6) Willie Ferry 7) Lucy Fisher 8) Miles Fisher 9) Maggy (Margaret) Ferry-Kneibus 10) Will Kneibus 11) D. L. Fisher 12) Walter Keigley 13) Aunt Elizabeth Fisher 14) Effie Davis-Jackman 15) Myrle Fisher 16) Aunt Phoebe Davis 17) Aunt Mary Becker 18) Uncle Sam Becker 19) Mate Davis 20) Uncle Robert Ferry 21) Tom Ferry 22) Effie Ferry 23) Marie Ferry (dau. of Effie & Tom, married Schultz) 24) Ross Fisher 25) Winnie Ferry (dau. of Effie & Tom, married Kelly). One of these Miles Fisher pictures (#2 or #8 is Miles FERRY, not Fisher).