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GRAY, KELLY, STRONG: Family lore tells my 2nd g-grandmother Martha __?__ (b. abt Dec 1861) was b. Berrien Springs and went to Garden, MI to live with her g-mother Isabel Kinreid Gray. In 1870 Martha is still in Garden, MI, 8yrs old, no place of birth recorded. She still lives w David & Isabel (Kinreid) Gray, their son Charles Wesley Gray & his wife Maria (Trueblood) their 2 sons David & John. By 1880 Martha (fa. b. Germany, mo. b Ireland) has married Daniel Kelly, they have dau. Katherine, 1 mo old. Martha's son H. Thomas Kelly's death certificate shows her maiden name and it appears to be "Strong".

I have not been able to locate any Gray descendants who may help prove this. One of the Gray sons married and lived in Indiana. I find nothing to indicate a child sent to live with Grandma Isabel Gray. I have searched though the Gray daughters to see if there was illegitimate child but they were all married w children before Martha's birth in 1861.

My searches include: The Garden, MI area records, State of Michigan Vital records, Probate records in the respective counties, message boards & forums. Now I have been scouring through the online access of Berrien County.

I'm trying to find the parents of Martha. They may be a German or Irish family with the surname Strong, living in Berrien County around 1860-61. Medical history that may or not play into what happened to Martha's mother. Martha died of cancer of the womb/uterus. Her only daughter died of cancer of the uterus. Her granddaughter also had cancer of the uterus but by the 1940 she was given a hysterectomy. Other direct female descendants have not had these same diagnoses, fortunately. Posted July 5th, 2011 by Kayla King

KING: I am trying to locate information on my great-great grandfather Hezekiah KING. His 1915 death certificate indicates that he was born October 4, 1844 in Ohio and that his mother’s name was Mary. His daughter Maud KING-HARRIS was the informant. He was married to Delia CROMER on March 10, 1871 in Lincoln, Michigan according to the Berrien County Marriage register. The register indicates that his residence at the time of marriage was Royalton. They had two children: Samuel G. (my great-grandfather) born in Michigan in May 1874 or 1875 and Maud born in Michigan in 1876. The family moved to Chicago from Muskegon in the summer of 1895. The first census I can find them in is the 1900 Census and they are in Chicago.

I also ran across a newspaper article that I suspect may be referring to my Hezekiah, but I am unsure. The article reported that a Hezekiah King, once a resident of the Niles area, claimed the body of his estranged brother, J. J. King, from the University of Michigan medical program and had it interred in the Niles area on February 13th 1898. J. J. had died in late December 1897 at a Berrien County poor-house, but his death certificate provided no family information. I have found evidence of other family members at the Royalton Heights Cemetery, now part of the Riverview Cemetery in St. Joseph.

Any information, hints, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I would also be most happy to share what I have on this family. Thank you! Posted June 30, 2011 by Cindy Kanuch

BRYANT: Seeking information on Nathan B. Bryant born ~1835 in Ohio. He moved to Berrien county shortly thereafter. Not sure of his parents’ names He is in the 1850 census at 15 years of age in Division #10 of Berrien County . He lives with the Cook family. He is married in 1860 census and believe it is Susan White, b. ~1835/6 (according to census records). They have children: Marion , 9/12 years old. In 1880 census Nathan B., 35 lives with Susan, 35 and children Marion, 18; Frank, 18; Julia, 12 and Louis. 5. They moved to Iowa sometime after that. Any information or direction: marriage certificate, births is greatly appreciated. Dave Vinge Posted March 30, 2010

FRANCIS: Looking for any information on FRANCIS, Robert Harrison and descendants. B: 28 Jul 1888 Coal City, Ill; Died: 04 Jan 1968 Benton Harbor Michigan. Charles Francis Posted Oct 3, 2009

ANDERSON: On 12 May 1870, in Berrien Springs, David Anderson married Hila Ann (Reynolds) Lewis. Hila Ann was born in 1809 in New York. She lived in LaGrange County, Indiana in 1850 and 1860. She was previously married (on 24 Oct 1854) to Olmstead Lewis. Witnesses to the second marriage were her stepson James Lafayette Lewis and his wife Emeline Permelia Reynolds. The marriage record gives David Anderson's age as 62, his birthplace as Pennsylvania,and his occupation as farmer. Does anyone know anything more about this man? Kathleen Choi posted July 2, 2009

JACKSON, John C.:  He and his family, including wife Anastacia Redmond Nolan Jackson and their children, who included John Charles Jackson (my maternal grandfather) and Michael Timothy Jackson, moved across the lake from Lake County, IL in the mid-1870's and settled at Benton Harbor, where they were censused in 1880. There they joined members of the Yore family, who had preceded them to Michigan. John C. became a small-acreage orchardsman and passed away in 1896. He is buried there with his wife in a plot at the Resurrection Cemetery in St. Joseph, under an unusual Woodmen of the World-designed tombstone. County, local library, and the tombstone carvings give the year of his birth (apparently in Chester County PA) as 1797, which I believe is erroneous, since I have tracked him down through data in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 Census records in both Lake County IL and in Berrien County IN in which he reported that he was born in about 1815, in Pennsylvania, of parents who were 'from Canada.'

The 1797 date may have been taken from records he kept of his father and in 1896, when he died, were found by one of his daughters and mis-applied to his father, who might have also been named John C. Jackson. This is nothing more than speculation on my part. But that's another matter. What I'm trying to do is trace John C. Jackson's life from the time he was born in about 1815, to the known time in October 1855, when a notation of a record of his marriage to the widow Anastacia Redmond Nolan in Lake County, IL, is available from Illinois state sources.
If anyone has relevant information that would help me in this quest for information, please contact me at .
Thanks. Bob Wilson posted April 13, 2009 

HAPNER: Seeking place of burial for Andrew Hapner. Date of death would be between 1910 and 1940. He lived in Royalton Twp.
Thank you, Suzanne Posted Feb. 17, 2009

SACKET / SACKETT: I am looking for any information on either Pliny Sacket son of Pliny Sacket and Elisabeth Kellogg, born in New York after 1784. He married Nancy Bartlett in 1814 and then he died in 1853. She died in 1841. They moved from New York State to Berrien County, Michigan in 1838. They both died in Berrien County, Michigan. Also any information on one of their sons Israel Sacket born 1815 in New York and who married Hannah Aldridge born 1819 in New York. I am trying to find out where they are buried. I have this information regarding them: In 1850 Israel was living in Berrien County, Michigan, and was recorded in the census as Israel Sacket, a farmer, aged 36 and born in New York. Living with him were his wife Hannah, aged 31 and also born in New York, and children Mariette (9), Delia (7), Albert (5), Christopher (4), and Nancy (1). Christopher was my great great grandfather on my mother's side. (I know where he is buried). Israel was my great x 3 grandfather and Pliny great x 4 - and I am just trying to determine where Israel and Pliny and their spouses are buried. Some of the family spelled their name with one t at the end and some with two tt's, Sacket or Sackett. Thank you, Sharon Powalka Posted Feb. 17, 2009

KING: In the 1900 Federal Census, Bessie King is living with her Aunt-Fannie flewelling Brown and cousin William Brown. Bessie is 21 years of age. She is the granddaughter of Stephen King, my Great-great Grandfather who lived in Harrison County, Iowa. Bessie's sister was Rose (King) Jinkins, is deceased. I am trying to find Bessie's whereabouts in 1900 or a marriage. [email protected] Posted Jan 7, 2009

SLATE: I am trying to find any record of Ira Slate residing in Berrien County with his wife, Harriet Wyllis/Willis, and daughter, Ellen. According to a biographical sketch in DeLand’s History of Jackson County, 1903, Ira lived in the Berrien County area for many years, yet I am unable to find any reference to him other than the sketch. Ira was born approximately 1817 in New York. His mother's name was Esther. He and Harriet were married in Michigan, about 1840. I would appreciate any help and will gladly share information that I have. Thank you, Connie Natzke Posted Sept. 26, 2008

BAUDE: I am searching for any information relating to the Baude family which lived in the Benton Harbor and also Berrien Springs area during the period of 1900-1950. My grandfather’s name is Harold Frederick Baude, b. 16 Jul 1902 in the state of Michigan. He was married to Margaret L. Brown, b. 1903. They were married on 14 Jun 1923 in Centerline, MI. They had between 6-8 children, all born in Benton Harbor, one of which is my father Gerald Frederick Baude, b. 14 Sep 1933. Harold and Margaret were divorced in 1944 and she remarried to a gentleman by the name of John Bugher in 1945 and moved to Shepardsville, IN. After the divorce the family broke-apart and most of the children were sent to the Saint Joseph Orphanage, where some children were adopted and appears some simply ran away (my Father being one of them). We have been unable to identify the names of the children that were born to Harold and Margaret and this is hindering our research greatly. We do believe the majority of the children were school aged at the time of the divorce. Individuals within our family have serious medical conditions and we are attempting to contact all of the children we can find. So far we have located one of the brothers just in this past week through a posting similar to this one. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Gary L. Baude Posted April 10, 2008

VINCENT: I would like any info on William Albert Vincent and his wife Alice Henrietta Handy. They were married on March 14, 1867 in Buchanan, Michigan. email me at Richard Brattain Posted Mar 24, 2008

I am looking for descendants of Enoch Campbell who enlisted in the 6th Michigan Infantry in St. Joseph in 1861 at the age of 29 years. He died in 1862 on duty. John R. Keith, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Posted Mar 23, 2008

WRIGHT, HAMILTON: I am trying to find any information on Charles Riley Wright who was born in Berrien County approximately 1860. His parents were Eli and Eliza Wright. He might have been the Riley Wright who married Ida J. Hamilton on 02 Jan. 1880. John Wright - Posted Mar 12, 2008

LENEWAY: I am researching a Donald Leneway born 24 Aug 1928 that lived in Niles, Berrien, Michigan at the time of his Death 29 Aug 1994. I have also located a Karen D Leneawy born 22 Feb 1955 and died on 9 Sep 1994 while living in Niles, Berrien, Michigan. I would like to know if these two individuals were related and if so how. Dan Hebert Visit my web site at -Posted on Feb 16, 2008

SIDES, LOUX, HOADLEY, HARVICK, ROSE: I am looking for anyone related to Joseph and Suzanne Sides. Joseph died bef. 1870 and Suzanne died bef. 1880 in Pipestone Twp. The had the following children:
Catherine, Sides who marr. 1st to Rex Gill in Indiana, marr. 2nd to Asahel Hays in Berrien Co.
John A. Sides, who marr 1st to Mary Fleming, in Wells Co., IN; marr 2nd July Ann Loux in Berrien Co., then marr. 3rd to Sarah Sorrell Hoadley in Berrien Co.
David Sides, died in Civil War
William Nelson Sides, marr. 1st to Margaret Koontz in Whitley Co., IN, and marr 2nd to Sarah Harvick in Berrien Co.
Alminia Sides, no history on her.
Sabel Sides who marr. Jonathon Rose in Berrien Co.
Rebecca Sides who marr. Aaron Hoadley in Berrien Co.
Urian Mitchell, he never married
Some of the other surnames are: Brant, Bratz, Daisy, Felty, Hayes, Livingston, Manning, Oswalt, Pollard, Wood, Worth. I hope that someone can help me.
Trina Linn Galbraith Posted Feb 11, 2008

BREWSTER, PETTYS, TUCKER: Would like to share information on the family of Lucina TUCKER BREWSTER PETTYS who died in Bainbridge Township,Berrien County in 1911. She was the daughter of Lucina REW and Samuel TUCKER of New York State and wife of Samuel TUCKER who died 1862 and Daniel PETTYS who died 1883. There were 4 BREWSTER children,James Barney,Alva,Homer and Emma Jane and 1 PETTYS child,Aurah who married Samuel WILDER. Very interested in 1900's family history of this family. CR Troemel Posted Feb 11, 2008

SULLIVAN, CUMMINGS: Looking for information on my grandfather named in the subj line. He was supposedly born in Shannon Ireland in the mid to late 1870's. Married Anne (Cummings ?) born Detroit, MI. He worked for the Standard Oil company as I have his 20 year pin from there. It is dated 1892 so I would guess he worked for them from 1892-1912. Mary was for years an employee of the Benton Harbor library finally becoming the head of the children's department. They had 4 children, Kathern Anne, Loretta and my father Charles and his twin sister Mary born in Sept 1915. Mary and Sully were born in St Joe I think. The family lived at 238 Pleasent St. Any information is appreciated. Mike Sullivan Posted Jan 28, 2008

MEAD: I am desperately trying to find out more about William and Eunice Mead. I know that William came from New Jersey and was a descendent of the early (1600s) Dutch settlers of New Holland (New York) and New Jersey. We have had that confirmed, but there are two William Meads in the tree, neither's birth date alligns with the William buried in Buchanan's Oakridge Cem. I need more details on William/Eunice. Arnold Raymond Mead Posted Jan. 10, 2007

TUBBS, BRANT: I am looking for info on the Tubbs family who are buried in the Brant Family Cemetary. Id like to know how are they related to the Brants? Their names were Hiram, Mary, and Charles. Any help would be great. Thanks Debra Johnson Posted Jan. 6, 2007

HUNT: I am seeking information about Anson Morgan Hunt who moved to Niles, Michigan around 1862. He died in Niles November 5, 1885 Richard Goode - Posted Dec 14, 2007

MCBRIDE, BURRIDGE: I am trying to trace Dougal McBride, who may have come to Michigan from Ontario between 1851 and 1861. He was born about 1838-40 in Canada West, which is now Ontario. I found a marriage record for Dugle McBride, age 45, a resident of Sodus, Berrien County, Michigan who was born in Ontario. This marriage took place on August 20, 1884 in St Joseph and the bride's name was Octivina Nelson (Burridge) also a resident of Sodus. I believe this Dugle McBride died sometime before 1900, as there is a record for an Octavia McBride, a widow, who was living in Kalamazoo at the State Hospital there, in the 1900 census but I dont find Dougal. Many thanks for any assistance locating a place of death for Dougal or any other info. on this family. Ann Froebel, Toronto, Canada - Posted Nov 13, 2007

COTTRELL: I am looking for the resting places of my GGG Grandad George B. Cottrell b.04/28/1807 d. 03/04/1884. His last mailing address was Buchanan Michigan on 07/31/1883 according to Civil War Pension papers from the National Archives. He resided in Buchanan from between 1844-47 until 1869. He then moved to Iowa but moved back to Michigan shortly before he died. Also I am looking for the resting place of his son Hiram Newton Cottrell b. 07/09/1835 d. 12/28/1860. Mark Cottrell Posted August 30, 2007

DONOVAN: I am looking for information on the the birth of James Benamin Donovan. Born c. 1859. Parents (?) James Chauncy Donovan and Sophia Spangle. CONTACT UNNAMED Posted August 30, 2007

MOST, WIRTH: My grandfather Otis Wirth and his brother Herb took a trip in the late 1940's from Twin Falls Idaho to Yuma Arizona. Along the way, they visited a Frank Most who lived in Tacoma Wash. Both Otis and Herb grew up in Weesaw township and were friends with a Most family who lived in Weesaw or Galien township. Does anyone know if Frank Most was a member of that family? Guy Wirth Posted July 24, 2007

HEAD: I'm looking for information on the family of Jacob and Mary Head of Buchanan. They both died in 1897. I would especially like to find information on their grand-daughter, Dora Head, daughter of Jacob Melvin Head and Mary World. Dora was born about 1892. Eva Stowers Posted Apr 24, 2007

SHEPARD: I am looking for information on my GGGrandfather Stephen R. Shepard went to Berrien County, Michigan about 1835 with “Smith & Merrick” to clear timber land. He was born about 1800, married to Adeline G. Marbel. They had 3 children born in New York: Morten born 29 Dec. 1829, Burton born about 1833, and Almira born about 1834. I do not know where in New York this family was from. They resided in Bainbridge Michigan, they are buried in the Penn Yan cemetery. Thank you Doug Shepard Posted Apr 15, 2007

HOFFMAN: Researching: Children of John A Hoffman b 1827 and Amanda Ferguson b 1850. Wallace Hoffman b. 1870 married Rachel Guthrie, they had 2 children, Norman and Margaret. Oscar Hoffman b 1875 married Katherine (Catherine) they had 1 child, Cleo Flora Hoffman b 1881 married Alonzo Brado. C. White Posted March 2007

CALLAGHAN: I am trying to find my Grandparent's Patrick & Mary Callaghan. Two of there children were born 1879 Michael and George 1863. I'm looking for Patrick cemetery, died 1879. Bonnie Callaghan Posted 2006, Email updated 2007

CREITZER: I am researching John Creitzer who is buried in the Storick Cemetery. He was born in Pennsylvania about 1784-88 and moved to Berrien County by 1842. His wife at that time was named Elizabeth. I am trying to locate a list of his and her children. They were both probably married before and may have had children by other spouses. Willing to share information that I have found. A Catherine Raver married John Quick in Berrien County in 1842 at John Critzer's home. It is not clear but Catherine may have been a Creitzer not a Raber. One of thier daughters, Elizabeth Quick married John Harner. William Brackett Posted 2006, Email updated 2007

MORLEY: I have been trying to find information about the second wife of Almond Bigelow. Her name is Mary Bigelow. Her maiden name was Levanway. I recently learned that there is a Mary Bigelow listed in the 1870 Berrien County Census Weesaw Township, Berrien County, Michigan (Roll: M593_664; Page 485; Image: 524). I believe she might be the Mary that we've been looking for. The spelling of the last name could be Biglow, Bigalow, or Bigelow. She appears to be living with a family by the name of Morley. Morley, Wm ,71, Male, White, Preacher, $1000, $300, Mass (he is the last name on the page before.); Morley, Jane, 75, F, W, Keeps House, Pennsylva; Morley, Albert, 19, M, W, labour, Mich; Biglow, Mary, 64, F, W, NY. I would appreciate it very much if someone would respond to this query. Hopefully, some descendants of the Morley Family might have some information about this Mary. Mary Posted 2006, Email updated 2007

HATFIELD: Would like contact with anyone who has knowledge of James Henry Hatfield who married a Margareth E. and lived in Berrien county in 1880 next door to his parents George Hatfield and Nancy? Rebecca Ervi Posted in 2004, Email updated in 2007

TABER / TABOR: Seeking information on Jonathan Tabor/Taber (d 1862) and wife Rebecca Thomas Tabor/Taber (d 1862) who died in Sodus Township and were originally buried in Rector Cemetery. Susan Aho Posted in 2006, Email updated in 2007

KEITH, HARRINGTON, ADAMS, WILLARD: Seeking infoon Abigail Keith and husband Baxter Adams who d. in New Buffalo abt. 1880, both originally of MA, then Adams, NY. Also would like info abt. any other Adams or Keith early settlers, including Pamelia Ann Keith Harrington (bur. in Millburg Cemetery) and James & Rufus Willard. Appreciate any clues! Susan Skilton Posted 2004, Email updated in 2007

HARR, SIEMON: I am looking for information about Adam M. Harr born 1872. He married Tilley Siemon 14 Oct 1896, they lived in Baroda. I am looking for the name of his parents and any info. about him and his family. Shannon Hoverson Posted in 2004. Email updated 2007

DEWITT, SWIFT, WILLETT:Benton Swift b. 1813, Niles, Berrien Co., MI married Sarah Jane Willett 1838 Niles MI. Their daughter, Susan Appleton Swift b. 7 July 1841, Niles. Benton died 1844, Niles, MI. Sarah taught school in Niles. Benton was the son of Richard Swift and Jemina Jane DeWitt. Richard died in NY. Jemina Jane married Benjamin Pittman in Ohio and settled in Niles, MI. Jemina's other sons were: James (lived in Buchanan Co.), Issac, John and Richard. Sarah Jane Willett Swift m. Dr. Charles C. Wallin of Buchanan Co and they moved to Chicago. Would like to correspond with any desc. of said family. Julia Joaquin Posted 2004, Email updated in 2007

GRAHAM: I am looking for information on John Graham who lived in Niles (b 20 May 1885, d May 1967). His wife Lola b. 6 February 1887, d. June 1976. They had at least 3 children--Bruce, Joyce and Ross. I believe this John is the same person as my great uncle John Graham who was born in Gaylord in Otsego County. Will be happy to exchange information on the Graham family. Gloria Smith Posted 2004. Email updated 2007

SWEENEY: Searching for anyone connectged to Anthony Sweeney b. 1826, wife Bridget __?__. Lived in Watervliet in 1880 with children James F. (whom I am researching) Mary, Bernard and Anthony. James B. b. 1859 married Elouise Newell b. 1857. Lived in Largo, FL until their death. Nancy Posted 2004, Email updated in 2007

MARGOLIS, PLATT: Seeking any info re and descendents of Vera (Platt) MARGOLIS, born circa 1887 in Lithuania and who had children Irving and Betty (b. 1926?). Vera and family may have lived in Benton Harbor in the 1940s, if not longer, according to a cousin who remembers an Aunt Vera there. Vera had older siblings Morris PLATT and Sarah HERR, of Chicago. Vera's older half-sister, Jessie GREFENSON, was my great-grandmother, who lived in Erie, PA. Would appreciate any leads to Vera's descendents so that we may share
family history going back to Lithuanian origins.
Daniel Barron Posted 2003, Email updated 2007

BRANT: Lacey Brant married Angeline Brown on 29 Nov 1830 in North East, PA. They came to Berrien County in the 1830s where they lived and raised a family. Census records indicate Angeline Brown was born in Vermont. Does anyone know her family connections. I am familiar with Lacey's heritage but not Angeline Browns. William Brackett Posted 2003 Email updated in 2007

TURLEY: I am trying to find some family history. My great grandmother Katherine Turley and other family members are buried there in New Buffalo, MI at Pine Grove Cemetery. Seeking any information on the Turley name. Karin Turley Rubio Posted 2003, Email updated 2007

BROOKINS: Searching for mother of William H. Brookins. William and wife Mary A. are known to have been living in Niles in 1873 & 1874. In 1872 William lived in Brooklyn PA, in 1877 he was in Dayton OH, so could have been Niles from 1873 - 1876. According to another record, William's mother was living with them at time of her death and was buried in Niles. Mother had remarried prior to her death, but new name not known. William was born 1824, so mother was probably born around 1800. Any information is appreciated. Arlene Woody Posted 2003, Email updated in 2007

ROSS: I am looking for a connections to Jack Leroy Ross b. 29 Jan 1930 poss. in Elkhart, Ind. He is also known to have lived in Benton Harbor MI. Parents were Shirley and Alton Ross. This is all the info I have at the moment, Jack is the father of my father-in-law. CONTACT UNNAMED Posted 2003, Email updated 2007

DULIN/DULLEN: Maurice and Bridget in LaPorte IN in 1850. In 1860, Maurice/Morris and children are in Niles. Children: Morris (b. 1823-26), Patrick (b. 1837), Catherine (b. 1835), and John (b. 1839). Other children: Hannah (b. 1831), Ann (b. 1831), and possibly Winifred (b. 1840) and Bridget. I'm trying to determine if Winifred and Bridget are part of this family. Linda Dickey Posted in 2003, Email updated in 2007

WALTER: Seeking information regarding John August Walter, who was enumerated in Sodus, Berrien County in the 1910 census. He was 57 years old, gave Indiana as his place of birth. Enumerated with him was his wife Minnie Carr Garrett Walter, 40; a daughter Margaritte, 7/12 and a adopted daughter Anna Olive Garrett, age 7. Any info about this family will be greatly appreciated JN Watson Posted 2003, Email updated 2007

Greetings from Auckland New Zealand. I would very much like to find out information about my Great Uncle Frank Harrison. Frank and his brothers John (my Grandfather) and Alfred were brought up in Mauritius and as young men went their separate ways. I have just discovered that Frank Harrison went to the USA and became a member of the House of David. I guess the early 1900's is the period hewould have been there. Looking forward to hearing from someone. With best wishes. Beverley M Smith Posted 2002, Email updated in 2007

DILTS, BURNS: Looking for information, and descendants of John N.Dilts, b. circa 1824 in Ohio. Also seeking information on his spouse Mary Burns, b. New York, married in Berrien Co.Michigan in 1848. John lived in Galien. He enlisted in the Civil War at Niles in 1861. T. Green Posted 2002, updated 2007

PITCHER: Looking for info. on Robert Pitcher 1879-1978. He was the adopted son of Oscar & Isbell Dustin Pitcher. Robert was youngest child born to Marshall Edgar Hotchkiss and Lillian Pitcher, and was the only child adopted out. Did mother, Lillie, die? Marshall moved west and re-married in 1883. Did Robert Pitcher marry? Would like to find family. Marti Roe Posted in 2002, Email updated in 2007

SMITH: I would like to contact researchers concerning Peter Smith, 8/29/1825-10/30/1895 and George Smith May 22, 1813 - Nov. 13, 1892. I am a descendant of their brother John who stayed in PA when the rest of the fanmily moved to Berrien Co. Tony Posted 2002, Email updated 2007

WOLLMAN: Seeking information on Melvin Peter Wollam. He married Augusta Suzanne Ehrensperger in Berrien County on Feb 4, 1900. He was previously married and had a son named Victor. With Augusta he moved from there to Florida and had 5 children. Any information you have would be helpful. Melvin was born in June between 1868-1870 in Berrien County. Looking for information on his family D. Dammon Posted in 2002, Email updated in 2007

WECKLER: Seeking info. on all Wecklers in Berrien County. Peter Weckler (5/29/1823-11/21/1903) b: Prussia/Germany d: St. Joseph, Berrien Co., MI, m. 6/27/1849 Chicago, Cook Co., IL to Louise Esalhorst (10/24/1825-5/9/1912) b: Hanover, Ger. d: St. Joseph, Berrien Co., MI. Their known children are: 1. Peter Weckler (1850-1910), 2. Louis Weckler (1852-1862), 3. William Weckler (1854-1904), 4. unknown, 5. unknown, 6. Julius Weckler (1858-1918), 7. Adam Weckler (1861-1950), 8. unknown, 9. Louise Weckler (1864-1944), 10. Flora Weckler (1867-1955) CHAD Posted 2002, Updated 2007

CLARK, KNAPP, WARNER,Watervliet:"Myster Man" Avery Clark born NY/Mass/PA (whichever census you look at) was living in Watervliet with Dennis and Ann CLARK in the 1860 Census. Avery was living with Joseph and Josephine (WARNER) KNAPP in 1880 in Watervliet also. He appears to have never married at least by that date. I believe he is the son of Michael CLARK who was living In Port Allegany PA. Any Information would be appreciated. H.Dodge Posted 2002, Email updated 2007

JONES: Seeking information on the family of James Jones and Eliza Noland/Noel who moved to Berrien Co, Michigan in 1836 from Shenandoah Co, Virginia. Specifically, seeking the names of parents or siblings of both. James Jones, b: abt. 1813 VA, m: 1833 to Eliza Noland in Winchester, VA, d: May 1864 Wilderness, VA, 1st Michigan Sharp Shooters, Company G.

Eliza (Noland/Noel) Jones, b: 1815 in Shenandoah Co, VA, d: 1891 in Berrien Co, MI

They had the following children:
John W. Jones (1834-?)
James M. Jones (1836-1913)
Morgan W. Jones (1839-1917)
Jesse A. Jones (1841-1907)
Sanford L. Jones (1842-1894)
Abraham Stoner Jones (1846-?)
Jospehus Jones (1847-?)
Jacob G. Jones (1850-1902)
Eliza Floretta Jones (1852-?)
Anna Rosetta (1855-?)
Mary Leoad Capitola Jones (1859-?)

L. Jones Posted in 2002, Email updated in 2007

YORE, REDMOND:Seeking information abt. Patrick Yore b. 1830 who came from Ireland (most likely county Meath) and Catherine Redmond who settled and died in Benton Harbor, Michigan but were married in Lake County, Illinois. Catherine was a daughter of Michael Redmond b. 1792 and Catherine Sutton Redmond b. 1792 who immigrated to Lake Forest Lake County, Illinois, supposedly from County Wexford, Ireland. Patrick & Catherine Yore had 10 children: Thomas, Mary Ann, John, William, George P. (he married Effie Leonore Baxter), Richard, Catherine, James, Matthew (married a Margaret Byrne or Byrnes), Michael (he married Addie Percy). Catherine Redmond's brother, Thomas Redmond married a Mary Jane Yore of Deerfield, Illinois. A sister, Margaret Redmond married Thomas Yore of Deerfield, Illinois (they moved out to California after marrying in Illinois.

Also seeking information abt. Mathias Yore (County Meath, Ireland) who married Mary Bradley (we don't have any information abt. her) before 1822. Mathias Yore may have been a brother or cousin to the Michael Yore (b. 1798 possibly in County Meath) and RoseAnna Farley Yore (b. 1799 in Ireland) of Deerfield, Lake County, Illinois. Michael and Rose Anna Yore's son Matthew married Margaret Farley. We don't know what relationship she had to Roseanna Farley. We would like to know the Farley connection here. Thomas and Mary Jane Yore were children to Michael and Roseanna Farley Yore. We don't know where Michael and Roseanna married, possibly Ireland. We are trying to determine the connection of Michael in Lake Forest, Mathias William Yore of Benton Harbor. Hederer Posted 2002, Email updated 2007

MOORE: Looking for other descendants researching the Moore family in Pipestone Township. Benjamin and Harriet settled in Pipestone around before 1860. They had several children, son Myron was one of them. Myron was born about 1833 in NY, he married Eleanor --?-- born about 1837 in NY. Myron and Eleanor had two children; Emily born about 1858 and her brother Byron born Aug. 29, 1859 in Berrien Co., MI. Deb Faith Posted in 2002, Email updated in 2007

COOK: My Great Grandfather, Sears Carroll Cook, (also known as S. Carroll Cook and SC Cook) was a proprietor of a resort/campground sometime in the early 1900s in Buchanan. I believe the name of the resort/campground was Twin Pines, but I am not sure. It was located at or near Clear Lake. Any information on this resort and/or my Great grandfather and family would be greatly appreciated. I do know that his daughter, Helen had married a Henry Kemp in Three Oaks in July 1907. Carroll Dennis Cook Posted 2002, Email updated in 2007
FULTON , POWERS :I am looking for information on David Fulton. David m. Sarah Powers and to that union they had at least one child, a daughter Mary Louise/Lousia Fulton. David died before 1849, as Sarah re-married to an Isaac Hall. David had several brothers, known are as follows: , Alexander and James. Erin Marie Pierce Posted in 2001, Email updated in 2007

RARICK /RAUCH: I have been researching, for many years, the family of William D. Rarick who lived most of his adult life in Yates Co., NY. He m., date unknown, Charlotte Rauch, probably in Steuben Co., NY. I have been told that Charlotte can be found in Berrien County in either the 1900 or 1910 census, with a daughter. Can anyone find a way to verify this for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Robert Snyder Posted 2001, Email updated 2007

RUNNER, RAPP : William Franklin Runner and wife Fredericka Christina Rapp (b. June 18. 1856, Ohio) lived in Buchanan, Berrien, MI after their marriage, abt. 1878. Fredericka died on September 13, 1949 in Buchanan and is buried there. William is possibly buried in Buchanan as well. Would appreciate any information on this family. Sue Posted in 2001, Email updated in 2007

DOANE: I have a Mrs. William Henry Harrison Doane (I believe her first name was Maryette or Martha) b. ? d. 1864 in Pipestone Township. In a newspaper clipping in which she is mentioned it says "... Mrs. H.H. Doane, of Berrien county, so well known throughout the state by her brilliant writings." I would like to find information on the writings she did. Laura Wilk Posted 2001, Email updated in 2007

STICKNEY: I am searching for anyone who can help me locate information about Bertha L. Stickney who was born August 27,1883. Her city of residence was given in the Michigan Death Database as Hershey, Osceola County, Michigan. Sometime prior to her death she moved to St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan. She died there in March of 1979. I am also trying to locate information about a grandmother who emigrated from Massachusetts to Michigan in 1840. The grandparents and six children settled at Owosso, Shiawassee County. Bertha talked about this grandmother in a recipe competition from which she won a prize. The family recipe for Irish Batter Bread was passed down from this grandmother when she died. I have the recipe and the story, and am willing to share my information.Carrol Martin Posted 2001, Email updated in 2007

BURBACH: I'm looking for anyone who is researching the Burbach surname. I know that they live in Berrien County in the Eau Claire area. Jacob Burbach married Susanna Thomas and they are buried in Caldwell Cemetery, along with some of their children. If anyone has info. please email me, I am willing to share information. Penny Posted in 2001, Email updated in 2007

BRODERICK: Looking for info. on James Broderick, born in Ireland 1804, died in Hagar Township on Oct. 8, 1880; his wife Bridget was born 1814 in Ireland and died in Bainbridge on Dec. 1, 1874. James and Bridget are buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Silver Creek. They had three sons, Michael who died Apr.15,1925; Peter who died 1871; and Edward who died Jun. 2, 1914. Please contact me at Kirk Vandenberg Posted 2001, Email updated 2007

KENNEDY :Looking for info. on Michael Kennedy born 1831 Ireland, died Mar. 20, 1917 Benton township, married Elizabeth Duffy Kennedy, born Ireland and died in Chicago, IL on Jun. 13, 1919. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Benton Harbor, MI. They had children Thomas, David, James, Michael, Mary, & Elizabeth. Please contact me at Kirk Vandenberg Posted 2001, Email updated 2007

FLOOD: Looking to exchange info. on William Flood died Aug. 27, 1872 in Hagar, MI and wife Rose Lynch Flood died Jan. 8, 1900 Hagar, MI. Contact me at Kirk Vandenberg Posted 2001, Email updated 2007

HICKEY: Looking for any Hickey's from Hagar Township, Berrien Co. MI. Capt. John Hickey died 1901; wife, Catherine Kennedy Hickey died Jan. 1931. John and Catherine were married in Boston in 1870; they had five sons: John, Michael, Edward, James, and David. Kirk Vandenberg Posted 2001, Email updated 2007

TURNER: Seeking information about William Turner who operated the an oil filter plant at Niles, Berrien, MI sometime during the lat 1800's. Possibly around 1880-1890 and possibly the Turner Oil Filter Co.Paul Turner Posted 2001, Email updated in 2007

OMANS:Seek any info on Ernest and Lulu (Canfield?) Omans. Ernest died in Niles, Berrien County, MI on March 1983 and Lulu d. in Buchanan, February 1976. John Hutchins Posted in 2001, Email updated in 2007

BROWER: Seeking information on infant Brower baby born and died 1864-1865 in St. Joseph, Michigan while family enroute to Iowa. Child of Hurlburt D. Brower and wife Cornelia (Woodcock) Brower. Last name may still be spelled Brouwer, but doubtful. Would appreciate any record or cemetery listing. Barbara Krogh Posted in 2001, Email updated in 2007

ROGERS, SMITH, ANDERSON,ROOME, LAMB:I am searching for descendants of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers. Their children's names are James F. Smith, who died July 17, 1927; Mrs. Mary Anderson, who died March 1927; Charles Lamb, Mrs. Esther Roome, and Thomas Rogers. The parents died when the five children were young and they were adopted. James F. Smith was adopted by Michael and Margaret (Musselman) Smith, of Hagar Twp., Berrien County. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Sherlene Schmitt-Belden Posted in 2000, Email updated in 2007

SCHRUMPF: Looking for anyone with family connection to the Schrumpf surname from Niles and Galien, Berrien County, Michigan; also connecting families.Lorenz Schrumpf Posted 2000, Email updated 2007

WARREN , PAYNE/PAIN, PROCTOR, CLOUGH: Seek info on fam of Doran Warren (1840-1861) and wife Ellen Maria Payne (1844-?), who res Riverside, Berrien Co., MI. Their ch: Elias Herbert Warren b 1862 Riverside, MI; Luther Willis Warren b 1864 Riverside, MI, m Jessie Belle Proctor; Walter Martin Warren b 1867 Riverside, MI; Lillie J. Warren b 1869 Rochester, MI; Bessie Rosellen Warren b 1874 Disco, MI; and Florence or Flora Hannah Eliza Warren b 1878 Judd's Corner, MI. It's said that Luther Warren later moved to California. His father Doran was the son of Ansel B. Warren and Eliza E. Clough of Shelby, Macomb Co., MI. Ansel Warren was raised in Western New York where his parents were New England settlers in
the early 1800's. Ansel's brother Benedict Warren moved to Lake, Berrien Co., MI in his old age. If you have any Warrens here, please contact me.Karen Mohr Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

WEISE , HEISE , FISCHER/FISHER:Seeking information on a female known to me as E.M. Wiese who lived in Benton Harbor in 1914 (?). She would have been quite elderly by then, probably in her 70's. Her maiden name may have been Heise or Fischer, and her initial M. may have stood for Matilda. Margaret Pattison Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

W ATSON:Berton G. Watson was a doctor in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He was born in 1864, completed medical training in 1888, practiced in Auburn, IN for about 5 years, then returned to Benton Harbor. He died, I believe, about 1954. His father was Joseph H. Watson of Pennsylvania. I am wondering if anyone would know what happened to the medical records of his patients. Is there a possibility they still exist? Would be interested in information on this family. (Rose Watson Johns Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

FOSTER, DEARMOND:These families lived in Berrien County in the mid 1800s. Old letter (1855) to my g-grandfather said members of these families had moved from Butler County, OH to Berrien Co., MI. I would like to find info and/or contact descendants.Nancy Sween Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

LASSFOLK/LASFOLK: There is Lassfolk family buried Pine Grove Cemetery. Charles J. Lassfolk d. in 1911, although the cemetery record does not indicate what month or day. I am seeking the month and day of his death. I also desire a birth record of Mary Lassfolk who resided New Buffalo 1883 to 1954. There are none known by me to be living at this time in Berrien. John Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

FULLER, MORRIS : Seek info.on George E. Fuller who married Alwilda (Armilda) Morris in 1875 in Berrien County, MI. This couple later lived in Monon, White Co.,IN. George was born in 1849 in Bennington, Vt, the son of Elliott Brown Fuller and Elvira H. Raymond. Armilda was the daughter of John Morris and his wife Lucinda Unknown last name. Robert Lytal Posted in 1999, Email updated in 2007

Dakin : Seek information on Nathan Henry Dakin b abt 1840 in Michigan. In the 1890 Veterans' Schedules: US Selected States, he was located in Berrien County in Buchanan Township ED 53. I would appreciate any information on Nathan Henry regarding marriage and children. Belva Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

Warren: Seek info. on families of Benedict Brooks Warren, born 1817 in Genesee Co., NY and died 15 Aug. 1888 at Lake City, Berrien Co., MI. He married 1st to Emeline Sherman; married 2nd to Marietta ____. Ch of Benedict and Emeline: George E. Warren; Stephen E. Warren; Elvira M. Warren married 1st to Sylvanus Vincent, married 2nd to Mr. Childs; Ryland M. Warren; Percy Amanda Warren; and Willie Warren. Descendants: Fitch, Longbine, Oakley, Chamberlain. Karen Mohr Posted 1999, updated 2007

Aldrich, Foster: I am looking for information about Louisa Aldrich who married Charles H. Foster in Berrien County some time after 1830. I have information about Charles H. Foster who grew up in Canterbury N.H. and was the son of Jerimiah C. Foster. I suspect that the Aldrich family may have lived in Berrien Co. One of their children, Frank A. Foster was my gg-grandfather. I believe all the children died young. Charles ended up near Larabee, Cherokee County Iowa. Terry Kneen Posted 1999, Email Updated 2007

Peebles: Researching the Peebles family that lived in Niles in Berrien County, Michigan. There are other variations of the names also. I have some information on these families to share but am always looking for more. MarkPeebles Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

Schaus: Researching Charles G. Schaus and his wife Augusta Butzbach. Mr. Schaus was a farmer in Spinks Corners, Berrien Co.. Their children were born starting abt. l872, so I am guessing that Charles and wife were born l850's. Thanks for any info.Marsha Emberson Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

Locke :Seeking information regarding Zula Locke, b ca 1880 who first married a Alonzo Garrett on Oct 5, 1904 and then divorced him, also in Berrien Co. She then married a Frank Rigsby on Oct 12, 1923. She was 53 years old when she remarried. She was the daughter of a William Locke. Her mother's maiden name was Tillapaugh. JN Watson Posted 1999, Email updated in 2007

BEATTIE, PULLEN: Seeking descendants of Wesley Winslow Beattie and Sarah
L. Pullen who were married in Berrien Springs, Berrien Co., Michigan on February 23, 1868. Sarah was born in Maine, USA. Any leads would be appreciated.Sarah Gura Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

PULLEN, SPAULDING:Seeking descendants of Charles B. Pullen (b. 1815 -
Maine) and his wife, Orenza Spaulding (b. abt 1817 in N.H.). They resided in Oronoko Twp., Berrien Co., Mich. in the mid to late 1800's. Their children were: Lloyd A. Pullen b. abt 1842 in Maine; Charles M. Pullen b. abt 1844 in Maine; Sarah L. Pullen b. abt 1845 in Maine-married Wesley W. Beattie 1868; George P. Pullen b. abt 1847 in Maine-married Hannah Sylvester; Greenleaf Pullen b. abt 1849 in Maine. Sarah Gura Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

GRIFFIN, NOEL: Seek info. on Orrin Griffin and Maria Noel (husband and wife) who lived in Berrien Co., Michigan 23 May 1837. Orrin d. 18 Mar 1854 Niles, Berrien Co. Maria d. abt. 1853 in Niles. Their children were: Minerva 1841, William 1842 and Maria 1853. Maria Noel Griffin's father was William Tinsley Noel, he was b. in VA, but was in Berrien Co. abt 1830, he d. in TX 1866. Children born to William and his fourth wife Hetta Miller: William, Margaret, Martha, Theophilus and Gideon born 1843. Margaret married George Gover(?), Martha married William Jones and Theophilus married Harriet Harris. William Tinsley Noel owned land in Berrien Co. I could never find where Orrin and Maria were buried. Odessa Isbell Posted 1999, Email updated 2007

PRICE :Seeking information about the children of Christopher and Elizabeth Jane (Johnson) Price. Christopher b. 1837 KY Elizabeth b. 1856 IN. They lived in Weesaw Twp, Berrien County, MI and had children: Minerva b. 1875 IN; Mabel b. 1876 IN m. Wm. Stroup; Medford m. b. 1878 MI; Mary b. 1879 MI; Myrtle b. 1881 MI; Milford b. 1884 m. Unk. Flynn; Alfred b. 1886; Alma "Retta" b. 1887 m. Clyde Weaver; Charles Calvin b. 1889 MI; Phoebe b. ca 1890; David Thurston b. 1893 MI; John S. b.1895; Edward b. 1899; Delbert b. ca 1901. Also would like info on children of Christopher's brother, James A. and Charlotte Price: Abraham, Minerva, Charles, Emma, Ida, Martin, Henry, Alice or Delia, James, Nora. I have information to share. SMG Davis Posted in 1999, Email updated in 2007

Mills: Seek information on Dayton Mills, s/o Jeremiah Mills of NJ & OH. Dayton married Sarah ??? Children were said to be: John P. Mills & Alice Mills who married Mr. Weaver. There may have been other children. He lived for a time in Warren Co., OH, but sold out in 1863. He is supposed to be buried at Hills Corners, MI in the Smith Graveyard; is there such a place? Appreciate any contacts or additional information on this family. Audrey Shields Hancock Posted 1998, Email updated in 2007

Willis, Nye: Seeking birthplace and parents of Shelah Willis b. abt. 1806 in N.C. m. 26 Aug. 1829, Warren Co., OH to Phebe Nye. Shelah and Phebe moved into Berrien Co. in the 1840's. Phebe d. abt. 1846 and Shelah m Amret Webster 18 Mar 1848 in Berrien Co. Children of Shelah & Phebe were: Emily, Arthur A, Jasper, William E. and Amanda. Children of Shelah & Amret were: John, Elisha, David, Jane, Asa (?) and Phebe. Also coming into Berrien Co with Shelah was his brother Delahae (spelling unclear). In the 1860 census Delahae is in Pokagon Twp., Cass Co. I am a descendent of Emily Willis and have information to share. Barbara Moon Weiler Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

Denend: Searching for any information regarding Denend family, in Berrien Co. This name also spelled, alternatively, Demend/Demmend and Demming. Patriarch William Denend, Sr., purchased 40 acres in Berrien Co. circa 1850. Wife Eliza Malcolm, later wife Mary Jane Dalyrmple. William's children Andrew Jackson (called AJ or "Jackson"), William, Jr., Sarah (called "Sally"), Eliza Jane, Charles, John, and Laurette. Laurette m. William Bowen. Stacy Augustine Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Malcolm: Searching for Eliza M. Malcolm, m. William Denend, 1830 perhaps Hamilton Co., Ohio; b. circa 1810. Eliza div. William Denend, and is believed to have m. William BOWEN after 1850.Stacy Augustine Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Halstead/Halsted: Searching for information regarding family of Levi Halstead/Halsted, b. 1812 and Mary "Polly" JACKSON b. 1816, Ohio. Children Isaac, Peter, William R., Martha, Adaline. Also looking for relatives including Orange Halstead,
Charles Halstead, Thompson Halstead, William Halstead. Additional family member may be Lott Halstead, showed as drowned in the mortality schedule.Stacy Augustine Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Tomaszewski :I am looking to find living relatives of Angeline Tomaszewski who died in February 1878 in Benton Harbor. Angeline and her daughter (name unknown) came to visit my family in Red Wing, Minnesota. They are related to us. If you have any ideas on how I can reach someone in this family, please contact me. Jill Johnson Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

, Franz, Furney:Seek info. on Fred Lincoln Borton b.2/8/1865 (USA) d. 12-07-1943 St. Joseph, MI; married to Christina Franz b. 05-28-1869? d.11-26-1943, both resided in Eau Claire, MI for most of their lives. Fred was supposedly taken in by a Borton family in Eau Claire around 1867, given their name, and raised as their own. He did not learn he was not a Borton until he was about 16. His real family name may be Turney, Tierney, or Furney according to what appears to be his marriage license. Supposedly, Fred's mother took his two older siblings and went off in search of his father who was "lost in the civil war". Fred and Christina had several children of their own: 1.Leslie Maude (Borton) Breeneman b.09-16-1890 d.11-20-1978; 2.Ross Borton b.05-09-1895 d.Largo, FL?; 3.Walter Jay Borton b.01-28?-1899 d. 04-10-1937; 4. Anna (Borton) Jewell b.05-30-1901 d. @1946; 5.John Henry Borton b.12-07-1904 d.01-31-1962; 6.Lucille May (Borton) Watkins b.06-23-1907 d.12-08-1986; 7.Katherine (Borton) Bingham [email protected] Any information on Fred's real parents, his real last name, or the Borton family that took him in would be appreciated. I also am interested in sharing/learning about other Berrien County family trees including: Borton, Olmstead, Field, Mounsey, Spear, Johnson, Schunke, Dewitt, Fowler, and others. John Borton Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Buck: Sarah Buck, age 16 m. Ira E. Carpenter on 12 February, 1875 in Weesaw Twp, Berrien County. She was b. 26 June 1859 in Canada West, fathers name could be Benjamin Buck. Mothers name unknown. They moved to Huron County after marriage. Looking for info on Buck family. ArleighJoe Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Stewig/Stwig /, McIntyre:My ancestors, Isaac Stewig and Sarah McIntyre were mar. New Buffalo, Berrien Co., MI 25 June 1882. The marriage record shows his surname as Stwig. It also shows as one of the witnesses an Anna Stwig and indicates her residence as New Buffalo. Would appreciate any information regarding the Stewig/Stwig family in Berrien Co. Fern Eddy Schultz Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

DONOVAN , GALLIVAN:Samuel Kingston Donovan b. 1829 in Jordon, Onondaga Co., NY, d. 1872 in Ivesdale, Champaign Co., IL, married in 1856 to Ellen Gallivan b. 1830, Co. Kerry, Ireland, d. 1909, Joliet, Will Co., IL. They resided in Three Oaks, Berrien Co., MI 1850 - 1867. First Treasurer of Three Oaks Township, owned Three Oaks Hotel 1850-1856. Children include: Harriet, John, Henry, James J., Thomas, Mary Margaret, Catherine. Patrick M. Clark Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

GALLIVAN: Michael Gallivan b. 1825, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, d. 27 June 1870 in Weesaw Twp., Berrien County, MI, married abt. 1854 Hannorah ? , b. 6 Mar. 1834, Ireland, d. 11 Sept. 1911 Weesaw Twp. Immigrated abt. 1845, resided Weesaw Twp. 1850 to death. Children include: Margaret, Catherine, Thomas, Sarah Ann, Ellen, James, Marie, Elizabeth, Michael. [email protected] (Patrick M. Clark) Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

McDonald , Gallivan:John M. McDonals b. 1828, Ireland, d. (?) Weesaw Twp, Berrien County, Michigan, married before 1849 to Margaret Mary Gallivan b. 1827, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, d. (?) Weesaw Twp. Immigrated c. 1845, resided Weesaw Twp. 1850-?. Children include: Catherine, Margaret, Ellen, Edward, Mary, John, Kelly. Patrick M. Clark Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

Daily , Gallivan:Daniel Daily b. (?) Ireland, d. (?) Weesaw Twp., Berrien Co., MI, married 6 Feb. 1853, Berrien Co. to Johanna Gallivan b. 1835, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, d. (?). Immigrated c. 1845, resided Weesaw Twp. 1850 - ?. Children include: John, Miles, Thomas, and Ellen. Patrick M. Clark Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

Peterbough , Sylvester: Seek info. on Elizabeth Peterbough, b. circa 1860s; m. Warren Cass Sylvester.Cathy Hendrickson Posted 1998. Email updated 2007

Tennent :Seeking info. on Elnore M. Tennent b. 1847; m. Joseph Tennent and lived in St. Joseph, Michigan 1909. Elnora is the sister of Daniel A. Miller of Woodland, Michigan. Any info. on the Tennent family is appreciated. Russ Miller Posted 1998, Email updated 2007

Mussulman , Smith, Coats
Stephen Mussulmann, is listed in 1860 Berrien Co. Census, living with sister Margaret Mussulman - Smith. The IGI Index has a Stephen D. Mussulman who m.Margaret Coats, 12 May 1863, Berrien Co., MI. Stephen enlisted in the Twelfth Infantry, Company B. He died in Duvall's Bluff, ARK 13 Aug 1864, of disease. Margaret Mussulman, m. Michael Smith 20 Dec 1846, Berrien Co. Margaret & Michael's children: James F. Smith, b. circa 1849; Eli J. Smith, b. circa 1855; and Eastman A. Smith, b. circa 1858, appears to have died prior to the 1870 Census. Any information on appreciated. Sherlene Belden Posted in 1996. Email updated in 2007

Clark,Dodds, Duffy, Fields, Green, Hollinshead, Knee, McDonald, Vorhees
Looking for descendants of James DODDS (born ca 1805) and his wife, Elizabeth HOLLINSHEAD, who, according to old family letters, died in 1850 at Avon Twp., Ionia Co., MI. After Elizabeth died, James "farmed" out the children and we don't know where he went after 1850. Will freely exchange information.

Hugh DODDS, husband of Margaret MCDONALD(my ancestors)
Phillip DODDS, husband of Eleanor GREEN
Nathan DODDS, a Civil War veteran, who lived briefly in Berrien Co., MI
Katherine DODDS, of Riverside, MI, wife of Nathan FIELDSand of a Mr. VORHEES
Millie DODDS, of Lowell, MI, wife of Jerome DUFFY
Harriet DODDS, of Keene Twp., Ionia Co., MI and of Lowell, MI, wife of Allison KNEE
Nancy CLARK of Emmons, MN
There may have also been a daughter , Keziah.

Debra Eddy Posted 1997, Email updated 2007

Weaver, Pope: William L. b. 24, April 1862 or 1864 in Buchanan; m. Minerva May WEAVERon 25 February 1891, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. Three dau: Stella, Maxine, and Altheas, were called Fru, Tim, and Doll. Doll is my Grandmother, is she your cousin? Jean Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Swift:Franklin B. Swift b. 1838 IN. 1860 Berrian Co town of Buchanan he is listed with mother Sarah Swift as age 28 and a druggist. Would like to correspond with descendants. Julia Joaquin Posted in 1998, Email updated in 2007

Swift , Willett, Pittman, Wallin Benton Swiftb. 1813 in NY (where in NY?), m. May 12, 1838, Niles, Berrien Co., MI to Sarah Willett. Their dau, Susan Appleton Swift b. 1841, Niles. Benton d. betw. 1841 - 1846. Seeking place of d. and burial for Benton. His mother, Jemina Jane Swift Pittman, is buried in Buchanan. Sarah Willet Swift m. Charles C. Wallin, 1851, Berrien Co., MI., then they moved to Chicago.Julia Joaquin Posted in 1997, Email updated in 2007

Arnold, Howe Researching Abram W. Arnold , born circa 1805 in Rhode Island; married Prudence Howe on 20 Mar 1835 in Preble, Cortland Co., New York; died 8 Jun 1889 in Jefferson, Cass Co., Michigan. His children were: Edwin John, born 30 Jun 1836 in New York, 25 Jun 1910 in Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan; Franklin Leroy, born 1 Feb 1838 in New York, died 30 Sep 1865 in Memphis, Tennessee; and Uriah, born 13 Aug 1840 in Truxton, Cortland Co., New York, died 18 Dec 1924 in Jefferson, Cass Co., Michigan. Abram and his family were living in Berrien County, Michigan in the 1850 U.S. Census. M Lane Posted 1997, Email updated 2007
Simpson, Farmer
Looking for information on family of Hiram SIMPSON and family. Hiram was born in 1861 in Perry Co., IN. He married Mary FARMERin September 1881. He and Mary moved to the Buchanan area shortly after marriage. Looking for any information on family, willing to share what I have.Deborah K. Murray Posted 1997, Email updated 2007
Hunstable, Gregg, Cushing
Seeking information of Augustus Livingston HUNSTABLE, son of Samuel Parkman Livingston HUNSTABLE and Eliza V. CUSHING, m. Kate Marcelia GREGG, dau. of Mortimer D. GREGG, about 1869. Annita Powell Posted 1997, Email updated 2007

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