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Maudlin Cemetery, aka Basswood Cemetery

New Buffalo Township, Berrien County, Michigan

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Located at the corner of Maudlin and Lakeside Roads on the southwest side, accessible via a staircased embankment (hard to find cemetery). Many stones were missing when the cemetery was read. This is not a complete reading due to the missing headstones. In 2001 the cemetery is in HORRIBLE condition with exception of a few standing markers and a dedication monument (pictures available via email).

NOTICE: Bolded entries below indicate questionable information. The --?-- indicates either a missing or unreadable date due to wear.

Information is always welcome, see more information on Maudlin below the cemetery readings.


Date of Birth

Date of Death

Inscriptions & Comments
Becktell, Barbara     Our Mother
Becktell, Nancy   October 12, 1883 63y, 4m, Wife of U.N.
Becktell, Sarah A.   April 29, --?-- Wife of T.
Crosby, Infant   March 15, 1874  3m, 23d, Child of J. L. & --?--
D., N.      
Davis, John W. February 17, 1902 February 24, 1906 Child of E.E. & H.M.
J., C.F.      
M., L.M.      [Footstone for Lily M. Maudlin]
Maudlin, Benjamin  1771  August 17, 1847 75y, 8m, 7d
Maudlin, Leah Copeland 1780  September 20, 1846 66y, 12d, Wife of Benjamin
Maudlin, Lily M.  [July 1874] August ?, 1875 1y, 1m, Daughter B.S, & Z.J. [birth & death in New Buffalo, MI; Benjamin Sheridan Maudlin (son of Thomas and Hannah) and Zeba J. Shippee Maudlin]
Maudlin, Hannah    [June 24, 1802] January 8, 1864 61y, 11m, -?-d, Wife of Thomas
Maudlin, Rachel  [Dec. 27, 1839] October 27, 1845 7y, 10m, Daughter of Thomas & H. [Hannah] 
Maudlin, Thomas O.  [Dec. 20, 1836]  [Apr. 7, 1851]  Son of Thomas & H. [Hannah]
Shearidan, [Hannah] [Feb 24, 1802] Jan. 3, 18[64] Daughter of John & Polly [Marker is unreadable, dates in brackets from descendant]. [Polly's name is Margaret Osborne Sheridan]
[Sheridan, Rachel] July 26, 1807 [?] Jan. 13, --?-- [Partial date was all I could read, name is from Maudlin descendant]

Maudlin Deaths


Date of Death

Place of Death
Maudlin, Thomas M.  Feb. 15, 1876 Lake Township
Maudlin, Josephine N. Feb. 25, 1876 Lake Township
Maudlin, Genine Sept. 1, 1881 Lake Township
Maudlin, Solomon  Aug. 3, 1906 Lake Township

Maudlin Researchers

 Pamela Stephens  [email protected]