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1896 Benton Harbor, Michigan - City Directory

Kimball Publishing Company

Transcribed and donated by Mrs. Rosalie Kimmerly, Sept. 2001

Copyright 2001, Rosalie Kimmerly, St. Joseph, MI -- All rights reserved, Rosalie Kimmerly

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This is Benton Harbor City:

Mack, Edward, wks J W Vernon, livery, 117 Elm, rooms same
Mack, John, lab, res 184 Elm, cor 9th, wife
Maddux, Isaac H, farmer, 211 Territorial, wife
Madry, Hezekiah, lab, res alley rear 198 Brunson ave, wife
Madry, Merrill, wks N G Kennedy, res rear 198 Brunson
Madry, Leonard, lab, res rear 198 Brunson
Mahoney, Jas, agt Chicago & W Michigan ry, res 103 High, wife
Mahoney, Willis F, tkt agt Chicago & W Michigan ry, res 103 High
Mahoney, Jerry, flagman Chicago & W Michigan ry, res 141 Brunson ave, wife
Malaska, John, lab, 147 Colfax ave, wife
Malaska, Will H, wks Hotel Benton, res 147 Colfax
Malaska, Geo A, eng wiper Big 4, 206 Park, wife
Malaska, Miss Maggie S, wks Hotel Benton, 147 Colfax
Maloney, Lawrence D, mgr Am Ex Big 4, 130 Territorial, wife
Maloney, Miss Nellie, 127 Park
Maloney, Mrs Alice, wid Lawrence, 127 Park
Molloy, James, 296 Britian ave
Mann, Wm, lab, bds 159 Park
Manning, Arthur, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 174 Miller
Manning,, Martin, lab, 174 Miller
Manske Wm, wks B H Lmbr Co., bds Franch house, 108 7th St.
Manvel, Miss Clare, art teacher B H college, bds Looe cottage, 121 Edwards St.
Marble, J, wood carver Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds Hotel Tremont
Marshall, Miss pauline, wks Hotel Higbee
Marti, Mrs. Kate, wid Sam’l, 242 Territorial
Marti, Miss Christie, cashr Morrow & Stone, res 242 Territorial
Martin, Frank, clk Wm Scherer, res 244 Territorial
Martin, Miss Lucy, clk M E Schier, res 244 Territorial
Martin, Miss Julia, res 112 Cherry
Martin, Miss Claudia E, domestic, 126 Territorial
Martin, Wm S, mason Contr, res 235 Broadway, wife
Martin, Cassius, 114 Broadway, wife
Massy, Harvey, wks A L loomis, bds 123 Bluff
Mathews, Wm, wks F & Mc C, bds 212 Parks, wife
Mathews, Oscar D, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 154 Clay
Mathews, Henry, bds 110 Boughton
Maxhan, Horace C, Painter & paperhanger, 115 Clay, wife
Maxon, Jas P, 188 Lake, wife
Mayhew, Arthur W, with Ringling Bris circus, 112 Clay, wife
Mays, Jno A, ins aft, office and res 191 Lake ave, wife
Mead, James, wks Colby-Hinckley, 137 Colfax, wife
Mead, John, wks Colby-Hinckley, 137 Colfax, wife
Merrifield, Geo, lab, 155 Riford, wife
Merrill, Lucius, carp, 116 Garfield ave, wife
Merrill ,Chas H, brakeman Big 4, 116 Garfield ave
Merz, Miss Carrie, tailoress H A Foeltzer, res 148 Vineyard ave
Mesick, Fred L, mach Pictorial Pub Co., bds 2 Oakwood
Messner, Wm F, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 157 Niles ave, wife
Messner, Amos F, 157 Niles, wife
Michael, Frank B, bds 198 Broadway
Michael, A W, carp, 198 Broadway
Middleton, Wm H, rate clk Big 4, 111 res Courtland, wife
Miles, A S, clk W L Hogue, cor Church & Summitt, wife
Miller, James J, prop B H Meat & Prov house, 165 Pipestone, res same, wife
Miller, Jas M, wks J J Miller, 165 Pipestone, res same
Miller, Jno D, carp, 320 Pipestone
Miller, Christ, cooper Squire Dingee Co., res 107 Madison, wife
Miller, William, cooper Squire Dingee Co., bds 107 Madison ave
Miller, Lizzie, stud, 107 Madison ave
Miller, Mrs. Caroline L, wid Amenzo, 168 High
Miller, Mrs. Julia, wid John, 195 Brunson ave
Miller, John R, 129 e Main, wife
Miller, Chas H, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 129 e Main
Miller, Geo, pen agt & atty, Bowman blk, res 231 Colfax, wife
Miller, Miss Maud, milliner, wks St. Joe, res 231 Colfax
Miller, Wendell H, trav salesman, res 231 Colfax
Miller, Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, res Madison
Miller, Emanuel L, cashr Big 4 ry, res 350 Pipestone, wife
Miller, Miss Dell, dressmaker, 175 Green ave
Miller, Harvey, trav salsman, res 163 Pipestone
Miller, Mrs. M A, restaurant, fruits, confections, 163 Pipestone
Miller, Jacob, painter & paperhanger, 120 Colfax, wife
Miller, Wm M, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., bds 120 Colfax
Miller, Mrs. Clara, wid, 136 Bluff
Miller, Robt H, horse shoer, 122 7th, bds Franch house
Miller, Edward R, helper R H Miller, 122 7th, bds Fonger’s
Miller, Edgar S, milk dealer, 142 Niles ave, wife
Miller, Miss Fannie, 160 Michigan
Miller, Frank J, (Miller & Johnson), real estate, res 162 Summitt, wife
Mills Frank H, furnaces & ranges, res e Highland ave
Mills, Geo, teamster Kidd, Dater & Co., 129 Edward, wife
Mills, Geo A, contr & bldr, res 129 High, wife
Mindel, Myer, scrap iron. Metal & rags, 140 Centre, wife
Miner, Willis W, painter & Musician, 137 Brunson ave, wife
Minney, Dennis, wood & coal, 208 Columbus ave, wife
Misener Lincoln, foreman The News
Mitchell, Mrs. Alice, wid R H, 148 Territorial
Mitchell, James, dock Lab, 122 7th, 2d floor
Mitchell, Miss Gusta, domestic, 336 Territorial
Mitchell, Obadiah B, cook Hotel Benton
Micham, Valoras, cook, 135 Centre, wife
Mittan, Wm C, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 119 Madison, wife
Monger, Geo W, bkpr Graham & Morton Trans Co., res 201 High, wife
Monks, Wm, wks Graves Lmbr Co., res 120 Cherry, wife
Monnich, Fred A, painter & paperhanger, 136 Summit, wife
Monroe, Lyman, 112 Pavonne wife
Monroe, John G, 128 Garfield
Montgomery,Robt A, (Brooking Co) res 160 Brunson ave, wife
Montgomery, Geo D, painter, 176 n John, wife
Montgomery, Lorenzo H, carp, bds French House, 108 7th St.
Montgomery, John, carp, bds French House, 108 7th St.
Montine, Edward, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds Riford
Moodie, John, (Headley & Moodie), bakery, 134 6th, res same
Moody, Albert, carp, 126 Elm, wife
Moody, Mrs. Alvina, wid Salmon, 160 5th
Moody, Edwin J, carp 160 5th
Moody, Miss Alvina, seamstress J O’Neil, res 160 5th
Moore, Edward W, dry goods, etc, res 154 Brunson ave, wife
Moore, Mrs Susan, wid Wm, 287 Broadway
Moore, Byron, lab, 139 Miller, wife
Moore, Milford, 139 Miller
Moore, Lafayette, jeweler & organ repairer, 201 Superior, wife
Moore, Miss Maud, 201 Superior
Moore, E D, drive wells, 340 Colfax ave, wife
Moore, Andrew, ship carp, 167 Colfax ave, wife
Moore, James, lab, 167 Colfax
Moore, Miss Ambrosher, 167 Colfax
Moore, Miss Arville, 167 Colfax
Moore, William A, railroad hostler, 171 Cedar, wife
Moore, Jerry, engine wiper, 152 Center
Moore, Andrew, carp, bds French House, 108 7th St.
Moore, Mrs. George, wid, 130 Elm
Morehouse, C T, (Morehouse & Wheaton), res 167 Riford, wife
Morgan, Wm, farmer, res 130 Britain ave, wife
Morgan, Howard, stud, 130 Britain
Morley, Fernando, vp West Michigan Nurseries, res 197 Britain ave, wife
Morlock, Mrs. Gertie, domestic, 253 Pipestone
Morrill, Roland, pres West Mich Nurseries, bds Hotel Benton, wife
Morrill, Stanley, carp, bds 118 Lake ave
Morrill, Frank, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 177 Morton ave
Morrison, Don C, real estate, insurance & loans, res 166 Brunson ave, wife
Morrison, Jno B, boots & shoes, 118 Pipestone, res 115 w main
Morrison, Mrs. Ann, wid, 115 w main
Morrison, Bert J, clk, res 115 w Main
Morrison, Miss Jennie, 115 w Main
Morrow, Monroe H, (Morrow & Stone), res 152 Maple, wife
Morrow, Frank, fruit buyer, res 180 Brunson, wife
Morton, J Stanley, vp First National Bank, res 266 Territorial, wife
Morton, Will, clk Morrow & Stone, res 266 Territorial
Morton, George 156 Bellview, wife
Mosher, Mrs. Sophronia, wid Levin, 130 Hick Court
Mott, Geo H, (Stevens & Morton Co), res 214 Brunson ave, wife
Mott, Miss Estella, 214 Brunson ave
Mott, Percival, 214 Brunson ave
Mott, Oscar, carp, wks Big 4, res 146 Clay, wife
Mott, Fernando, 146 Clay
Moulds, Saml H, mach Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 109 w Main
Moulds, Mrs. Jennie, dress maker, 109 w Main, res same
Moulds, Miss Lillie, 109 w Main
Mudge, Lewis C, 264 Britain ave, wife
Mudge, Miss Maud, 264 Britain ave
Muehling, Julius J, props Benton Harbor cornice & ornamental works; res 118 Ogden ave wife,
Mulcahy, Rev Fr D, pastor St. John’s Catholic church, res 136 Columbus ave
Mull, Geo G, fruit buyer, res 241 Colfax ave, wife
Murdick, Arthur, wks Allmendinger Mill, 110 Center ave, wife
Murdoch, Geo H, atty, 196 Ogden ave, wife
Murphy, Geo W, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 146 Miller, wife
Murphy, Albert, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 146 Miller
Murphy, Rollo, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 146 Miller
Murphy, Miss Lottie, 146 Miller
Murphy, M, prop “Mikes Place,” Saloon; 106 Main, res 172 Lake ave, wife
Murphy, Wm, wks saloon, 106 w Main, res 169 Broadway, wife
Murphy, Mrs. P., 234 Pipestone
Murphy, Mary, domestic, 205 Colfax
Murray, Lewis N, lumber inspector B H Lumber Co., res 133 Broadway, wife
Murschel, Fred, butcher, 182 e main, wife
Murschel, Fred Jr., wks F & Mc, 182 e Main
Murschel, Miss Mary, 182 e Main
Myers, Joseph C, 149 Broadway
McArthur, Mrs. Mary, 319 Colfax ave
McCann, John, 238 Columbus ave
McCann, James, 238 Columbus ave
McCartney, William H, carp, 145 Superior, wife
McCartney, John J, carp, 219 Pavone, wife
McCartney, Miss Cassie, 219 Pavone
McCartney, Miss Jennie, dress mkr, Conkey blk, res same
McClave, Martin L, fruit grower, 137 Britain ave
McClave, Miss Helen M,. 137 Broadway
McClave, Miss Maria, 137 Britain ave
McClure, Dexter R, contr & bldr, 158 Vineyard ave, wife
McClurg, Albert, 120 Garfield, wife
McClurg, Miss Alma B, 120 Garfield
McClurg, Roy, 120 Garfield
McCormick, John; Eng, 174 Miller, wife
McCormack, Mrs. Susan, wid Robert, 174 Park
McCrimmon, D, boarding house, 129 Miller, cor 2d, wife
McCrimmon, Peter, 129 Miller
McCrimmon, Miss Jessie, 129 Miller
McCrimmon, Miss Maggie, 129 Miller
McCuen, Alfred J, motorman st ry, 189 Superior, wife
McDannel, Francis M, wagon mkr, res 171 Territorial, wife
McDannel, Eva, wks Chicago & W Michigan ry, 171 Territorial
McDannel,Miss Vic, 171 Territorial
MCDannel, Miss Millie, 171 Territorial
McDonald, Jas, lbr & bldg material, 167 w Main, res 117 Broadway, wife
McDonald, Wm R, wks Jas McDonald, res 117 Broadway
McDonald, Miss Flora, 117 Broadway
McDonald, Miss Ora, 117 Broadway
McDonald, John, lab, bds 121 Bluff
McFall, John W, mason contr, 280 Pavone, wife
McFall, Lawrence J, teacher, 280 Pavone, wife
McFall, Miss Kittie M, bk kpr, 280 Pavone
McFall, Edward F, finisher Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 280 Pavone
McFall, Miss Nellie, cook, 163 Pipestone
McGraw, Timothy, carp, 136 Niles ave, wife
McGraw, Miss Grace, 136 Niles
McGuigan, Sam’l, res 146 Michigan
McInnes, Neil, shoemaker, Bowman blk, res 406 Pipestone, wife
McInnes, Luther D, trav salesman, 406 Pipestone
McInnes, Miss Jennie, 406 Pipestone
McInnes, Miss Lizzie, 406 Pipestone
McIntyre, Mrs. A J, 218 Pipestone
McIntyre, Andrew, news agt Chicago & W Michigan ry, res 203 Columbus ave, wife
McIntyre, Jno L, saloon, 116 Territorial, res 133 e Main
McIntyre, Miss Kate, 133 e Main
McKay, Wm, 138 Park, wife
McKay, George, lab, bds 138 Park
McKee, Howard R, lab, 130 Second, wife
McKellar, Duncan, ( McKellar & Son), res 136 Pleasant, wife
McKellar, J Douglas, (J D McKellar & Son), res 136 Pleasant
McKellar, Malcolm A, wks Big 4, res cor 6th & Bluff, wife
McKellar, Mrs. Minnie, wid Malcolm, 208 High
McLaughlin, Eugene, lab, 321 Territorial, wife
McLaughlin,Miss Esther, 321 Territorial
McMillen, Joseph, ship carp E W Heath, res 136 Ross, wife
Nichols, Miss Della, music teacher, rooms in Sweet blk
Nichols, Mrs. E., millinery, 113 Pipestone, res same
Nichols, Albert E. clk Peck & Co., res 281 McAllister, wife
Nichols, Miss Gracie, 169 Bellview
Nichols, Albert, 169 Bellview
Nichols, Merritt, farmer, res 164 Columbus ave, wife
Nichols, John F, wks Squire Dingee Co., res 157 Lincoln, wife
Nichols, Mrs. Emeline, wid Albert, 119 Maple
Nichols, Mrs. Mary, wid Milo, 168 Vineyard ave
Nichols, Martin L, lab, 168 Vineyard ave
Nichols, Mrs. 316 Packard
Nichol, John, lab, bds 183 Park
Nichol, Mrs. Bertha, wid Ludwig, 183 Park
Nicholas, Mrs. Clarissa, dressmaker, 211 Territorial
Nimtz, Martha, wks can facty, 141 Center
Nimtz, Wm, lab, 141 Center, wife
Noe, Walter, wks Big 4 ry, res 223 Territorial, wife
Noe, Lewis F, car inspector Big 4, res 164 Edwards ave, wife
Noe, Miss Blanche, 164 Edwards
Noe, Miss May, dressmaker, 164 Edwards
Noe, Will, carp, 160 Lincoln ave, wife
Noe, Edward, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 101 Colfax ave
Noe, Henry, engr Colby-Hinckley co, res 101 Colfax ave, wife
Noe, Wesley C, carp & contr, res 213 Colfax ave, wife
Noe, Chas E, ship carp, wks Heath’s, res 113 Garfield, wife
Noe, Benjamin, 113 Garfield
Noe, Andrew C, wag mkr, 114 e Main, res 181 Vineyard ave, wife
Noe, Miss Cora, 181 Vineyard
Noe, Mrs. Mary C, wid Elzeber, 136 e Main
Nold, Henry K, miller, wks Fontaine Co., res 136 Greene, wife
Nordburg, C, mach Buss machine works,
Northrop, Geo A, bicycle & genl repair shop, res 301 Pipestone, wife
Northrop, Miss Grace M, 301 Pipestone
Northrop, Albert A, painter, 110 Paw Paw, wife
Northrup, Aminta, lab, wks E B Jewett, 126 Brunson ave
Northrop, Fred, stud, bds 110 Paw Paw ave
Norton, Alvin D, farmer, 118 Niles ave, wife
Norrington, John W., builder, 122 Division, wife
Norrington, Wm O, stud, 122 Division
Norrington, Nora Z, res 122 Division
Nowlen, Albert R, gruit grower, 245 Broadway, wife
Null, Henry M. carp, 195 Broadway, wife
Null, Fred H, wks Frazell’s res 195 Broadway
Nutting, Ova, wks Excelsior Gas Co., res 127 Bellview
Nutting Bert, driver Am Ex Co., res 127 Bellview
Nutting, Jas W, wks Squire Dingee Co., res 168 Miller, wife
O’Brien, Dennis, lab, 111 Michigan, wife
Ochse, Henry R, clk Peck & Co., res 159 Jefferson, wife
O’Connell, Jas, trav salesman, res 121 Elm
O’Connell, Miss Lizzie, res 121 Elm
O’Donnell, John, mach St. Joe iron wks, res 165 Summit
Ogden, Mrs. Ruth A, wid Stansbery, 153 Division
Olney, dudley, 165 Broadway, wife
O’Niel, Jerry H, merchant tailor, Graham blk, res Sweet blk
O’Neil, Daniel, tailor, P Hansen, res 117 Division
O’Neil, Miss Nellie, tailoress, P Hansen, bds 117 Division
O’Neil, Miss Mary, 117 Division
O’Neil, Edward, hostler, Dr. Bostick, 117 Courtland
O’Rourke, Fred, clk C J Brown, 114 E Main, res Pipestone
Ortland, Mrs. Zella D, 150 Edwards ave, cor sTevens ave
Osborne Jerome N, groceries, flour & feed, res 193 Brunson ave, wife
Osborne, Orland, clk Osborne’s grocery, res 193 Brunson
Osborne, Owie, clk Osborn’s grocery, bds 193 Brunson
Osborne, Chas, student, 193 Brunson
Osborn, Oliver B, wks Graham & Morton Trans Co., res Garfield ave, wife
Osborn, Arthur W, mach, res Garfield ave
Osborne, John J, painos and organs, Sweet Blk, res 122 Heck
Osborne, Mrs. Eva F, music teacher, res 122 Heck Court
Osborne, Miss Lena M, music teacher, res 122 Heck Court
Osborne, Miss Bertha N, 122 Heck Court
Osborne, Miss Cora L, 122 Heck Court
Osgood, Marcus D, retired, 173 Bellview
Osgood, Mahlon, prop Phoenix Hotel bar, res 173 Bellview
Osgood, Marcus D, retired, 173 Bellview
Osgood, Mrs. Laura, wid Jas G, res 173 Bellview
Osgood, Miss Gertie L, res 173 Bellview
Owen, Mrs. Lottie, wid Geo W, 172 Riford
Owen, Otto, farmer, 172 Riford
Owen, Marcus S, music teacher, res & office, 257 Britain ave
Owen, Mrs. Mary J, wid Davis, 113 Pavone
Owens, John T, groceries, res 197 Pipestone, wife
Owen, Mrs. M S, music teacher, 157 Britian ave
Painter, Joe, mgr for Tim Talbot, Water
Palmer, Miss Bessie, domestic, 166 Brunson ave
Park, H, treas Benton Harbor Lbr Co., res Muskegon, Mi
Park, Miss Neal, bds 232 Territorial
Parks, Mrs. Ida, millinery, 108 Pipestone, res 109 Broadway
Parsal, Mrs Mary, wid Albert, 164 High
Parsal, Willie, teacher, bds 164 High
Parsal, Albert, student, 164 High
Parshall, Seth, res 199 Ogden ave, wife
Paskell, Miss Mary, 291 Pipestone
Patterson, A Theo, Progressive Printer; bds Hotel Benton, wife
Patterson Mrs. Jane, wid Ephriam, res 101 Colfax ave
Patterson, Chas O, mach, 118 Lake ave
Patterson, Geo, dock Lab, bds 184 Elm
Patton, Miss Lulu, 135 Summit
Pearl,, Curtis, wks Big 4 Ry, res 149 Baird, wife
Pearl, James W, civil eng & contractor, res 125 High, wife.
Peck, Clarence J (C J Peck & Co), res 179 Greene ave, wife
Peck, Myron S, ( Peck & Wells), res 147 Broadway, wife
Pelton, Therien S, mach, 232 Buss ave, wife
Pender, James S, compositor Palladium, bds Hotel Higbee
Pendill, Mrs. Aggie, wid, dressmaker, 136 Broadway
Peopples, Wm B, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 134 Territorial
Peopples, Mrs. W B, boarding House, 134 Territorial
Perkins, Charles H, blacksmith, St Joe, res 136 Park, wife
Perkins, Mrs. Sarah, finisher City Laundry, res 136 Park
Perkins, Miss Maud, maker City Laundry, res 136 Park
Parrott, Aylmer E, forman, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 161 Edwards, wife
Perry, Alvin B, cooper, res 124 Lincoln ave, wife
Perry, Lee, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 124 Lincoln ave
Perry, Miss Serepta, teacher, bds 124 Lincoln ave
Perry, Fred A, merchant police, 176 Territorial, wife
Peters, P D, farmer, 115 Washington, wife
Peters, Eugene, student, 115 Washington
Peterson, Andrew, lbr inspector, res 183 Territorial, wife
Peterson, Andrew, lab, bds 183 Territorial
Peterson, Melvin, lab, 126 Heck Court, wife
Peterson, Mrs Mae, comp Palladium, 128 Water
Petrequin, Elisha, cabinet mkr, 221 Ogden ave
Petrequin Miss Zella, student, 221 Ogden ave
Pettit, Mrs Carrie, wid George, 137 Park
Pettit, Miss Lutisha, 137 Park
Pettit, C M, purchasing agt clothing & rubber goods, Hulburd blk, wife
Pfaff, Lafayette, dock lab, bds 121 Colfax ave
Pfaff, Mrs. Catherine, wid Wendelin, 254 Colfax ave
Pfaff, Miss Mary, 119 Foster ave
Phares, Mrs. Francis A, wid Isaac T, 148 Pearl
Phares, Geo E, lather, bds 148 Pearl
Phelps, Jas, 127 Madison ave, wife
Phillippo, Miss Blanche E, bk kpr Palladium office, res 113 Morton ave
Phillips, Riley Capt, mate str City Chicago, res 523 Pipestone
Phillips, Mrs. Riley, res 523 Pipestone
Phillips, Harvey H, lab, 125 Niles ave, wife
Phillips, Sidney J, lab, 108 Clay, wife
Pierce, Arthur, sailor, bds 125 Center
Pike, William H, mason, 131 Vineyard ave, wife
Pike, Charles, wks St. Joseph, bds 131 Vineyard ave
Pike, Mrs. Hattie A, wid J H, 185 Lake ave
Pink, Moses, peddler, 145 Cedar, wife
Pinnell, Jas, cooper, Colby-Hinckley Co., res 115 Oak, wife
Pitchel, Thomas, lab, bds 155 Riford
Pitcher, Fred C, jeweler, 128 Pipestone, rms 11 Conkey blk
Pixley, Fred, dock lab, res 131 Elm, 2d floor
Pixley, Mrs. Mary, 131 Elm
Platt, F H, res 297 Pipestone, wife
Platt, Geo W, clk Sweet’s hardware, res 440 Pipestone, wife
Platt, Mrs. Emma, wid Hezekiah, 142 Territorial
Platt, Miss laura, 142 Territorial
Platt, Wm D, finisher Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds 160 Miller
Plimpton, Mrs. Julia L, wid Emory, 278 Superior
Plimpton, Edward, stud, 278 Superior
Plimpton, Miss Theda, 278 Superior
Plumb, Nelson, apinter, 155 Lincoln ave, wife
Plummer, Alonzo, attorney, JP., res 394 Pipestone, wife
Plummer, Harry, 394 Pipestone
Plummer,Miss Edith, 394 Pipestone
Ponto, Geo, cigar mkr, rooms W J Harper, Lake ave
Pool, Henry D, (Alger & Pool) farmers sheds 128 7th, res 131 Garfield ave, wife
Pool, H D, plumbing, etc, 145 Pipestone, res 131 Garfield ave
Pool, Miss Grace, 131 Garfield
Porter, Seymour S, groceries & provisions; res 228 Britain ave, wife
Porter, Danl W, tinner, res & shop, 267 Colfax ave, wife
Porter, Geo J, carp, 200 McGuigan, wife
Portman, Homer A, clk post-office, res 114 Colby ave, wife
Postman, Emerson, lab, 179 Territoral, wife
Potter, Mrs. Nellie, 203 Columbus
Potts, Herman F, bldg mover, res 165 Baird, wife
Potts, Louis H, lab, res 165 Baird
Pound, Jas, dry goods, carpets, cloaks, 112 e Main, bds Hotel Benton, wife
Pound, J Harry, clk Jas Pound, bds Hotel Benton
Poundstone, J N, photographer, White Blk, 129 Bluff, res same
Poundstone, Mrs. Sarah, wid, res White blk, 139 Bluff
Poundstone, Wm H, sec Benton Fuel Co., bds White Blk
Powers, Mrs. Lida, wid Chas, 168 Miller
Powers, Miss Blanche E, 168 Miller
Powers, Chas F, receiver’s bk kpr Buss Machine Works, bds 229 Pipestone
Pratt, F F, contr & real estate, res 289 Pipestone, wife
Pray, Asa C, tubular wells, 142 Ross, wife
Pray, Miss Annis, 132 Ross
Prescott, Wm P, painter, res 203 Britain ave
Prescott, Guy, painter, 203 Britain
Prescott, Miss Carrie, 203 Britain
Prescott, Rev W H, res 164 Lincoln, wife
Prescott, Miss Leonia, wks Pictorial Pub Co., res 164 Lincoln
Prescott, W H, (Prescott & Foster, attys) bds Phoenix Hotel
Pretyman, John, clk Phoenix Hotel, 118 Water, res same
Price, William, poultry dealer, 231 n John, wife
Price, John, (Kidd, Deter & Co), bds Hotel Benton, wife
Price, Moses A, mgr Hotel Higbee, res same
Price, Mrs. Mae, rs Hotel Higbee
Price, William T,. carp, 266 Colfax, wife
Prichard, Chas F, photographer, 110 Pipestone, res 151 Summit
Prichard,, Albert, bskt mkr Colby-Hinckley Co., bds 127 Territorial
Prideaux, John D, trav salesman, 133 Maple, wife
Pullen,, Miss Lulu, cashr Dunbar’s market, bds J E Dunbar
Pulver, Martin M., carp, 342 Territorial, wife
Puterbaugh, J D, (Puterbaugh & Rapp), res 122 Nowlen, wife
Puterbaugh, Mable, stud, 117 Madison
Puterbaugh, Miss Bessie, seamstress, res outside city
Putnam, Del, wks Lake Shore Lbr Co., res 105 5th St., wife
Putnam, Lewis I, cattle feeder, 141 Second, wife
Pyle, Elmer E, blacksmith, 149 6th St., res 112 Broadway, wife
Pyles, Alex, dock lab, 184 Elm cor 9th
Quackenbush, John W, 207 Ogden ave, wife
Quackenbus, Marshall J, stenog Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 207 Ogden ave
Quackenbush, Hugh W, res 207 Ogden
Quackenbush, Miss Clara, 207 Ogden
Quilliams, Wm H, clk C C Sweet’s, res 159 Cedar
Radcliffe, Miss, (Mrs. B W Currier) actress, 238 Columbus ave
Radde, Edward, night watch, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 129 2nd St., wife
Ragatz, John H, 197 Britain ave
Rahn, Theo, shoemaker, Peck & Wells, res St. Joseph
Randall, Miss May, wks Pictorial Pub Co., bds Hotel Higbee
Randall, Wm, Randall’s mill, Millburg, bds 176 Broadway
Rapp, Herman U, (Puterbaugh & Rapp), res 122 High, wife
Rappel, John, nightwatch Colby-Hinckley Co., res 188 Center, wife
Rappel, Emma, stud, 188 Center
Raub, Chas, foreman, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 168 High
Rauh, Henry F, bartender G J Koob, rms Hulburd Blk
Raven, C H, painter, room 17 Colkey blk
Raven, Fred, res 134 Vineyard ave
Rawson, Chas, baker, res B Vandecar’s, Elm
Reasor, Isaac H, fruit farmer, res 135 Colfax ave, wife
Reed, J N, editor Banner-Register, Jones & Sonner blk, res 168 Ogden ave, wife
Reed, Roy, car repairer Big 4 Ry, bds 129 Park
Reed, John, wks C A Ireland, bds 101 Superior
Reed, Elias, musician, bds 212 Park
Reeves, Miss Lizzie, domestic, 126 Colby ave
Regan, Danl, dock Lab, bds 118 Territorial
Rehm, Miss Mattie, milliner, res 257 Broadway
Reich, Otto, plumber, res 141 n Winans, wife
Reichle, Adolphus, clk str City of Chicago, res Sweet blk, wife
Reilly, Danl, wks Robert Tiley St. Joseph, res 114 Lincoln ave
Reilly, James, student, 114 Lincoln ave
Reilly, Robt W., wholesale & retail wines, liquors & cigars, res 114 Lincoln ave, wife
Reist, Leonard, clk Jno T Owens, res 153 Lake ave, wife
Reprogle, Pink, wks Allmendinger’s, res 117 Madison, wife
Reprogle, Mrs. Lydia, 111 6th
Reprogle, Harry, cooper, res 122 5th st.
Rector, Thos J, agt Standard Oil Co, res 129 Summit, wife
Rhoades,, Lyman S, lab, 179 Miller, wife
Rhoades, Leroy, 179 Miller
Ricaby, A, printer, progressive printer, res 149 Broadway, wife
Rice Judson E, (Loomis & Rice, Economy Co) bds Apple ave
Rice, Mrs. F E, wid Valoris, res Apple ave, 1 e Colfax ave
Rice, Miss Lucy, teacher, res Apple ave, 1 e Colfax ave
Rice, Miss Anna, teacher, (Stevensville), res Apple ave
Rice, Miss Mattie F, Apple ave, 1 e Colfax ave
Rice, Robert, wks N D Smith’s livery, res 141 Pleasant, wife
Rice, Rev Wm H, pastor First Presbyterian church, res 176 Green ave, wife
Rice, Miss Jeannette, 176 Greene ave
Rice, Robt C, 176 Greene ave
Rice, Harold K, 176 Greene ave
Rice, Miss Ethelwynn, 176 Greene ave
Rich, Scott R, bell boy Hotel Benton
Richards, Wm H, contr & bldr, res 111 Britain ave
Richards, Dr. Clara P., M D, office & res, 111 Britain ave
Richards, Mrs. Mary, wid A D, 122 Territorial
Richardson, Edwin A, carp & lab, 131 4th St., wife
Richmond, Jennie M, stenog B H Lbr Co., bds 123 Brunon ave
Richor, Alfred J, 184 Lake ave
Rieck, Emil, (Vanderbeck & Rieck) res 239 Territorial, wife
Riemer, Garrett H, moulder, res 117 Niles ave, wife
Riepma, Miss Maggie, domestic, 119 Morton ave
Riley, Carrie, wid John, 159 Park
Riley, Thos, dock lab, bds 118 Territorial
Rinehart, Peter, lab, 123 Eagle, wife
Rinehart, Allen, 137 Eagle, wife
Rinehart, Peter, fireman, Hotel Benton
Ritchie, Thos J, dock lab, 121 Colfax ave, wife
Ritchie, Wm W, dock lab, 121 Colfax ave, wife
Rittenhouse, Chas H, wks Graves Lbr Co., res 136 Miller, wife
Rittenhouse, Miss Bertha, 136 Miller
Rittenhouse, Adelbert, 136 Miller
Rittenhouse, Mrs. Libbie, wid Sylvester, 150 Stevens ave
Rix, J W, manfr boots & shoes to order, repairing, res 213 High, wife
Rix, Lulu, student, 213 High
Robbins, W Phillips, lumber, lath & building material, res 234 Pipestone, wife
Robbins, Miss Grace, bk kpr W P Robbins, res 234 Pipestone
Robertson, Curry, farmer, 158 Lincoln ave, wife
Robinson, John, pres Farmers & Merchants, res 217 Pipestone, wife
Robinson, Miss Agnes, 217 Pipestone
Robinson, W, nightwatch Graves Lbr Co., res 134 Summit, wife
Robinson, Miss Dora, comp Palladium, res 134 Summit
Robinson, Geo E, 256 Pipestone, wife
Robinson, Alvin, 214 Ogden, wife
Robinson, Lincoln, piano tuner, 206 Columbus ave, wife
Robinson, Harry, stud, 206 Columbus ave
Robinson, Ike, peddler, 173 Colfax ave, wife
Robinson, Miss Ollie, domestic, 394 Pipestone
Rocher, Constance, domestic, 323 Pipestone
Rockwell, Dr. H C, destist, Bell blk, res 136 Colfax ave, wife
Rockwell, Miss Florence, 136 Colfax ave
Rodde Herman, mason & carp, 197 Center, wife
Rodde, Fred, mach Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 197 Center
Rodde, Gustie, wks Chicago & West Michigan ry, St Joe, bds 197 Center
Rogers, Thomas, blk lunch counter Phoenix Hotel, res same
Rogers, Mrs. Clara, wks Hotel Highee
Roode, Tillie, wks Chicago & West Michigan ry, St. Joe, bds 197 Center
Roome, Chas D, res 118 Colfax, wife
Roscher, Chas Gustav, 187 W Water, cor Eagle, wife
Rose, Mrs. S R, wid D P, 130 Pavone, cor Kirby
Rose, Miss Iona, 130 Pavone, cor Kirby
Rose, Mrs. J, 205 Broadway
Rosenbaum, Herman, peddler, 132 Paw Paw ave, wife
Rosinska, Miss Rosa, head Waitress Hotel Benton
Rounds, Walter L, engr city water wks, res 183 Britain ave
Rounds, Geo F, engr city water wks, bds 130 Territorial
Rouse, Elmer E, (Lowe & Rouse) res 182 Greene ave, wife
Rouse Philander H, drayman, 177 Morton ave
Rouse, Mrs. Florence, boarding house, 177 Morton ave
Rouse, Winthrop B, wks Big 4, res 177 Morton ave
Rouse, Rosco R, lab, 177 Morton
Rouse, Miss Charlotte, photographer, res 177 Morton ave
Rouse, Adam, 185 Territorial, upstairs
Rowe, Ambrose H, (Rowe Bros) grocer 134 Pipestone, res 164 Michigan, wife
Rowe, Fred A, clk A H Rowe, res 164 Michigan
Rowe William E, (Rowe Bros) res 164 Michigan
Rowe, Frank M, clk A H Rowe, res 146 Gardield ave, wife
Rowe,Wm E, (Rowe bros), res 187 High, wife
Rowe, Jasper O, undertaker, office Rowe’s grocer, Res 185 High, wife
Rowe, Linn W, student, 185 High
Rowe, Henry C, policeman, res 127 Ogden ave, wife
Rowe, Mrs. Mary, wid Aaron,r es 167 Michigan
Rowe, H J, 313 Colfax ave, wife
Rowe Frank L, elk Her Bros, res 313 Colfax ave
Rowe, Chester, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 313 Colfax ave
Rufus,, Mrs. Rahl, wid John, 108 Ross
Rugg, Harvey W, carp, 127 Brunson ave, wife
Rusch, William, drayman, res 103 Baird, wife
Russ, Mrs. Henrietta, wid William, 157 Edwards ave
Russell, Wm, 1st mate str City Chicago, res 202 Riford, wife
Ruth, Wm, carp, 343 Territorial, wife
Ruth, Miss Myrtle, student, 343 Territorial
Ryan, David, clk Calkins Mercantile Co., res 109 Heck Court
Ryno, Wakeman M D, office Conkey blk, rooms 1,2,3; res 132 High, wife
Ryno, Mott C, student, res 132 High
Sahlin, Rev Geo A, pastor First Universalist Church, res 147 Ohio, wife
Salisbury, Miss Bertha, cashier, Rowe Bros, bds 106 Elm
Sampson, P D, clothing & gents furnishings, 113 w Main
Sanders, Acy, clk Conkey & Son, res 177 Brunson ave
Sandler, Joseph, peddler, 224 Territorial, wife
Sawyer, M,. steward str City Louisville, res Graham & Morton Building
Sawyer, Mrs. M, stewardess str City Chicago, res Graham & Morton Building
Sax, David, peddler, 157 Colfax ave, wife
Schaefer, L O, 152 Bellview, wife
Schafer, John, Lab, res 169 Territorial, wife
Schairer, John, general store, Coloma, res 154 Terrritorial
Schairer, John R, wks Coloma, J Schairer, res 154 Territorial
Schairer, Geo E, wks J Schairer, Coloma, res 154 Territorial
Schairer, Miss Lizzie, wks J Schairer, Coloma, 154 Territorial
Schairer, Miss Dora, 154 Territorial
Scharnhorst, Henry, saloon, cor Territorial & Water, res 124 Edwards, wife
Schaus, Henry P, clk Excelsior Clothing House, res 339 Territorial, wife
Scherer, Chas, ( C & J Scherer), res 196 Britain ave, wife
Scherer, Jacob ( C & J Scherer), res 145 Greene, wife
Scherer Miss Mary, clk C & J Scherer, bds Mrs Kramer’s 121 Brunson ave
Scherer, Miss Louisa, clk C & J Scherer, bds 78 Main, St. Joe
Scherer, Wm, grocer, 204 Territorial, res 172 Territorial
Scherer, Miss Nettie, bk kpr Wm Scherer, bds 172 Territorial
Scherer , Miss Anna, 176 Territorial
Scherer, Peter, saloon 197 Territorial, res 172 Territorial, wife
Schier, M E, (Chicago Bargain Store), dry goods & notions, Res. 172 Broadway
Schier, J B, mgr Chicago Bargain Store, res 172 Broadway
Schriber, Otto, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 197 Park, wife
Schmuhl, Chas, wks Geo B Thayer & Co., res Hansen Blk, 116 e Main
Schmuhl, Mrs Chas, res Hansen blk, 116 e Main
Schmuhl, Miss Myrtle, domestic, 123 Bluff
Schoultz, Henry, bskt mkr Colby-Hinckley Co., bds 127 Territorial
Schuder, John, (Schuder & Stein), res 111 Territorial, 2nd floor
Schuder, Mrs. John, res 111 Territorial, 2nd floor
Schulz, Mrs. R F, wid Richard, 129 division
Schulz, Oscar, harness mkr R J Baushke, res 129 Division
Schulz, Miss Emma, wks Chicago & West Michigan ry, St. Joe, res 129 Division
Schulz, Miss Clara, wks Chicago & West Michigan ry, St. Joe, res 129 Division
Schultz, Frank, mach, bds 118 Lake ave
Schuman, William, carp, 125 Edwards ave, wife
Schutz, Chas, (Butzbach & Schutz), res 134 Maple, wife
Scofield, Egbert B, farmer, res 179 Broadway, wife
Scofield, Morris H, stud, 179 Broadway
Scofield, Miss Ivy, 179 Broadway
Scott, Geo A, condr Big 4 Ry, res 135 Greene ave, wife
Scott, Stanley, condr Big 4 ry, res 141 Greene wave, wife
Scott, Miss Maggie, stud, 135 Greene ave
Scott, Mrs. Ella, 274 Pipestone
Scott, Miss Edith, 274 Pipestone
Scott, Wilberforce, lab, 333 e High, wife
Scott, Jno e, Buss & Dray Line, res 336 Territorial, wife
Sealey, Richard, 297 Britain
Sealey, Wm P, lab 297 Britain
Sealey, Mrs. Elizabeth, 296 Britain ave
Sealey, Miss Louisa, 296 Britain ave
Sears, C N, atty, 5 Jones & Sonner blk, res 173 Brunson, wife
Sears, Louis A, cooper, res 153 Territorial, wife
Seden, Fred W, moulder B M Wks, res 165 Riford, wife
See, Mrs. Eliza, wid, 122 Columbus ave
Seel, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Edward, 158 Hull ave
Seel, Wm, lab 158 Hull ave
Seel, Jno, lk kpr Butzbach & Schutz, res 157 Washington, wife
Seel, Reuben R, clk Model shoe store, res 157 Washington
Seeley, Mrs. Abigal, wid M B, 122 Ross
Seeley, Miss Jessie, candy mkr, bds 122 Ross
Seeley, Wm, 126 Ross, wife
Seeley, Bert, driver City Laundry, rds rear of 200 Brunson, wife
Segar, Mrs. Julia, wid Nicholas, 138 Territorial
Segar, Miss Anna, seamstress, 138 Territorial
Segar, Miss Carrie, 138 Territorial
Segar, Frank, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 138 Territorial
Segar, Miss Frances, dressmaker, 138 Territorial
Segar, Miss Kate, 138 Territorial
Seidlitz, Otto C, wks Spencer Barnes & Stuart, 160 Edwards ave
Selfridge, John H, carp, 202 Columbus ave, wife
Selfridge, Defay R, stud, 202 Columbus
Selle, William F, com traveler, 130 Ross, wife
Selleck, Mrs. H L, widow, 148 Summit
Selter, Henry, (Selter & Zuver), res 174 Baird, wife
Selter, Miss Maud, 174 Baird, wife
Sessions, Fred W, mgr Anderson-Tully Co., res 142 Brunson ave, wife
Sexton, Tralby, wks Annex restaurant, res 224 Britain ave
Sexton, Wm A, cashr Annex res., res out side city
Shaff, allen R, lab, 134 e Main, wife
Shafer, Chas A, lab, 134 5th, upstairs
Shafer, Joseph E, lab, 134 5th, upstairs
Shafer, John, wood carver Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 177 Morton ave, wife
Shankland, W B, street commissioner, res 181 Brunson, wife
Shankland, Wm R, bk kpr F & McC, res Territorial rd
Sharai, Miss Lulu, domestic Franch House, 108 7th
Sharp, Arthur, tinner J S Barker, 109 e Main
Sharp, Saml C, accountant & ins agt, res 159 Hull ave, wife
Shauman, Ozro A, clk str Lawrence, res 200 Britain ave, wife
Shauman, Ralph W, 200 Britain
Shauman, Miss Grace, 200 Britain
Shaver, Fred L, bskt mkr Geo B. Thayer Co., res 222 Pipestone
Shaver, Miss Fannie, 222 Pipestone
Shaver, T A, res 152 Washington, wife
Shaver, Clare, wks Geo B Thayer Co., 152 Washington
Shea, Michael, moulder, res 172 Miller, wife
Shears, Judson, retired, res 162 Greene ave, wife
Shears, Geo H, foreman job room Palladium, res 162 Greene ave
Shears, Louis L, clk Puritan dock, bds 162 Greene ave
Shears, Miss Belle, stenog Palladium office, res 162 Greene
Sheffield, J A & Son, (J A & W E) druggists, 115 Pipestone
Sheffield, J A, (J A Sheffield & son), res 142 Washington, wife
Sheffield, W E, (Sheffield & Son), res 142 Washington, wife
Sheffield, Seward D, carp 104 Ross, wife
Sheldon, Mrs. Mary, wid Luther D, 179 Superior
Shenafelt, Albert, mason, 155 Niles ave, wife
Sherer, David D, saloon, 115 Water, res same, upstairs, wife
Sherman, Harrison, prop Sherman’s Bazaar, 110 Pipestone, wife
Sherman, Robt, horse trainer, 177 Miller, wife
Sherman, Mrs. Miria, wid Levi, 149 Vineyard ave
Sherman, Wm Henry, painter, 202 Colfax ave, wife
Sherwood, Isaac S, 290 Packard, wife
Sherwood, Alfred C, manfr fruit packages, bds 290 Packard
Sherwood, Miss Grace, wchool teacher, bds 290 Packard
Sherwood, Miss Jessie, school teacher, bds 290 Packard
Shiflet, Robert, sta engr, res 310 Britain ave, wife
Shocknesse, Mrs. Med, wid Wm, boarding, 230 Territorial
Shoemaker, Sylvester, lab, 170 Baird, wife
Shoemaker, Wm, 110 Colfax ave
Showalter, Wm, lab, 173 Miller, wife
Showalter, Miss Ida, 173 Miller
Shriver, Chas W, gen mgr West Michigan Nurseries, res 313 e Main, wife
Shrull, Noah J, cook Annex restaurant, res Heck Court
Sibeck, Frederick, 114 Cherry
Sides, Miss Oure J, 178 Miller
Signor, Albert, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 171 Miller St.
Silver, Eugene, fruit buyer, res 156 Broadway, wife
Silver, Allen F, clk, res 156 Broadway
Silvers,, James, ice dealer, office & res 169 Territorial, wife
Silvers, Mrs. Julia, wid Jeremiah, 169 Territorial
Simon, Jacob A, mgr grand opera House, res 186 Pipestone, wife
Simon, Miss mamie, 286 Pipestone
Simon, Victor, 286 Pipestone
Simon, Miss Alberta, 286 Pipestone
Simons, Rev Geo B, pastor First Baptist Church, Res 101 Broadway, wife
Simons, Edward T, baggage master Big 4, res 101 Broadway
Simons, A H, bk krp Anderson-Tully Co., res 101 Broadway
Simons, Mrs Ollie, wid Neil, boarding, 324 Pipestone
Simpson, Edward, sailor, res 330 Pipestone, 2nd floor
Simpson, Mrs, wid Samuel, 330 Pipestone, 2nd floor
Simpson, Mrs Catherine, wid Chas A, 357 Pipestone
Simpson, Edwin, 357 Pipestone
Simpson, Miss Lina, 113 Pavonne
Sink, Silas, 172 Ridord, wife
Sinsabaugh, Richard, constable, 227 Ogden ave, wife
Sisson, Geo D, salesman B H Lumber Co., res 141 Morton ave, wife
Sisson, Geo D Jr, electrician, bds 141 Morton ave
Sisson, Frank, stud, 141 Morton ave
Skardon, Mrs. Louisa, wid William S, 148 Pearl
Skibbe, Fred, butcher J J Miller, res 107 6th, wife
Skinner, H R, clk S B Van Horn, res 1312 Lincoln, wife
Skinner, Geo W, atty, Jones & Sonner blk, res 324 Broadway
Skinner, Clarence, res 131 Lincoln
Skinner,Mrs. Fannie, wid Hugh, 324 Broadway
Skinner ,Henry, book agent, bds 324 Broadway
Skelley, Henry wks Graves & Co., res 136 High, wife
Slatter, Ida, wks Phoenix Hotel
Slenker, Fred, janitor Morton school, 160 Edwards ave, wife
Sloane, Alexander, lab, 149 Michigan, wife
Sloane, Chas, lab, 149 Michigan
Smaltz, John, wks C Hartman, res 308 Lavette
Smawley, Frank T, tkt agt Big 4, bds on High
Smith, M, bds 123 Bluff
Smith, Austin L, carp, 112 Britain ave, wife
Smith, Ira A, reporter Daily Palladium, res 112 Britain ave
Smith, Wm A, lab, 179 Center, wife
Smith, Bell E, student, 179 Center
Smith, Peter J, mason, 283 Colfax ave, wife
Smith, H M, jobber, 170 Columbus ave, wife
Smith, Frank, 170 Columbus ave
Smith, Samuel B, switchman Vandalia Ry, bds 164 Edwards ave
Smith, George, wks Graves mill, bds 127 5th st.
Smith, Wm, insurance agt, res 156 Greene ave, wife
Smith, John W, drug clk, bds 156 Greene ave
Smith, Mrs. Sarah E, wid Chas A, 140 Heck Court
Smith, Miss Minnie M., dressmaker, 140 Heck Court
Smith, Arthur D, lab, 195 High, wife
Smith, Niles D, livery & boarding stable, res 184 Lake, wife
Smith, Mrs. Eva R, wid Eli, 184 Lake ave
Smith, Lewis J, trav salesman, 188 Lake View ave, wife
Smith, John H, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart co., res 109 Madison ave, wife
Smith, Leonard J, wks C W & Co., St. Joe, res 109 Madison
Smith, Harold, baker Peoples Bakery, 109 Oak, res same
Smith, Alfred S, 139 Pavone, wife
Smith, Stephen, lab, bds 207 Paw Paw ave
Smith, Harry, electrician, bds 129 Territorial
Smith, S Wright, carriage trimmer, res 142 Territorial, wife
Smith, Claud, pressman Patterson, printer, res 142 Territorial, wife
Smith, Clayton, pressman Evening News, res 142 Territorial
Smith, James, lab, 175 Territorial
Smith, Harry A, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds 230 Territorial
Smith, Mrs. Rebecca A, wid E R, 335 Territorial
Smith, Mrs. Celia, wid Harvey, 375 Territorial
Smith, Wm B, janitor Central School, res 122 Washington, wife
Smoke, Miss Nora, (Smoke & Koebel), Hulburd bld, res same
Smoke, Isaac W, farmer, res 165 Union
Snodgrass, Edwin W, finisher Spencer, Barnes & Stuart co., 139 n Winans, wife
Snyder, N. 226 Maple, wife
Snyder, Mrs. Wid, 123 Monroe
Snyder, Emory, lab, 123 Monroe
Snyder, Cyrus W, wks J M Spink’s mill, 8th and Elm, bds Painter’s 110 Water
Snow, Frank F, engr Courtwright shop, res 224 Madison, wife
Sonner, Geo F, real estate & loans, res 109 Lincoln ave ave
Soper, Samuel, lab, 138 Elm, wife
Soule, Flint J, mgr C H Soule, groceries, res 109 Heck Court, wife
Soule, Miss Zuma, stud, 109 Heck Court
Southgate, Miss Helen, teacher science high school, bds 110 Vineyard ave
Southworth, Otis M, mason contr, 336 Lavette, wife
Sowers, Mrs. FRancis M, propr Hotel Higbee, res same
Sowers, C N, M D, office Hotel Higbee, res same
Sparks, Cornelius, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 162 Lake ave, wife
Sparks, Miss Cora, 162 Lake
Sparks, Miss Lora, 162 Lake
Sparks, Wilson, carp 108 Colfax ave, wife
Sparks, George, pattern maker Buss Machine Works, bds 115 Michigan
Sparks, Eugene, teamster, bds Mrs Buck, Robinson blk
Spaulding Geo J, mach Buss Machine Works, res 145 Greene ave, wife
Spaulding, B C, clk J J Fabry, res 143 Greene ave
Spaulding, Miss Myrtie L, milliner, bds 143 Greene ave
Spaulding, Thos, teamster, 481 Pipestone, wife
Spaulding Oliver, fruit farmer, 168 Lake ave, wife
Spencer, Benajah H, (S B & S), 150 Greene ave, wife
Spencer, Miss Minnie, bkpr S, B & S, 150 Greene
Spencer, Miss Alice, 150 Greene
Spencer, Irven, stud, 150 Greene
Spilger, Geo, meet market, 118 w Main, 334 Lavette, wife
Spink, Louis F, wks Banner-Register, res 162 Vineyard ave
Spink, Miss Ada, 162 Vineyard ave
Spink, Edwin S, real estate & ins, res 143 Vineyard ave
Spink, James E, stud, 143 Vineyard
Spink, Mrs. Adeline, wid John, 130 Territorial
Spink, John M. turing, brackets & Mouldings, Elm, res outside city on Ogden ave
Spink, Jno E, wks Spink;s mill, res outside city, Ogden ave
Spink,Perry, wks Spink’s mill, res outside city, Ogden ave
Spohr, Jerome, foreman Big 4 round house, res 207 Park, wife
Spyers, Mrs. Thos, wid, 124 Jefferson
Srackangast, Simon, carp, 124 Clay, wife
Stanley, James, clk Graham & Morton line, res 110 Colfax ave, wife
Stanley, Harry, stud, 110 Colfax
Stark Levi J, wks meatmarket, 332 Pipestone, res 281 Britain ave, wife
Stark, Miss Pearlie D, stud, 281 Britain ave
Stark, Elton B, carp, res 180 Maiden Lane, wife
Starlsel, Edward, lab, 187 Pearl, wife
Stein, Jacob F, (Schuder & Stein), res 140 4th, wife
Stenson, John, lab, bds 121 Bluff
Sterling, F B, barber Hoetl St. Joseph, rms 119 w Main
Sterling, Miss Mary, dometic, 140 Edwards ave
Sterns, Benton R, under-sheriff, res 113 Pavone, wife
Stevens, Dr. Martha A, prop Sunnyside Sanitarium, 102 Greene ave, cor Morton ave
Stevens, Chas, carp, 127 Colfax ave
Stevens, Miss Alta, 127 Colfax ave
Stevens, G Henry, lab, 119 Centre, wife
Stevens, John H, wks F & McC, res 119 Center
Stevens, A D, druggist, res 161 Pipestone, upstairs, wife
Stevens, Jas E Jr, (Stevens&Morton Co), 306 Territorial, wife
Stevens, Edward J, 306 Territorial
Stevens, Miss Ada, 306 Territorial
Stevens, Jas, wks Union I & C Co., bds 130 High
Stevens, Chas, carp, on Bluff back 180 Maiden Lane,w ife
Stevens, Chas, wks Spink’s mill, res Britain ave out side city
Suits, John H, lab, 134 Center, wife
Sullivan, Miss Jennie, 316 Pipestone
Summerill, W F, meat cutter, res 302 Pipestone, wife
Summerill, mac, stone mason, res 209 Ogden ave, wife
Summerill, Wm R, blksmith B M Wks, res 236 Buss ave, wife
Sutherland, Nelson, plumber, res 239 Territorial
Sutherland, Miss Emma, bds 312 e Main
Suydam, Earl, stud, 250 Broadway
Swanson, Henry S, carp, 157 Michigan, wife
Swanson, George, 157 Michigan, wife
Swearingen, Mrs. Mary, pastry cook Hoetl Benton
Sweet, Chester C, clk Sweet’s Dept store, Res Sweet blk, wife
Sweet, Miss Rose, 16 Britain ave
Tabor, Roland F, farmer, 143 Lincoln ave, wife
Tabor, Miss Lizzie, stud, 143 Lincoln ave
Tabor, R Bert, clk H L Bird, res 143 Lincoln ave
Taggart, Mrs, wid, 124 Jefferson
Talbot, Timothy, prop Eureka Saloon & Restaurant, Res 112 Washington
Talbot, Mrs. Julia, wid Cornelius, 112 Washington
Talmage, Jos A, res 129 Hull ave, wife
Talmadge, Eugene, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart co., bds 171 Miller
Tambling,Frank L, trav saleman, res 169 Colfax ave
Taplin, Wm H, bk kpr N D Haynes, res 209 Colfax ave, wife
Tatman, Geo B, 164 Brunson ave, wife
Taylor, A D, fruit raiser, res 114 Broadway, wife
Taylor, John, wks Conkey’s livery, bds Hotel Higbee
Taylor, Lewis, student, bds 156 Michigan
Teetzel, Chas W, jewelry, res 183 Empire ave, cor Broadway, wife
Teetzel, Wm E, blacksmith, 120 7th, res 116 Oak, wife
Teetzel, Geo, painter, res Colfax ave, wife
Terry, Mrs. M E, wid John F, 146 Washington
Thayer, George B, res 128 Pleasant, wife
Theis, John J, propr Sebago summer resort
Theis, Mrs. John J, Sebago summer resort
Thomas, Albert, (Frazell & Thomas) 141 Pipestone, wife
Thomas, John B, condr st ry, res 130 Lincoln ave, wife
Thomas, J, propr Benton Harbor Shoe Factory, Res same, upstairs
Thomas, Mrs. Alberta E, opr W U Tel Co., res Graham & Morton building
Thomas, R, lab, bds 127 Territorial
Thompson, Geo H, propr Hotel Benton Shaving Parlors, res 148 Summit, wife
Thompson, Wm H, fruit solicitor, 122 Pavone, wife
Thompson, Normand M, res 122 Pavone
Thompson, Wm B, lab, 122 Pavone
Thompson, Miss Minnie, 122 Pavone
Thompson, Miss Eva, 150 Pipestone
Thornes, Homer, teamster, 212 Broadway, wife
Thornton, Henry, nightwatch Squire Dingee Co., res 122 s Winans, wife
Thresher, Joseph P, real estate dealer, bds Hotel Benton, wife
Thurber, Miss Mattie, 306 Pavone
Tidd, Thomas, wks Geo B Thayer Co., res bds 134 Territorial
Tiff, Mrs. Geo, wid George, 157 Park
Tiff, Miss Pauline, domestic, 155 Broadway
Tillstrom, Frank O, wks Geo B Thayer & Co., res 163 Church, wife
Tillstrom, Nels, bds 304 Britain ave
Tillstrom, Chas P, tinner, bds 304 Britain ave
Tillstrom, Albert, tinner, bds 304 Britain ave
Tilstrom,Samuel, lab, 122 Ogden ave, wife
Toles, Mrs. E H, wid G W, 191 Britain ave
Tompkins, Wm, farmer, res 161 Broadway, wife
Tompkins, Chas E, student, 161 Broadway
Tonnelier, Peter, The Oak Saloon, 111 Pipestone, Res same upstairs, wife
Toppen, Sylvester, harness mkr, res 137 High, wife
Tornquist, Martin, foreman Palladium, res Fair ave
Torrence, John B, engr Big 4, res 130 Vineyard ave, wife
Totzke, Chas, foreman Graham & Morton dock, res 165 Stevens ave, wife
Toush, Mrs. Frank, 235 Pipestone
Tower, James, wks Squire Dingee Co., bds 177 Morton ave
Townsend, Jas H, trav salesman, 161 Colfax ave, wife
Townsend,Miss Delphine L, 161 Colfax ave
Traver, Mrs. Arvilla, first cook Hotel Higbee
Trimble, Sam, mason, 201 Riford, wife
Trowbridge, Harry, bds 199 High
Trowbridge, Miss Margerie, 116 Cherry
Trowbridge, Gilbert E, tel messenger, res 116 Cherry
Troyer, Mrs. Francis, wid, 171 Colfax ave
Troyer, Mrs. Rosa, wid Joel S, 149 Riford
Troyer, Guy, 149 Riford
Tryon, Lewis B, (Tryon & Brown), res 156 Michigan , wife
Tryon, Wm H, 173 Lake ave, wife
Tucker, Mrs. Martha, wid, 117 Jefferson
Tucker, Miss Jessie, 116 Jefferson
Tuschling, August, lab, 139 Center, wife
Tuschling, Bertha, wks Chicago & West Michigan ry, St. Joseph, bds 139 Center
Tutton, Dr. H V, physician, oculist & aurist; res 123 Church, wife
Tyler,Frank, nightwatch Bus Machine works, 177 Edwards ave, wife
Umphrey, F, mgr Boston Store, Watervliew, res 126 High, wife
Underhill, Mrs. Laura, wid, 123 Vineyard ave
Underhill, Miss Mae, 123 Vineyard ave
Underwood, Miss Cora, waitress Hotel Higbee
Valentine, Geo M, atty, Bowman blk, res 190 Colfax, wife
Valentine, Edison, student, 190 Colfax
Vallance, Fredk, engr Big 4, res 146 Hull, wife
VanAntwerp, Lewis, baggageman Big 4 ty, res 153 Brunson, wife
Van Camp, Albert J, carp, 338 Pipestone, wife
Van Camp, Miss Alberta, teacher, 338 Pipestone
Van Camp, Miss Sarah, stud, 338 Pipestone
Vance Jesse, mach, res White blk, 129 Bluff
Vandecar, Burleigh, prop Columbian Restaurant & Bakery, res 106 Elm, wife
Vanderbeck, Jas, (Reick & Vanderbeck), res 151 Lake ave, wife
Vanderbeck, Chas, 151 Lake ave
Vanderbeck, Clayton, clk C C Sweet, bds 151 Lake ave
Vandeveer, J W, bds Hotel Tremont
Vandusen, C W, supt Morrill & Morley, res 140 Pleasant,w ife
Vandusen , Jas P, 225 Pipestone
Van Fleet, Mrs. Addie, wid Albert, res 169 Broadway, 2nd floor
Van Fleet, Miss Blanche, 169 Broadway, 2nd floor
Van Hoesen, Mrs. Sarah, wid Michael, boarding house, 127 5th st.
Van Horn, Spencer B, dry goods, curtains, notions, 105 w Main, res 153 Division, wife
Vaughn, Nora, bds 129 Center
Vernon, Jno W, Livery & feed barn, 115-117 Elm, res 113 Pipestone, wife
Vernon, Wm, student, res 113 Pipestone
Vincent, Mrs. Clara, wid S L, res 112 e main, Hulburd blk
Vincent, Howard, books, newspapers, cigars, tobacco, res 204 Broadway, wife
Vincent, Marcus G, clk H S Vincent, res 112 E main
Vincent, Fred E, res 112 e Main
Vincent,Miss Tina, dress mkr, 136 e Main
Vinton, Calvin, blacksmith, res 152 Pearl, wife
Vitz, Otto, pedler, 184 Territorial, wife
Volheim, Herman B, blacksmith, 137 w Main, res 130 Greene ave, wife
Von Muller ,Mrs. Lizzie, wid, 137 Colfax ave
Voorhees, Jno C, carp, 208 Brunson ave, wife
Votey, Dr. F A, office Jones & Sonner blk, res cor Pipestone & Cherry, wife
Vuylsteke, Alphonso, (Geo B Thayer & Co., ) 128 e Main, wife
Vuylsteke, Miss Maimie, 128 e Main
Wagner,Edward S, loans, real estate, res 172 Bellview, wife
Waggener, Mrs. C T, 152 Bellview
Wainwright, Geo K, eng Squire Dingee, 149 Edwards ave, wife
Wakefield, Sydney, ice business, Chicago, 110 Nowlen, wife
Wakeman, Burrows J, teacher B H College, 371 Territorial, wife
Walfall, James, lab, 133 Bond
Walker, Elias S, trav salesman, 290 Britain ave, wife
Walker, Wm, bds 160 Center
Walker, Chas M, res 140 Edwards ave, wife
Walton, James A, real estate, 129 Brunson ave, wife
Ward, Geo A, trav frt agt Big 4, bds 121 Brunson ave
Ward, Col L M, fruit farmer, res 184 Brunson ave, wife
Wardell, Mrs. Cenith, wks Phoenix Hotel, res same
Warner, Clarence T, real estate, loans & ins., res 119 Vineyard ave, wife
Warner, Sylvester, contr, 121 Vineyard ave, wife
Warner, Miss Leora, 121 Vineyard
Warner, C A, bk krp Geo B Thayer & Co., res 144 Pleasant
Warren, William, wks E E Jarvis, res 112 lake ave
Warren, Wm G, carp, 140 Miller
Warren, Fred G, dry goods, cloaks, millinery, ds Hotel Benton, wife
Warren, Geo B, clk F W Warren, 116 e Main
Watson, Dr. B G, physician & surgeon, 2 Graham Blk, res 146 Ohio, wife
Watson, Wm R, lab, 182 Pearl, wife
Watson, John R, mach Graves Lumber Co., res 182 Pearl
Watson, Wm H, lab, 182 Pearl
Watson, Henry, foreman Squire Dingee Co., bds 168 Miller
Watson, Mrs. Anna, 146 Michigan
Watson, Miss Ella, 146 Michigan
Watson, Mrs. M C, wid Walter W, 129 Maple
Weaver, Edw C, clk P D Sampson, 113 w Main, bds 205 Colfax ave
Weaver, Oscar, hack driver N D Smith Livery, 154 Ohio, bds 164 Bellview, wife
Webb, Arthur C, wks government printing office, res 347 Pipestone, wife
Webber, J T, clothing & gents furnishings: H R Elliott, mgr, 115 w Main
Weber, W H, clk J T Owens, bds 121 Brunson ave
Weber, Adam, (Weber & Russell), res Colfax ave
Weber, Harry, clk G M Bell & Co., 103 e Main
Weber, Miss Sophia, 140 e Main
Weber, Chas D, 112 Colfax ave, wife
Weimer, Mrs J W, wid, 114 Maple
Weineger, Miss Pauline, domestic, 117 Cedar
Welton, Frank, asst cashr First Natl Bank, res 114 Maple, wife
Wellman, Hiram, bricklayer, 113 Cherry, wife
Wells, Benj F, (Peck & Wells), res 127 Broadway
Wells, Miss Lela, 127 Broadway
Wells, Kay, cook, 129 Second, wife
Wells, Richard M, 236 Territorial, wife
Wells, Miss Bessie, clk Morrow & Stone, res 236 Territorial
Wells, Mason B, condr Big 4, res 127 Broadway, wife
Wells, Edw C, plumber Israel English, bds French House
Wenell, Willis G, tailor H A Foeltzer, res 163 Vineyard, wife
Wenman, Jno, bartender Eureka saloon & restaurant, res 123 Ogden ave, wife
Wenman, Chas, stud, 123 Ogden
Wenman, Clarence, stud, 123 Ogden
Wenman, Miss Julia, student, 123 Ogden ave
Wenninger, Geo, (Wenninger & Spilger), meat market, 118 w Main, bds 334 Lavette
Wentworth, Don A, hardware, stoves & tinware, 124 Pipestone, res 260 Pipestone, wife
Wentworth, Sterling, painter & paper hanger, res 291 Britain ave, wife
Wentworth, Miss Nina P, 131 Cedar
Wentworth, Miss Mina E, 131 Cedar
Wervy, Wm, mason, 328 Pavone, wife
Werwie, Mrs. Jane, 283 Colfax ave
Wescott, Oscar, (O Wescott & Co), res Territorial, outside city
Wescott, Brayton H, restaurant, 125 w Main ,r es same, wife
Wescott, Caroline J, res 125 w Main
Westervelt, Abram J, clk J S Barker, res 115 Vineyard, wife
Whalen, Edgar P, wks Big 4, res 124 Greene Ave, wife
Whalen, Henry E, postal Clk Big 4, res 180 High, wife
Wheaton, G B, (Morehouse & Wheaton), res 365 Territorial, wife
Wheaton, F, barber Morehouse & Wheaton, res 112 Oak, wife
Wheaton, Fred W, blacksmith F W Jones, res 140 Heck Court
Wheeler, Henry B, wks Geo B Thayer Co., res 206 Park, wife
Wheeler, Dimick, wks Geo B. Thayer Co., res 107 5th st, wife
Whelan, James F, trav ins agt, res 304 McAllister ave, wife
White, S M, dentist, Jones & Sonner Blk, res 250 Pipestone, wife
White, Harry, stud, 250 Pipestone
White, Mrs. Amanda, 221 Pipestone
White, John A, 221 Pipestone
White, David, 140 Edwards
White, Edgar E, farmer, 228 n Winans, wife
White, Alva, lab, 120 Center, wife
Whitehead, Chas W, state agent corrections & charities, res 145 Bellview, wife
Whitehead, Richard A, teacher, 145 Bellview
Whitehead, Miss M Fronia, 145 Bellview
Whiteley, Miss Ada, 272 Britain ave
Whiteman, Chas O, switchman Big 4, res 164 4th st, wife
Whiteman, Miss Elizabeth, 136 Bluff
Whitten, W Herbert, teacher B H College, 225 Madison, wife
Whitney, Thos, city marshall, 181 Lake ave, wife
Wier, Gilbert A, butcher Rowe Bros, res 106 Elm, wife
Wilbur,Claude M, blk Lowe & Rousrm res 146 Vineyard,
Wilcox, A L, prop Phoenix Hotel, 118 Water, res same, wife
Wilcox, Miss Lila, waitress Hotel Higbee
Wiley, David A, brakeman Big 4, res 139 Maple, wife
Wilkinson, Miss Ada, 124 Church
Willard, Vernon, driver hose wagon,r es 117 w Main, wife
Willard, Bert E, engr Big 4, res 115 Brunson ave, wife
Willard, Chas M., 165 Broadway, wife
Willard, Miss Carrie, wks St. Joseph, bds 129 Hull ave
Willard, Fred, cook Eureka Rest, 110 Water, res same
Williard, George, bakery & confectionery, 115 Bellview, wife
Williams, Willard W, barber, res 124 Broadway, wife
Williams, Barton, (B W Currier), actor, res 238 Columbus ave
Williams, Mrs Electa J, 122 E Main, 2nd floor
Williams, Miss Martha,s tud, bds 121 Edwards st.
Williams, Frank, carp, 210 Ogden ave, wife
Williams, Mrts. Celesta, wid George, 159 Park
Williams, Christopher C, merch Police, res 130 Territorial, wife
Williams, G S, teamster, 126 Territorial, wife
Willis, R, marble cutter, H W Kent, res 156 Washington, wife
Willis, Geo, clk A H Conkey & Sons, res 180 Vineyard, wife
Willitts, Jos F, meat market, res 215 Territorial, wife
Willitts, Walter T, wks J F Willitts, bds 215 Territorial
Wilson, Henry, waiter Annex Rest, res 118 Boughton
Wilson, Herbert, cooper Bautzbach & Schutz, res 115 Clay, wife
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, wid William, 106 Sixth
Wilson, Prof Eugene A, supt schools, res 141 Washington, wife
Wilson, Wm, 184 Gates ave, wife
Wilson, Herbert, cooper, 141 Territorial, res 115 Clay
Wilson, Frank, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 112 Clay
Wilson, Miss Minnie, 122 7th, 2nd floor
Wilson, Jos F, teamster, 166 Baird, wife
Wimms, Henry, wks J S Barker, res 118 Boughton, wife
Wimms, J Wm, wks Annex Rrest, res 118 Boughton
Winans, Edward, bds 121 Edward ave
Winans, Mrs. S A, wid Dr. R, 180 Greene ave
Winans, Chester A, 211 Ogden ave, wife
Winans, Fred E, 211 Ogden
Winans, Dr. Charles A, physician & surgeon, office Bell Blk, res Paw Paw ave.
Winans, C J, fireman str City Chicato, res 193 Superior, wife
Windschanz,Chas, lab, 300 McAlister ave, wife
Winkler, Miss Alice, domestic, 128 Bellview
Winslow, C B, asst cashr Far & Mer Bank, res 139 Bellview, wife
Winters, Edward F, baggageman Big 4, res 126 Pavone, wife
Winters, Wm H, painter, bds French House
Witz, Ike, peddler, res 126 Colfax ave, wife
Wolf, Gust, lab, 163 Baird, wife
Wolver, Chas O, barber Chas guy, res 126 Paw Paw Ave, wife
Wolper, Mrs Sarah, wid Ship, 159 Colfax
Wood, Harry, lab, 163 Summit
Wood, Miss Minnie, wks Chicago, res 163 Summit
Wood, Miss Lida, 163 Summit
Wood, Martin, exp Messenger Big 4, bds 160 Pipestone, wife
Wood, Edson, millwright, res 135 Pavone
Wood, Edson Jr, 135 Pavone
Wood, Miss Carrie, 135 pavone
Wood, Oliver, lab, 215 High
Woods, Wm S, clk N Y Store, res 254 Highland ave, wife
Woods, Dwight M, res 157 Summie, wife
Woods, A H, wks Polk & Co., res 107 7th st
Woodley, Harvey, res 123 Broadway, wife
Woodley, Frank, carp, 300 Packard, wife
Woodruff, Mrs Helen, wid Simon F, 137 Greene ave
Woodruff,Miss Mary B, teacher, bds 127 Greene ave
Woodruff, Miss Cora H, dressmaker, 127 Greene ave
Woodruff, Miss Bertha L, 127 Green ave
Woodruff, Geo A, student, 238 Colfax ave
Woodruff, Miss Eleanor, 238 Colfax ave
Woodruff, Montgomery S, pastor Episcopal church, res 238 Colfax ave, wife
Woodruff ,Afton, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 211 Territorial
Woodruff, Benj, mason, bds 127 Center
Worden, R M, meat Market, 123 Territorial, res 128 Brunson ave, wife
Worden, Miss Minnie, 128 Brunson ave
Worth, Roland N, bkpr Standard Oil Co., Res 112 Garfield ave
Worth, Ralph W, clk C H Soule, res 112 Garfield ave
Worth, Miss Lynne, 112 Garfield ave
Worth, Miss Bernice, 112 Garfield ave
Worth, Jno D, mfr gas engines, old Courtwright factory, res 314 Pipestone, wife
Worth, Wm G,. mfr Gas Engines, old Courtwright Factory, res 314 Pipestone, wife
Worvey, Chas, drayman, 218 Territorial
Wright, E B, gen mgr B H Lbr Co., Graham & Morton Blk, 130 Water, res Chicago
Wright, J Sam, mgr B H Lbr Co., 130 Water, res Hotel Benton
Wright, Geo R, 116 High, wife
Wright, Geo C, stud, 116 High
Wright, Miss Evelyn, 116 High
Wright, Jas G, blacksmith, res 142 Vineyard, wife
Wright, Clarence, painter & paper hanger, 127 Pavone, wife
Wright, Highland J, cigar maker, 121 Pipestone, res 129 High, wife
Wright, Harry, stud, 129 High
Wright, Benzie, stud, 129 High
Wright, Miss Ada, clk John Thomas, res 121 w Main
Wright, Miss Sadie, wks 121 w Main, res same
Yerrington, Frank M. expressman, 129 e Main, wife
Yore, Patrcik, 327 Territorial, wife
Yore, Thomas, farm lab, 327 Territorial, wife
Yore, Jas, mach wks Chicago, res 327 Territorial
Yore, Wm H, wks Str City Chicago, res 327 Territorial
Yore, Michael, saloon, 118 Territorial, res 203 Park st., wife
Young, Chas L, mangr Hote St. Joseph, res 150 Pipestone
Young, I Fenton, drayman, 200 Park
Young, Mrs. Mettie, wid Waterman, 200 Park
Young, Miss Daisy, wks Phoenix Hotel, res 200 Park
Youngs, Adney J, undertaking & empalming, 134 Pipestone, up stairs, wife
Zick, Augusta, wid John, 178 Vineyard ave
Zick, August, tailor, P Hensen, 178 Vineyard ave, wife
Zick, Gustave, lab, bds 178 Vineyard ave
Zuver, A M, (Selter & Zuver) livery, res 110 w Main


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