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Curtis - Smith Cemetery
a.k.a. Hagar No. 2 Cemetery

A compilation of interred.

Cemetery No. 15 in the 1991 Michigan Cemetery Atlas. Located in Section #25, Hagar Township, Berrien County, MI on the south side of Coloma Road between Bessmer and Kerlikowski Roads.

It was first transcribed 1969-70 by Daundra J. Baker, updated and added to in 2002 also by Daundra.

Curtis Cemetery is a lovely, well kept area with large old trees. Many of the markers are showing the ravages of time. There are signs of unmarked burials. I have gleaned most the information from markers, family information, military records, census and death records. Note: Birth dates marked with * are calculated by age at death, using the Birth Date Calculator web site and may be a day or so off. I was told that the early records were lost in a fire. It was first a family and neighborhood cemetery. Hagar Township has owned the now public cemetery since 1965. As always I welcome corrections and additions. Daundra

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Inscriptions and Comments
Allen, William Cullen  Feb. 10, 1823 June 18, 1854 30y, Husband of Sophia Smith (see Rosa-Curtis), marr. in Berrien Co., June 14, 1845. b. Vermont, d. Berrien Co.)
Arent, Lizzie B.  June 15, 1880 Feb. 15, 1973 (d. Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI)
Brown, Elizabeth  abt. 1825 Aug. 17, 1891 66y
Bundy, John July 16, 1836* Dec. 3, 1859 23y, 4m, 18d
Burdick, Harry A.  1879 1940 (In 1930 Census of Berrien Co., MI Harry is living on McAllister St., Benton Harbor, age 51y, single, farm laborer, b. MI. Living at same address was housekeeper Marie Harner, a widow, no relation.)
Burtzloff, Albert  1874 1931  
Burtzloff, Julius  1850 1916 (Julius is listed in Berrien County Business Directory, 1892, Farmer, Section 35, Hagar Twp.)
Cahill, Clara B.  Mar. 19, 1881 Feb. 19, 1882 ( b. MI, d. Hagar Twp., Berrien Co., MI, 1y, 11m) 
Cahill, William E. Dec. 5, 1879 Feb. 13, 1882 (b. IN, d. Hagar Twp., Berrien Co., MI, 4y, 2m, 8d; both Clara and Wm. E. Cahill d. of Meningitis, children of Joseph H & Mary E.)
Carpenter, Cora Mar. 31, 1864 Oct. 23, 1865 1y, 6m, 23d, Daughter of Benjamin & Sarah (Sly) Carpenter
Carpenter, Stephen 1796 1866 VETERAN, WAR OF 1812 Father (b. Wayne Co., NY, d. Berrien Co., MI. Served as Private in 19th Regiment, Bloom's New York Militia. Also served as Private in 19th Regiment, Bloom's New York Militia. Son of John E. Carpenter, Veteran of War of 1812, from NY)
Carpenter, Hannah (Scovill)   aft. 1866 Mother, Daughter of Henry Scovill, wife of Stephen Carpenter. (Henry Scovill d. Sodus Twp., Berrien Co. in 1861.)
Carter, Catherine-Pierson  abt. 1832  May 15, 1903 (d. Watervliet Twp., Berrien Co., wife of Oliver Pierson, see Pierson burials; wife of Alfred Carter, marr. Oct. 17, 1889, Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Bernadine E.  abt. 1907 Aug. 22, 1909 (d. Benton Harbor, Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Charles Henry Nov. 8, 1838 Oct. 16, 1917 78y, 11m, 8d (b. IN, d. Hagar Twp., Berrien Co., husband of Emma Charlotte Brush, marr. Sept. 2, 1860, Berrien Co., Son of Roswell & Tryphena (Patterson) Curtis.)
Curtis, David Henry  1844 1851 Son of Roswell & Tryphena (b. IN, d. Hagar Twp.)
Curtis, Emma Charlotte (Brush)  Aug. 5, 1842 Nov. 23, 1917 75y, 2m, 18d (b. NY, d. Hagar Twp., wife of Charles Henry Curtis, marr. Sept. 2, 1869, Berrien Co.; daughter of William Brush, mother's name not given.)
Curtis, Harry R.  Dec. 25, 1872 July 12, 1934 61y, 6m, 17d, Husband of Martha Harris (b. NY, d. Berrien Co., son of Charles Henry & Emma. Harry & Martha marr. June 21, 1899, Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Laura H.  1853 1861 Daughter of Roswell & Tryphena (b. and d. Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Martha E. (Harris) 1876 1962 Wife of Harry R. Curtis, b. NY
Curtis, Mertilla abt. 1835 1842 Dau. Roswell & Tryphena (Two birthplaces found - Canada & Indiana, d. Hagar Twp.)
Curtis, Roswell "Rossie" W.  June 12, 1875 * June 12, 1956 81y, Son of Charles H. & Emma C. (Brush) Curtis, b. MI, d. Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Roswell  1811 1901 (b. Canada, d. Hagar Twp., 1870 Census of Berrien Co., lists him as 60 yrs old.; Husband 1st wife, Tryphena Patterson marr. abt. 1834; 2nd wife Sophia (Smith) Allen-Rosa marr. Jan. 24, 1875 in Berrien Co.
Curtis, Sophia Maria (Smith)Allen-Rosa June 12, 1828  Jan. 20, 1910 82y, 5m, 13d (b. NY, d. Berrien Co., Daughter of Jeremiah & Hannah (Huftailen/Houghtaling) Smith; wife of William Cullen Allen marr. June 14, 1845, Berrien Co.; wife of Wallace Rosa marr. Nov. 11, 1854, Berrien Co. (he died as a prisoner and is buried at Andersonville, GA #11500); wife of Roswell Curtis marr. Jan. 24, 1875, Berrien Co.)
Curtis, Tryphena (Patterson)  Sept. 20, 1815* Dec. 20, 1871 56y, 3m (b. NY, d. Hagar Twp., 1st wife of Roswell Curtis marr. abt 1834; daughter of L & Tryphena Patterson)
Duvall, Minerva D. (Pitcher) 1839 June 19, 1870 31y, (b. NY, d. Hagar Twp., Miscarriage, daughter of Harmon & Betsy Pitcher, 1st wife of William M. Duvall)
Duvall, William M.  Jan. 12, 1833 Feb. 21, 1918 85y, 1m, 9d, (b. NY, d. Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Son of William & Lucy (Rogers) Duvall (they are buried in Coloma Cemetery); 1st marr. to Minerva D. Pitcher, 2nd marr. to Irena Nelson marr. July 5, 1870, Berrien Co.)
Ellis, Marion L.  1895 1896 Son of William H. & Lillie Belle (Burdick) Ellis
Ellis, William L. 1897 1899 Son of WIlliam H. & Lillie Belle (Burdick) Ellis (Wm. H. & Lillie marr. Aug. 11, 1890, Berrien Co., Wm. H. d. May 28, 1912 in Watervliet, Berrien Co.)
Farnum, Angeline (Allen)  1846  July 19, 1908 d. Hagar Twp., Wife of Isaac, marr. Mar. 11, 1863 in Berrien Co.
Farnum, Emmet L.  1866 1936  
Farnum, Isaac 1841 Mar. 29, 1922 d. Hagar Twp.
Farner, Pauline (Krietner) 1874 Mar. 14, 1927 Wife of Emmet, marr. Nov. 22, 1891, Berrien Co.
Gregg, Ann (Burkholder)  Apr. 30, 1828* Dec. 18, 1865 37y, 7m, 18d, (b. Putnam Co., OH, d. in childbirth with son Willie in Hagar Twp.; 1st wife of Robert W. Gregg marr. Apr. 3, 1855 in Ohio.)
Hallman, Deborah Joan  Dec. 14, 1933 Aug. 10, 1938 (d. Berrien Co.)
Hallman, Stanley M.  July 17, 1892 Nov. 27, 1954  
Harris, Edith Cora 1884 Nov. 26, 1920 (d. Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI)
Hazen, Archibald F.  1848 July 6, 1895 47y (d. Berrien Co., husband of Sarah Ann Dead marr. May 19, 1871 in Berrien Co.)
Hazen, Almer  abt. 1876 Mar. 2, 1878 Son of Archibald & Sarah
Hazen, Sarah Ann (Dead) abt. 1852 Nov. 3, 1884 22y, Wife of Archibald F. (d. Berrien Co.)
Hitchings, Nellie A.  1877 Sept. 29, 1928 (d. St. Joseph, Berrien Co.)
Hubbard, Jemima  1794 Sept. 23, 1874 Wife of Stephen S. (1870 Census, Watervliet, Berrien Co., Jemima was 76y, living with Harriet Wright 56y and Amanda Wright 15y, all born in PA.)
Hubbard, Stephen  Mar. 21, 1791 Jan. 21, 1859 67y, 10m, Husband of Jemima
Jeffrey, William F.  June 4, 1797 Dec. 19, 1884 87y, 6m, 15d, Husband of Laura Patterson (b. crossing the Atlantic Ocean; d. Hagar Twp.)
Jeffrey, William J.  Nov. 24, 1833* Sept. 13, 1909 75y, 9m, 19d, Son of William F. & Laura (b. PA, d. Benton Harbor, Berrien Co.)
Moody, Albert C.  1861 1934 Father (Son of Solomon & Alvina; husband of Mary Williams marr. Aug. 1, 1887 in Berrien Co.)
Moody, Alvina  1828 1905 Mother, Wife of Solomon (b. NY)
Moody, Edwin J. 1850 1934 Father, Son of Solomon & Alvina (b. NY)
Moody, Mary (Williams) 1871 1934 Mother, Wife of Albert C.
Moody, Solomon  Oct. 11, 1826 Sept. 5, 1874 Son of James & Mary, 47y, 10m, 25d (b. NY, d. Hagar Twp., GENDIS index lists age at death to be 67y, but in Census of 1870 he was 42 years old.)
Moore, Elizabeth  Nov. 16, 1818* Feb. 5, 1871 52y, 2m, 19d, Wife of George W., (b. PA, George remarried Phebe Dodge in Berrien Co. May 22, 1872)
Morrow, Hattie Adelia (Schmuhl) 1876 Nov. 28, 1897 Wife of William Ray Morrow (marr. Nov. 29, 1896 in Berrien Co.; one death index cites last name as Schmuhl, not Morrow)
Nelson, Baby       Children of R.L. & A.M. Nelson (This marker is very worn, engravings on three sides, on base it is inscribed clearly, the above parents. I could find no record of the deaths in Berrien Co. and assume deaths occured before 1867; will attempt gentle rubbing in spring.)
Nelson, Mirriam    
Nelson, Minnie A.    
Nelson, William R. abt. 1839   VETERAN OF CIVIL WAR (Military marker, no dates. Enlisted as Private, Aug. 14, 1862, resident of Michigan. Enlisted in Company D, 66th Illinois Infantry, Sept. 1, 1862 and mustard out June 2, 1865. Enlisted as Private, Aug. 14, 1862, age 23y, resident of Millburg, Berrien Co., MI on Sept. 1, 1862 Co. D, Brige's Sharp Shooter's Regiment, Volunteer. Joined Regiment on Sept. 5, 1862 at Corinth, MS. Discharged in Washington, D.C. June 2, 1865. The history of these two regiments and how they merged is very interesting. Many local young men enlisted together with nothing more than their hunting rifles.)
Newton, Clarence S.  Feb. 27, 1881  (unreadable) (This marker is embedded in bush. Son of Harold Goodwin & Louisa Justina (Stephens) Newton marr. Aug. 8, 1874, Berrien Co.)
Patterson, George J.  abt. 1852 Dec. 3, 1924 (b. NY, d. Berrien Co., Husband of Matilda Schmuhl, marr. July 15, 1875, Berrien Co.)
Patterson, Henry  Aug. 14, 1841 July 14, 1869 27y, 11m, (b. Canada, d. Hagar Twp.)
Patterson, James David  Oct. 31, 1841 Aug. 29, 1856 14y, 9m, 29d, Son of James & Fanny
Patterson, Matilda (Schmuhl)  Sept. 7, 1855 July 19, 1912 56y, 10m, 12d (d. Hagar Twp., Wife of George J. Patterson marr. July 15, 1875, Berrien Co., daughter of Charles & Caroline Schmuhl)
Patterson, Prudence (Farman)  Apr. 3, 1819 Dec. 3, 1874 55y, 8m (b. NY, Wife of L.C. Patterson marr. Berrien Co. Feb. 5, 1856. Spelling of her last name is from Berrien County Marriage Index.)
Pierson, Leroy Monroe  Jan. 26, 1872 Aug. 16, 1876 4y, 6m (b. and d. in Hagar Twp.) Son of Oliver & Catherine
Pierson, Frankey  Aug. 20, 1873 Aug. 15, 1876 3y (b. & d. Hagar Twp.) Son of Oliver & Catherine
Pierson, Cora Ann  Sept. 15, 1870 Apr. 29, 1871 6m, 14d (b. & d. Hagar Twp.) Son of Oliver & Catherine
Pierson, Lymon C.  abt. 1868 Mar. 7, 1879 Son of Oliver & Catherine (2y in 1870 Berrien Co., Census)
Pierson, Mary E.  Jan. 22, 1851* July 1, 1865 14y, 5m, 10d, Daughter of Oliver & Catherine
Pierson, Oliver  Nov. 1, 1815* Apr. 1, 1876 60y, 5m, Son of Silas & Theba (b. NJ, d. Hagar Twp., Husband of Catherine (nee?) Pierson-Carter (see Carter).)
Pitcher, Betsey  1798 Mar. 28, 1874 .
Rauner, Anna  Nov. 23, 1828 Oct. 22, 1898 Wife of Antone
Rauner, Antone 1829 Nov. 28, 1913 Husband of Anna (nee?) (d. Hagar Twp.)
Rosa, William Adelbert 'Dell'  Mar. 6, 1857 Jan. 20, 1942  (Son of Wallace & Sophia (Smith-Allen) Rosa; b. Hagar Twp., d. Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI, at home of his sister Harriet Lovina (Rosa) Allen.)
Schmuhl, Bertha A.  1882 1894 (There is also a Bertha listed that died in Hagar on July 20,1910)
Schmuhl, Bessie 1886 1891  
Schmuhl, Caroline (Ketchlow) 1831 1900 Mother, Wife of Charles F. (b. Prussia)
Schmuhl, Charles F.  Oct. 30, 1822 Sept. 22, 1890 VETERAN Of CIVIL WAR, Father, Husband of Caroline (b. Prussia; Enlisted as Private Jan. 5, 1864 at age 41y. Enlisted in Company B, 12th Michigan Infantry Regiment Jan. 11, 1864. Discharged June 7, 1864 at DeValls Bluff, AR
Schmuhl, Lewis  1888 1888  
Schmuhl, Mary (Patterson)  1856 1914 Wife of Otto, (marr. July 11, 1875, Berrien Co.)
Schmuhl, Otto  1852 1933 Son of Charles & Caroline, Husband of Mary Patterson (1870 Berrien County Census listed birthplace as Prussia)
Seger (Seeger), Lorenzo  July 9, 1846* May 5, 1864 VETERAN OF CIVIL WAR, 17y, 10m, 16d, Son of Harry and Lovina (Lavina) Seger (Seeger) (Found last name spelled both ways. Enlisted as Private, Feb. 25, 1864, age 18y. Enlisted in Company M, 3rd Michigan Cavalry Regiment, Feb. 29, 1864. Died of DISEASE, in Michigan on May 25, 1864.)
Sievert, Albert  Dec. 8, 1865 Feb. 7, 1945 79y, 1m, 29d, Son of Herman & Hannah
Sievert, Hannah  1846 Nov. 28, 1897 Mother, Wife of Herman Sievert (d. Hagar Twp.)
Sievert, Herman  Nov. 10, 1840* Oct. 20, 1922 81y, 11m, 10d, Father, Husband of Hannah (d. in Coloma, Berrien Co.)
Smith, Arthur E.  Dec. 9, 1859* June 17, 1861 1y, 6m, 8d, Son of Michael & Margaret (Musselman) Smith, (d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, George Jan. 5, 1847* Mar. 5, 1848 1y, 2m, Son of Henry & Nancy (Antisdal) Smith, (d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, Gillson A. Dec. 20, 1844 Oct. 20, 1851 6y, 10m, Son of Henry & Nancy (d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, Hannah  Sept. 1, 1802 Oct. 22, 1858 56y, 3m, 21d, Wife of Jeremiah (Nee Huftailen / Houghtaling, b. NY, d. Berrien Co., marr. Nov. 11, 1819 in NY.)
Smith, Henry  Mar. 18, 1821 July 22, 1888 67y, 4m, 4d, Husband of Nancy Antisdal (marr. Feb. 11, 1839. According to 1870 Census Berrien County, b. DE; son of Jeremiah & Hannah)
Smith, Jeremiah  Aug. 6, 1791 June 12, 1851 64y, 6m, Husband of Hannah (marr. Nov. 11, 1819 in NY; b. Cayuga Co., NY, d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, Margaret (Musselman)  1831 June 18, 1906 71y, 11m (b. NY, d. Berrien Co.; Wife of Michael Smith marr. Dec. 20, 1846; Daughter of Tobias & Susanna (Snyder) Musselman)
Smith, Michael  May 27, 1824 Nov. 12, 1893 VETERAN OF CIVIL WAR 70y (Husband of Margaret marr. Dec. 20, 1846. Son of Jermiah & Hannah. Enlisted as Private, Sept. 6, 1862, age 33y, resident of Hagar, MI. Enlisted in Company B, 7th Cavalry, Michigan Regiment, Nov. 13, 1862. Transferred Company B, 7th Cavalry, Michigan Regiment, Apr. 10, 1864. Transferred in Company 10th 2nd Batt. Regiment RC, Apr. 10, 1864. Received a disability discharge from Company 10th 2nd Batt. Regiment RC, May 11, 1865 in Washington D.C.
Smith, Nancy C.  July 10, 1825  Nov. 28, 1877 52y, 4m, 18d, Wife of Henry, marr. Feb. 11, 1839 (b. NY, d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, Roy M.  Sept. 23, 1885 Apr. 20, 1887  
Smith, Simon Jan. 29, 1851 Feb. 7, 1852 1y, 9d, Son of Henry & Nancy (d. Hagar Twp.)
Smith, William M.  Dec. 13, 1839 May 18, 1841 1y, 5m, 5d, Son of Henry & Nancy (d. Berrien Co.)
Smyth, Caroline M.  1853 1866 b. NY
Stanley, Ernie  July 1, 1869 Oct. 23, 1932 63y, 3m, 22d
Van Slyke, Charles S. Mar. 30, 1865* Apr. 30, 1866 1y, 1m, Son of F. & M. Van Slyke
Williams, Curtis A.  1843 Feb. 22, 1914 (b. VT, d. Hagar Twp. Husband of Euphemia A. Martin marr. Mar. 23, 1866 in Berrien Co.)
Williams, Euphemia A.  Dec. 1, 1843 Aug. 7, 1925 nee Martin, 81y, 8m, 6d, (Wife of Curtis A. Williams, marr. Mar. 23, 1866 in Berrien Co.)
Williams, Frank L.  1868 1915 Son of Curtis A. & Euphemia A. (1870 Census of Berrien Co., shows his age at the time to be 5 mo., b. in Jan.)
Williams, Hattie A. 1875 Mar. 29, 1880 Daughter of Curtis A. & Euphemia A. (d. Hagar Twp.)
Williams, Henry J.  1868 Mar. 12, 1869 Son of Curtis A. & Euphemia A. (d. Hagar Twp.)
Williams, Lovina Adelia  1886 Nov. 19, 1909 Daughter of Curtis A. & Euphemia A. (d. Hagar Twp.)
Woodward, Abner  Feb. 9, 1817 Nov. 9, 1857 40y, 9m, (d. Berrien Co., 1st wife Juda Woodward (nee?), 2nd marr. to Polly Ann Ingraham on Apr. 6, 1848, Berrien Co. Last name spelled as Woodard in marriage record.)
Woodward, Daniel  1780 Dec. 5, 1857 77y (d. Berrien Co.)
Woodward, Edgar W. Apr. 5, 1850 May 4, 1851 1y, 29d, Son of Abner & Polly Ann (b. and d. in Berrien Co.)
Woodward, Franklin A. Aug. 20, 1848* Sept. 27, 1848 1m, 7d, Son of Abner & Polly Ann
Woodward, Israel  1787 Aug. 17, 1847 60y (d. Berrien Co.)
Woodward, Juda Feb. 7, 1818* Aug. 23, 1847 29y, 6m, 16d (d. Berrien Co., 1st wife of Abner Woodward)
Woodward, Polly Ann  1819 May 2, 1881 62y, (b. NY, 2nd wife of Abner Woodward/Woodard, marr. Berrien Co. on Apr. 6, 1848.)

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