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California School Cemetery

Lake Township, Berrien County, Michigan

This cemetery is located on the southwest corner of the intersection at Snow & California Roads, next to the Apostolic Church. It is a well maintained cemetery. Many markers are broken and unreadable. These transcriptions were done by Brenda Sears, May, 2002. Information in parentheses are comments from transcriber. Bold dates are in question as conflicting dates have been found.

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Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions & Comments
Aldridge, Mary 1864 1890  
Ashcraft, Ebenezer   24 Nov. 1890 74y, 11m [Age on marker differs from that on death record. Death record: Book B, pg. 95: Male, White, Married, 73y, 11m, 4d, d. Lake Twp., Heart Failure. b. NY, Farmer, Parents: Unknown, of Mich.]
Ashcraft, Eddie 22 July 1871 22 July 1871 [Birth record: Book A, pg. 194: Male, White, b. Lake Twp., Parents: Rawlin(a farmer, b. MI) & Martha Ashcraft(b. NY), of Lake Twp.]
Ashcraft, George 28 Oct. 1872 20 Dec. 1874 [Birth record: Book A, pg 231: Male, White, b. Lake Twp., Parents: Ransom(b. NY, farmer) & Martha Ashcraft(b. CT) of Lake Twp.] 
Ashcraft, Henrietta   3 Aug. 1892 Mother, 74y, 6m 
Ashcraft, Ray 27 Apr. 1875 16 Jan. 1879  
Baldwin, Nellie E.   Dec. 20, 1878 Daughter of W. & M. J. Baldwin [Death record, Book A, pg. 200: Female, White, 3y, 9m, 8d, d. Lake Twp, Dyptheria, b. Mich., Parents: Wm. M. & Jane Baldwin of Lake Twp., Mich.]
Chauncy, Eddie F.  [24 Nov. 1878] 11 Dec. 1879 1y, 5m, 12d Son of E.C. & M.J. Chauncy [Age at death differs on marker differs from that in death record. Death record: Book A, pg. 221: Edward F. Chancy, Male, White, Single, 1y, 0m, 17d, d. Lake Twp., Diptheria, Parents: Edward & Matilda Chancy of Lake Twp. Mich.] [Birth record: Book B, pg. 201: Edmund Chauncy, b. Nov. 24, 1878, Lake Twp, Mich., to Edmund(b. N.C., farmer) & Matilda(b. OH).
C., E. F.       [Footstone]
Codard, Unknown    Mar. 8, 1856 [?] [Date uncertain, could be May and could be a number other than 8]
Codard, Elisha A.   Mar. 14, 1856 [?] [Death year hard to read, worn] Son of A. & A. Codard
Cunningham, John   13 Sept. 1883 36y
Cunningham, Maud    21 Apr. 1888 6y, 6m
Duart, May   23 May 1880 Dau. of J. & H. Duart [d. Lake Twp.]
D., M.      [Footstone]
Ford,_____     ...Children of J.H. & A. Ford [badly worn]
Ford, William H. W.   24 Sept. 1866 16y, 7m, 15d, Son of J.H. & A. Ford
Gregg, Maud E.   15 [19?] Sept. 1877 10m, 8d, Dau. of U.P. & E. Mead [Hist Assoc death index list day of d as 19th, could be burial date, d. Lake Twp.]
G., M. E.      [Footstone]
Mattison, Abraham   [GAR 1861-1865, Flag Holder] Co. D., I.U.S.V.V., Eng'rs
Mead, Alice J.   3 Mar. 1858 13m, 18d, Daughter of U.P. & E.
Mead, Artie   1879  
Mead, Charles H.   8 Dec. 1891 8y [d. Lake Twp., Hist Assoc death index lists YR of death as 1890, could be mistake]
Mead, Elizabeth  13 Apr. 1842 19 Nov. 1894 [nee Whipple]
Mead, Son   11 Aug. 1880 [Infant]
Mead, Warren   19 Oct. 1881 14y, 4m, 10d [Death record: Book A, pg.. 255: Male, White, Single, 14y, 4m, 10d, d. Lake Twp., Fall From Horse, Farming, Parents: William & Maria Mead of Mich.]
Mead, Corporal Wm. S.    . Co. F., 28th Mich. Inf. [G.A.R. 1861-1865 Flag Holder. Marriage record, File #3: m. Elizabeth Whipple, June 16, 1866. Probate record #10514]
Mead, Willie   13 Sept. 1870 3m, 28d, Son of N. & N. O. [Badly worn!]
Murray, Alf. D.   20 Sept. 1874  Co. C., 12 Mich. Inf. [GAR 1861-1865, Flag Holder] [Death record: Book A, pg. 138: Alfred Murray, Male, White, Married, 41y, 19d, Lung Fever, d. Lake Twp., Occ: Teamster, b. New Market, England, Father: Alfred M., lives Lake Twp., Mother maiden name unknown.]
Murray, Alfred H.   29 Sept. 1876 44y, 11m, 5d
M., A. H.      [Footstone]
Murray, Alfred N.   12 June 1879 7m, _d, Son of A.H. & L.R.
M., A. N.      [Footstone]
Murray, Fred   11 Feb. 1874  2m, 18d, Son of A.H. & L.R. [Death record: Book A, pg. 138, d. Lake Twp., 2m, 18d, Male, White, Lung Fever, b. Mich., Mo: Lucina Murray of Lake Twp., Fa: unknown]
M., F.      [Footstone]
Murray, Helen L.   28 July 1856 11m, 12d, Daughter of A.H. & L.R.
M., H. L.      [Footstone]
Murray, Lucina R.   29 Jan. 1882 42y, 1d [nee Hand]
M., L. F. [or L. A.]      [Footstone]
M., L. R.      [Footstone]
Nash, Cara   27 June 1883 24y, 4m, 4d, Wife of A.R. Nash [Age at death on marker differs from that on death record. Death Record: Book A, pg. 287: Cora Nash, Female, White, Married, Housewife, 23y, 5m, 2d, d. Lake Twp., Consumption, b. Norway, Parents: Peter & May Emerson of Lake Twp.]
Rowe, Sons & Daughters...     ...of H.O. & E.L. [3 part marker, 3 unreadable footstones]
Rowe, Our Linnie [Laura]   6 Oct. 1873 1y, 11m, 10d, Daughter of L.N. & J.E. [Death record: Book A, pg. 123: Laura Rowe, Female, White, 1y, 11m, 10d, Lung Fever, d. Lake Twp., b. Wisc. Parents: Loyd & Jane of Lake Twp.]
R., L.      [Footstone]
Russell, Jacob     [Veteran Flag Holder]
Russell, Jno.     Co. C. 102 USCT [GAR 1861-1865 Flag Holder; grave has two markers, one badly worn.]
Snowwhite, Our Little Edith    9 June 1881 8y, 11m, 20d, Daughter of D. & L.
Snowwhite, Henry   7 Oct. 1874 43y, 4m, 23d
Snowwhite, Mason S.   10 Jan. 1886 22y, 5m, 17d
Sutts, Norman   [13 Dec. 1891] 13 Ind. L.A. [GAR 1861-1865 Flag Holder; Marriage record #297: m. Roxana Ann Bradshaw, Sept. 24, 1870]
Unknown, Arthur       
Unknown, Brother      [Footstone] 
Unknown, Father      [Footstone]
Unknown, John T. F.   12 Oct. 1855 3y, 5m
Unknown, Mary A. W.   6 Oct. 1855 1y, 2m, 11d
Unknown, Everett      
Unknown, Flora      
Unknown     [Broken marker next to Mary Aldridge]
Unknown     [Footstone on Whipple Plot, at foot of John W. Whipple]
Unknown     [Footstone on Whipple Plot, at foot of Wm. S---- Whipple]
Unknown     [Steeple type marker, badly worn]
Unknown     [UNKNOWN inscribed into marker]
Unknown     [UNKNOWN inscribed into marker]
Unknown      [UNKNOWN inscribed into marker]
Unknown      [Unreadable footstone]
Unknown     [Unreadable footstone]
Weston, Nathan     15y
Weston, Rachel     68y
Whipple, Albert    [Unreadable, worn] [Shares marker with Frank Whipple, see Frank below, for inscription]
Whipple, Bethiah   16 July 1883 72y, 7m, 8d, Wife of Wm. S. [Age at death on marker differs from age on death record. Death record: Book A, pg. 286: Bertha Whipple, Female, White, Married, Housewife, 70y, 2m, 9d, Sleeping Lethargy, b. NY, d. Lake Twp., Parents: Unknown]
W., B.      [Footstone]
Whipple, Eliza    11 Sept. 1870  Mother [Death record: Book A, pg. 35: Female, White, Married, 50y, 10d, 19m, d. Consumption, d. Lake Twp., b. NY, Parents: unknown]
Whipple, Ella R.    16 May 1874 11y, 5m, 5d [?] [Daughter of W. & Eliza]
Whipple, Ertie E. [Erta]   22 Feb. 1879 Daughter of D.H. & E.A. [Death record: Book A, pg 220: Erta Whipple, Male(?), White, Single, 5m, 7d, Diptheria, d. Lake Twp., Parents: Darwin H. & Elizabeth of Lake Twp.]
Whipple, Frank    [Unreadable, worn]  Sons of J. W. & E. [Shares marker w Albert Whipple, above.]
Whipple, Freddie H.   13 Sept. 1872 [or 77] 7y, 1m, 5d, Son of H.W. & C.V.
Whipple, Henry W.   8 Feb. 1873 31y, 7m, 27d [Date on marker different from date on death record. Death record: Book A, pg. 122: d. Lake Twp., Male, White, Married, 34y, 8m, 9d, Mill Owner, Consumption, b. Ohio, Parents: John W. & Eliza of Lake Twp., Mich.]
Whipple, John W.      Children of J. W. & E. Whipple [Shares marker with Wm. S-- below]
Whipple, Wm. S------     [See inscription on John W. above.]
Whipple, Wm. S.   14 Apr. 1884  [GAR 1861-1865 Flag Holder. Age on marker too worn to read. Death record: Book B, pg. 3: Male, White, Married, 75y, 9m, 13d, d. Lake Twp., Farmer, Paralysis, b. NY, Parents: unknown] [Steeple top on this marker is knocked off & broken in half]
W., W. S.      [Footstone]

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